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Friday, June 6th, 2014

It is a sign of the times that our very first news blog hopes to bring to your attention an urgent matter that is of the upmost importance to you and your business.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has issued a warning regarding two pieces of malware software known as GOZeuS and Cryptolocker. It has been discovered that this malware software is the cause of potentially one of the most dangerous malware attacks in internet history – potentially putting millions of individuals and business in the UK at risk. It is estimated that over 1 million computers worldwide are already infected with GOZeuS and Cryptolocker, of which over 15,500 are UK based, and over £60 million has already been stolen.

This software exploits vulnerabilities on your PC to install software that can capture bank details or re-direct money transfers, steal personal data from your computer and send it to a third party. The NCA has temporarily taken control of the communications used to connect with infected computers, but expects only a very limited window of opportunity to ensure you are protected.

This email is not intended to cause panic but instead to highlight the seriousness of this matter and to urge you to take essential steps to protect yourself from this threat. It is estimated that you have a maximum of 12 days to take steps to protect yourself. After this time the NCA anticipates the malware will have been adapted to overcome the counter measures they have in place.

At defactosalons.com, we have taken steps to ensure our systems are protected from this threat and would like to ensure you are also able to protect yourself. With this in mind we have compiled a short list of steps we recommend you follow to ensure you are not at risk…

  • Ensure your system software is up-to-date
  • Make sure your internet security software (including Anti-virus, Anti-malware and firewall software) is up-to-date
  • View emails with attachments sent from unknown senders with caution
  • Take care to look out for Phishing emails
  • Avoid storing passwords on your computer
  • Make sure you keep backups of your work in another location in case the worst happens

It is also important to keep your website data secure and protect your website from malware infestations to stop the spread of such threats. Make sure your website and visitor data is secured with an SSL Certificate if you are handling sensitive information such as payment details. Identify and remove malware threats from your web space with Site Scanner to keep your website safe from hackers. Our website and our integration with Paypal has been thoroughly checked and is monitored constantly. This ensures your safety while on our website.

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