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Do You Apply Make Up on the Train?

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Commuting in and out to work lengthens travel times, so it’s no surprising that some people save their make up routine for public transport.

do you apply make up on the train?

It’s not an alien sight, here in the UK, to see a woman applying her make up on the morning train. We don’t second-guess it. However, in Japan it is a topic for discussion.

Tokyu Corporation, a major private railway operator in the Greater Tokyo area, has released a video asking commuters to “refrain from putting on make-up on the train”. The video has had a high volume of backlash. However, the Tokoyu have remained firm in their belief of the video. The claim the campaign was created in response to surveys conducted regarding commuters nuisances during travel. The message of the video rings loud and clear:

“Women in the city are all beautiful. But they are ugly to see, at times.”

The video then goes on to ask why women cannot do their make up before they get on the train. You can watch the video down below.

According to a survey done in 2013, a third of women would do their make up on the train. However, 40% of people would ask someone to stop doing their make up if they found it annoying. It’s clear that people are divided on this subject.

We thought we’d ask our company Director, Marcus McLeod, and our in-house blogger and social media engager, Natalie Woods, what they thought about it.

Marcus said:

“I don’t have a problem with it. I have more of a problem with people who do it while they’re driving their cars. That’s just dangerous. I really love art and seeing women paint their faces is quite artistic in a way. So, I’d never ask a woman to stop doing her make up on the train or get annoyed by it.”

Natalie said:

do you apply make up on the train?

“I do my make up on the train every morning on the way to work. I did it on the way to university every morning as well. I’ve always lived about an hour or two commute away from where I need to be. I don’t see why I’d get up at a ridiculously early time to put my make up on in private. I’d rather have had a good nights sleep, be fully functional for my job the next day and do my make up on the train than getting up obscenely early just to do it at home.”

“When you’re on a train you’re in a public area. I’m not hurting or upsetting anyone, maybe just potentially annoying them. People who have an issue with me doing my make up on the train should either keep it to themselves or find a private way to travel.”

We’d love to know your thoughts on the matter? Do you agree with Natalie and Marcus or do you think make up application should be kept to the house?

You can leave us a comment below or head over to our Twitter or Facebook!

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A Week in Review (22nd – 28th Oct)

Five Halloween Looks You Can Achieve With Make Up

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

If you’ve left Halloween planning a little last minute, we think we can help…

halloween looks you can do with make up

You’ve got less than a week to prepare a Halloween costume. Even less if you’re going out over the weekend. You don’t want to be stuck with what’s left in the shops! You still want to impress with your Halloween look.

Therefore, we’ve had a think and a chat in the Defacto office and we’ve thought of five Halloween looks you can do with clothes you already have and some make up!

Comic Cartoon.

We know this one will maybe take a little longer than you’d maybe like. However, the finished article will certainly be one that impresses This look has been making the rounds on social media for a while now and we’re still impressed by it. . You’ll probably already have make up you can use, but if you don’t we’re sure you can pick up what you need for pretty cheap. Pair this make up with whatever outfit you feel would fit in with a comic book and you’re good to go!

A Cat.

Yes it’s the old staple of girls Halloween costumes. Dont knock it til you’ve tried it! There’s a reason it’s so common. It’s sexy and it’s easy to put together. You’ll need black liquid liner and some false eyelashes for this one. Clothes wise, if you’ve got a pair of black jeans or leggings and a black body suit all youll really need are some cat ears to go with them.


We don’t mean you’re going to be shuffling around the bars in a movement restricting fake tail. Nowadays people are more creative with their mermaid themed costumes on Halloween. You can probably opt for a long flowing dress or leggings with scales printed on them. As for the make up, blues, greens and glitter doesn’t go a miss. It’s amazing what you can do with fishnet tights these days…


A classic costume that gets broken out each year. The campy Hammer Horror days few and far between now though. People are now opting for a sexier and darker vibe to their vampire costumes. Dark red lips and smoky eyes, combined with pale skin and heavy contouring is the way to go in 2016. Really you can make any costume a vampire costume. Much like zombies you can have; vampire brides, vampire cheerleaders and the list can go on and on.

