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National Blow Dry Day!

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

national blow dry day


National Blow Dry Day!

Yes, it is that time of the year again when the much celebrated National Blow Dry Day takes place. Each year, the 28th of July is marked with salons offering promotions and offers. How will you celebrate this year? Here are some ideas from other salons…

  • A voucher for a free Blow Dry when your client has a cut and colour.
  • A complimentary glass of champagne when your client comes in for their Blow Dry.
  • Selfies are everywhere, and a great way to promote your salon. Why not run a competition for the best Blow Dry selfie posted on your Facebook page?
  • We have seen a few commendable salons offering to donate the price of a Blow Dry to a charity, with hundreds of pounds being raised.

These are just a few simple ideas to get clients and salons working together. What are you going to offer this week?

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Brows are BIG!

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Bold Brows: Eyebrow Makeup Big in Eye Makeup Says NPD Group

defacto brows

A 28% increase in prestige eyebrow makeup dollar sales led the overall growth within total U.S. prestige eye makeup in the 12 months ending March 2014, reports The NPD Group. This increase is in sharp contrast to the total U.S. prestige makeup market’s 3% growth during the same time period.

Sales of eyebrow products have increased by double digits over the past three years, and now represent $122 million and 11% of total U.S. prestige eye makeup sales. However, less than 80% of prestige retail stores are currently selling brow makeup.


According to The NPD Group’s BeautyTrends Geo-Level, for April 2013-March 2014 dollar sales, prestige eyebrow makeup performance increased 28% in the western U.S. since last year, and that section of the country has 33% of the category’s dollar share. The South increased its dollar sales for the prestige eyebrow makeup by 24% in the last year, and it has 31% of the dollar share. The Northeast saw a 29% increase in the category last year, while it holds 22% of the dollar share; and the Central region, which was 14% of the dollar share of the prestige eyebrow makeup category, saw an increase of 19% since last year.


The Importance of Eyebrows


The NPD Group’s makeup industry analyst Kissura Mondesir recently shared a blog post called “…But Then I Saw Your Eyebrows,” which notes the importance of the eyebrow in facial beauty—and the fact that they are often overlooked in grooming. However, more recently, tools for eyebrow grooming have been gaining.

Mondesir writes, “I stumbled upon a popular meme on Instagram that says, ‘I was going to like your picture, but then I saw your eyebrows.’ This instantly made me think of how important eyebrows are to the face, [which] was further underscored by the fact that makeup grooming products for eyebrows are the fastest growing items within the eye segment, and all of makeup.


“Ungroomed brows can ruin a makeup look. Just changing the shape or color can completely transform the appearance of a person’s face, and American women know it. U.S. prestige dollar sales for eyebrow makeup grooming products have consistently grown every month since January 2010, and Q1 2014 sales were up 26 percent.”

“Though I do not physically shape my brows, I am not flagrantly breaking all rules of eyebrow style. I do use an eyebrow pencil to fill them in, and then set them with an eyebrow powder. According to the research, I’m not alone; with seven of the top ten selling makeup eyebrow products being pencils, pencils seem to be the tool of choice.”

“The continuous growth trend of prestige eyebrow makeup products also illustrates the emphasis consumers are placing on their personal style, and their desire to create definition around one of their most important facial features. Even I, somewhat of an eyebrow beauty misfit, want my eyebrows to help my eyes speak, not muffle what they have to say,” Mondesir concludes.


Brows are hot. This is not a fad. Cash in on this trend and wow your Customer’s Brows! We have all the training and education necessary for you to be successful! 



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Internet Hairdressing?

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Hair and beauty salons

Reach your potential with internet growth.

Our market research shows that an increasing number of new customers visiting your salon will have come via an internet search. We have learned that 47% will assess your salon through other’s reviews on the internet, as well as considering the standard of services you offer. The remaining 53% will come to your salon because you are local, or they have walked past your door, or they have been recommended by a trusted friend.

We have also discovered that almost half of the 47% of internet searchers were visitors to the area. At this time of the year, we see weddings everywhere, graduations being celebrated, tourists from abroad visiting the UK. All of those potential customers look to the internet to provide a simple answer to their question “where can I find a reliable hair or beauty salon”?

Web presence is like having hundreds of shop-fronts for everyone to see. You attract the locals as well as the internet searchers. Indeed, there is a direct relationship between your footfall on the web and the footfall through your door. The big question is how do you increase your we presence and there is no single answer to this. As a guide, the more times that you are mentioned on the internet, the easier it is to find you. For example, your Facebook page leaves a footprint on the internet, as does your Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  If you are registered with Yell.com or any other general listing site,  you have created another footprint.

So where does Defacto fit into all of this? Our website was designed by salon owners, for salon owners and makes your web presence far greater than before. It also makes it simpler to manage. As technicians, we have done all the hard work in the background, including SEO, PPC and all the other juicy ingredients needed to make your web presence grow. Through our website, you can post announcements to Facebook (new products, available appointments, new staff, special offers), as well as posting job or seat rental vacancies. It doesn’t cost anything to make these postings so you can do it as often as you want. Your website and all your social media accounts are brought under one roof.  Even your on-line appointment booking system is brought into Defacto’s website making it even easier for your clients  to reach you. Don’t forget, your customers want an easy life as well!

Hair and beauty salons across the UK normally don’t have much time to focus on web presence, preferring to give their time to clients. However, developing client’s awareness of what you offer is part of daily life for salon owners. The most natural and efficient way of doing this is to do this over the internet to as many potential clients as possible.

When building your marketing strategy, consider the internet searchers and love them as much as regular clients.

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