A Deer.

You may be surprised by this one but it’s become quite popular as a costume! It’s a really easy look to do as well. Stock up on some bronzer, a pair of antlers and get a dress or outfit that you feel is right. May we suggest a short floral number? It may not be spooky or scary but it is something a little different.

We hope you’ve found your last minute Halloween costume! If you have chosen one or if you have any other ideas we’d love to hear about it! Just leave us a comment down below.

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The Five Costumes You’ll See Everywhere This Halloween

Monday, October 24th, 2016

It’s officially one week until Halloween. Do you have your costume yet? Or are you still waiting for inspiration to strike?

We think we can help you in one way or another. Whether you want to be in the know of what’s en vogue this year for Halloween. Or whether you want to know what to avoid so you stand out from the crowd.

5 halloween costumes 2016

There’s no denying that people get inventive around Halloween, they dress up as whatever character they’re obsessed with that year. We’re sure every year there’s a stand out costume choice that rises up through pop culture. However, what are the top five Halloween costumes you’ll be seeing on the streets this Halloween?

Defacto have compiled a list of the costumes we think you’ll be seeing a lot of this October 31st…

5 – Emojis.

5 halloween costumes 2016

This Halloween trend has been knocking about since emojis began. You may be more inclined towards being the women with bunny ears emoji with your best friend. Or you may be feeling like making everyone giggle (or roll their eyes) with the poo emoji. Whatever way you look at it emoji costumes are versatile and easy to make. There’s so many to choose from and you can even get a whole group of you to go as emojis. It may be overplayed, but it’s overplayed for a good reason.

4 – Superheroes.

5 halloween costumes 2016

Every year we are bombarded with superhero movies. Some better than others… This year we had very highly talked about flicks like Deadpool and the imaginatively named ‘Batman vs. Superman’. There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing superheroes everywhere. Whether it’s the Gal Gadot version of Wonder Woman or classic Batman and Robin. You’re guaranteed to see a comic book character in a bar at some point.

3 – Presidential Candidates (aka Trump and Clinton).

5 halloween costumes 2016

We’re not sure if this is a good couples costume idea or not and we’re not sure if we every will be. But, it looks like this is a sought after costume idea in both America and the UK. Sales on trouser suits for women must be through the roof. We’re not too surprised though, with the American presidential election looming ever closer and Trump making a fool of himself at every given turn, there’s no wonder people want to dress up as him. With a suit and a mask of their face, you could be out partying with minimal effort!

2 – Eleven from Stranger Things

5 halloween costumes 2016

Stranger Things has taken the world by storm since it streamed on Netflix. We highly recommend it if you live under a rock and still haven’t seen it. More specifically, the character of Eleven has taken root in everyone’s hearts. Numbers have proven this costumes popularity. Sales of pink collared dresses and blonde wigs have been steadily climbing on approach to the big day and that can only mean one thing… You’re going to be seeing a lot of Elevens this Halloween.

1 – Harley Quinn.

5 halloween costumes 2016

We honestly feel like we shouldn’t need to tell you this. Everyone knows Halloween is going to be crawling with Harley Quinn’s. Since the release of Suicide Squad everyone has been obsessed with Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the comic book character. The rebooted look itself has become instantly iconic, the smudged eye make up and the glittery short shorts, its everything you want to wear but cant in every day life. So why shouldn’t you do it for Halloween! We’re sure a lot of ladies will have their boyfriends as Joker styled accessories as well this year…

We decided that, since this look was so popular, we’d challenge our blogger Natalie to recreate the Harley Quinn look! You can watch it here.

We’d love to know if you’re going as anything we’ve featured on this list! If you’re not we’d love to know what you’re going as anyway, let us know!

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Why You Should be Sugaring Instead of Waxing

Friday, October 21st, 2016

You may or may not have heard of sugaring. If you’re really into beauty, we expect you have and if you’re not, we guess you may not have.

why you should try sugaring

It’s becoming more and more popular lately as a hair removal method. Sugaring has been practiced throughout Northern Africa, the Middle East and Greece for centuries. Sugaring is removing body hair by using three natural ingredients. Specifically: sugar, lemon juice and water.

The ingredients are combined into a gel or a paste and are rolled into a ball like shape. The ball is then rolled onto the body, with the gel sticking to the skin and hairs. Then, much like waxing, the paste is ripped off, taking the unwanted hair with it. The two main differences between sugaring and waxing are that sugaring is all natural ingredients, eliminating the chemicals present in hot wax. Also, one ball of sugar gel is used per client. This takes away the opportunity of cross contamination.

why you should try sugaring

We knew lemons could do anything!

Sugaring can also be performed more frequently, no more enduring stubble between waxes, and it reduces redness. However, if you’re not already sold, we have some more benefits for you.

Better for your skin.

On top of the elimination of bad chemicals, the sugar mixture wouldn’t only be safe enough to remove hair with. It’d be safe enough to consume, although, it wouldn’t taste that good. The paste is ideal for all skin types, hair textures and skin sensitivities. If you have a skin condition that is irritated by waxing, sugaring would be ideal. The natural ingredients will reduce irritation by a significant amount. In fact, you my not even have any!

Reduces rashes and redness.

why you should try sugaring

There are two main reasons that this method leaves less rash and redness than waxing: the all-natural formula, the fact that it’s free from the irritating additives in wax, and the way that the paste bonds when applied to the skin. In fact, sugaring is more than just a hair removal method. It’s also a light exfoliant (this again, helps reduce the chance of rash and redness). This is one of the main differences between sugaring and waxing: while wax bonds to both the hair follicles and surrounding skin area, the sugaring paste doesn’t pull on or irritate the skin.

No residue.

If you’ve ever had waxing done, you’ll know the struggle of going home and having to pick bits of wax off your skin for some time after the treatment. This doesn’t happen with sugaring. Since the paste is water soluble, it’s much easier to remove than wax and doesn’t harden onto the skin. All you need is a warm damp cloth and you can get rid of the residue!

Longer lasting.

As we mentioned earlier, this hair removal process is longer lasting. While wax often breaks the hairs at the surface, sugaring paste pulls the follicles from the root. This ensures that the hair will take longer to grow back. Also, the more you get sugared, the less you’ll need in the long run. Frequent sugaring when you need it will reduce hair production. Meaning over time you will be able to space out your appointments!

So, if you’re looking for a new hair removal method, this is definitely one you should try. It may or may not be any less painful, but we feel its benefits make up for that.

You can try looking for a salon that will provide sugaring on our web directory www.defactosalons.com!

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A Week in Review (1st – 8th Oct)

How to Wake Up on Cold Winter Mornings

Friday, October 7th, 2016

Waking up in the morning during those cold winter months can be torture. However, we think it can be made easier…

how to wake up on cold winter mornings

We know it’s gotten a lot colder in the UK in the past couple of weeks. It’s gotten a lot darker in the mornings too. This can make the whole getting out of bed experience pretty difficult. The dark rooms and the cold climate can fool you into feeling like it’s still time to be asleep. Sadly it’s not the case. So, how can we all wake up easier on winter mornings?

Cold glass of water.

As soon as you wake up, have a drink. Cold water will help make you feel more awake and will stimulate your body. It’s also a great way to kickstart your metabolism for the day! If you’re more of a coffee person, you can do that too. A programmable coffee machine might be a good investment for you. This means you can set a time for your coffee to start brewing. Ensuring you really do wake up and smell the coffee.

No reasoning.

how to wake up on cold winter mornings

One of the worst things you can do is reason with yourself. Don’t allow yourself to argue why you deserve another half an hour, or how you can skip this or that to have more time in bed. You will end up feeling worse for skipping a part of your morning routine rather than feeling better for having a little bit longer in bed. Get up and make yourself busy and you’ll be awake before you know it.

Give yourself a reason to get up.

We all have our motivations. For some, we like to spend a little more time of our appearance, or we like to have a great breakfast. Find a reason to get you up and out of bed. Try a new hairstyle that day or have a warm breakfast instead of cereal or toast. Find something that you’ll look forward to when you wake up. That way it’ll feel like less of a chore to wake up and get out of bed.

Don’t fall back asleep.

how to wake up on cold winter mornings

We know the feeling, you wake up, check your clock and you’ve got 10 minutes left. you’re annoyed that you’ve woken up just 10 minutes before your alarm but you go back to sleep anyway. Don’t! The fact that you have woken up just before your alarm means you’re in a routine and your body clock is telling you that you’ve had enough sleep. Get up and spend that 10 minutes doing something. If you go back to sleep you’re more likely to feel more drowsy when you wake up again.

A morning shower.

A morning shower does absolute wonders for people. It’s a sure way to wake you up and make you feel better about the day ahead. The water and change in temperature will promote circulation in the body, therefore, battling the cold climate. A rousing mint or tea tree body wash might help with that as well!

Think about what you have to do that day.

Hopefully this tip doesn’t cause premature stress for the day ahead. But, focusing on what you need to do that day will get you into the right mindset. Less focus on how much you want to be in bed and more focus on what you want to get done that day. That way you will accomplish more during the day and be raring to go.

how to wake up on cold winter mornings

Exercise each morning.

We all do want to keep fit but we don’t always have the drive to. Scheduling time to exercise in the morning should help with that. If you choose to wake up early and exercise your body will become accustomed to it. Exercise will also stimulate your mind and we guarantee your working day will benefit from some morning exercise. Also, just think, if its over with in the morning you don’t have to do it when you get home!

We suppose if all of this fails you can just leave your phone at the other end of the room so you have to get up and out of bed for your alarm in the morning… Do you have any tips on how to wake up in the morning? If you do, let us know!

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Why Your Make Up Isn’t Perfect

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

You may look at make up tutorials, give it a go and then find that your look isn’t nearly as good as the one you just saw. Sure you might just need practice, but you also might be missing some key elements…

why your make up isnt perfect

Applying make up isn’t as easy as picking some products that look right and putting them on. Although we wish it were. There are some key things that may be throwing off the look you’re aiming for.

You aren’t maintaining your skin.

why your make up isnt perfect

We’re not saying you’re not trying. But, it might not be enough to keep your skin in tip-top, make up applying conditions. Develop a cleansing regime and stick to it, and if you find you’re having trouble with acne, rosacea, or any other skin condition, don’t be afraid to visit a doctor or dermatologist for advice. It’s a common issue and there’s no need to be shy.

Then, prep your skin before you begin applying makeup. Ideally, you should moisturise a few minutes before applying makeup, giving your moisturiser time to sink in. Moisturised skin will hold product better, without dry, flaky patches. If you have oily skin, don’t skip this step, just use a light, oil-free moisturiser. If you find you have issues with your make up staying in place all day, also try a primer.

You’ve got the wrong tools.

why your make up isnt perfect

If you’re stuck using the sponges you get given with make up products, get rid. They’re more of a chore than of any use. Why brands continue to produce these is a mystery when anyone who’s stumbled across a YouTube tutorial knows that makeup brushes are the key to a better result. A common misconception is that you need to spend a fortune.

Yes a good foundation brush is going to cost you but for smaller tasks, like eyeshadow or brows you can use lower priced brands. Real Techniques is always a crowd pleaser. However, for foundation we recommend you shell out for a good brush or try your stippling hand with a Beauty Blender. Our blogger Natalie tested out a bunch of them a while back, if you need some advice on which one to try. 

You may have the wrong formula.

why your make up isnt perfect

Lip colour doesn’t have to come in a stick, eye colour doesn’t have to be a powder, and most base products, blushers, and bronzers come in a huge number of different formulas. So how do you know which one to pick?

In general, powders are more drying and mattifying and work better on oilier skin, while liquids and creams can help hydrate dry skin. Bear this in mind when picking foundation in particular.

But it’s about the final result, too. Powders (especially things like eye shadow and blusher) allow you to gently blend and build up colour with precision. Cream formulas tend to give a more youthful, dewy effect (which is why a slightly shimmery cream eye shadow is a must for older skins). They don’t require exact application, making them good for beginners, and often look best applied with the fingers, which is good news if your budget doesn’t reach to 15 new brushes.

Gels and pomades are often the hardest to work with, but they also give the most long-lasting results. If you can master gel liner and brow pomade, you can re-create those picture-perfect Instagram makeup looks yourself. Until you do, soft pencils are a little more forgiving. Be sure to get a suitable colour in everything though. If you’re unsure, employees at make up counters should have a lot of advice to give you.

You forget the small things.

why your make up isnt perfect

You have to have a good base before you can do anything else. Any combination of primer, foundation, powder, and/or concealer depending on your preference. Not everyone likes or needs a full face of foundation. But creating a good base for the rest of your makeup is key to a good result. Even if you just slick some primer on your eyelids, you’ll benefit from it!

We all know brows have been in for a while and it looks like they’re staying too. Good brows have the ability to completely shape the face, and with the current trend for big and bold brows in full swing, you can no longer ignore those over-plucked ’90s wisps. Start as you mean to go on by visiting a salon for a shape and tint. You can use our salon directory service for finding the perfect place to do this. www.defactosalons.com. Then you can get on with experimenting with powders, gels, pencils and pomades to create your ultimate power brow.

Your products are out of date.

why your make up isnt perfect

The indicator should look like this. This means the product is only useable for 12 months.

Just like food, make up can go out of date. You can locate the shelf time of your products on the back of your packaging. Old make up could potentially cause breakouts and it will be a lot harder to apply. The second you open make up it’ll start oxidising, drying out and ageing. When it’s past its best, get rid of it.

We hope these tips will help you reach that Instagram worthy level of make up application. Or least have you a little more clued up! If you have any more tips, we’d love to know!

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Men’s Hair Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

We have all heard some old wives tales that we believe. However, some men may follow misinformation religiously. Therefore, we are here to debunk some common men’s hair myths!

We’ve all believed things that aren’t true. Going outside with wet hair will give you a cold and hair of the dog are both false. However, some people still believe them! There are some men’s hair myths that people still believe too…

men's hair myths

Plucking grey hair will give you more grey hair.

Some people still believe that hair grows like flower stems. For example, if you split a plant’s root, both stems may flower. But, hair isn’t like that. Plucking out a grey hair will only mean a grey hair will grow back. Don’t start plucking out grey hairs though! Instead you can forget this men’s hair myth and read our article on Going Grey Gracefully… 

Cutting your hair more means it’ll grow more.

The rate your hair grows at is mostly determined by your genes, so while quitting smoking, eating a protein-rich diet and avoiding stress can help, this one’s mostly down to what your parents gave you. So trimming it more frequently usually means it’ll get shorter and grow back at its usual rate each time. Sorry guys.

men's hair myths

More suds mean a better wash.

A better lather with your shampoo doesn’t actually mean anything. The truth is a shampoo doesn’t need to foam a lot to get the job done. If anything, a shampoo that’s packed full of sulfates (the chemicals that help them foam) could wreak havoc on your scalp if used too frequently, irritating it and drying it out. Instead chuck this men’s hair myth and opt for a sulfate-free shampoo with glycerine. This will give you the suds without the harmful chemicals.

Hair needs cleaned daily.

Women don’t do it and you don’t need to do it either. Different people generate oils at different rates. Only wash it when it starts to look or feel unclean and greasy. Washing daily will strip your hair of its natural oils and you’ll be worse off in the end…

men's hair myths

Dandruff is just a dry scalp.

This one is the easiest to believe. You would naturally think that a flaky scalp is caused by dehydrated skin. This isn’t the case though. It’s now believed that attempts to hydrate a flaky scalp are futile. Scientists believe dandruff is caused by a yeast imbalance in the skin. We all have yeasts on our scalp, but one in particular, known as Malassezia furfur, causes issues. It can cause an imbalance in the scalp, which in turn triggers an inflammatory response in the skin. This causes the topmost layer of the skin to shed erratically. Leading to the white flakes you see on your hair and clothes. Invest in a shampoo like T-Gel instead of over moisturising your scalp.

We hope you haven’t been living your life according to these old wives tales, but if you have, at least now you know! Did you hold faith in any of these men’s hair myths? If you did or know any more that need to be debunked, let us know!

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