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The Low-Down on Glue-In Hair Extensions

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

We all look at celebrities and immaculate manes and wonder how we could get hair like that.

glue-in hair extensions

Long story short it’s either extensions or wigs. A high quality wig may be a little out of a persons comfort zone and price range. However, good quality hair extensions are a more reachable goal.

If you are someone that loves to constantly change your look, then extensions can be a great alternative. There are many types of hair extensions and they give you the opportunity to experiment and if they are done right they shouldn’t damage your hair. Most people have the pre-conception that glue-in hair extensions thin out your natural hair, which can be true, but only to an extent. However, with the right extension brand and the right person applying them your natural hair shouldn’t really suffer.

glue-in hair extensions

So what should you look for when getting glue-in hair extensions?

1. Quality
2. Reputation
3. Recommendation

Be sure the brand you are interested in has a reputable name in the industry. The best way to start is by looking at their website and looking up the salons that sell those extensions, and how long they have been applying them for. Be sure your salon is experienced at applying them. Though it may be tempting to go for a cheaper alternative, don’t. With glue-in hair extensions, you get what you pay for.

glue-in hair extensions

Before you have them applied you need to be aware of your own hair’s health. Your hair and scalp need to be in optimum health before any extensions are applied. When applied extensions should not be too close to the scalp as this can cause traction alopecia. This is a form of hair loss caused by a pulling force, a.k.a your hair extensions pulling at your roots.

Can you colour them once they are in?

Glue-in hair extensions can be coloured once they have been applied but we advise you not to bleach them as this can damage the hair. Bleach can dramatically change the texture of your extensions and even when colouring you have to be strict with your aftercare. Use good quality hair care suitable for coloured hair. Your hairdresser should be able to recommend a good brand for you to use.

glue-in hair extensions

How long should I keep them for?

The general rule is 3-6 months but definitely not longer and the extensions should always be professionally removed. After around 3 months you may notice some wear and tear and maybe some thinning. You don’t have to opt in for a whole new set of extensions if you don’t want to. You can ask for your stylist to add in some newer glue-in hair extensions to pad out what you have left for the rest of the six months. Get a trim to tidy them all up though!

glue-in hair extensions

Some tips we’ll leave you with if you’re thinking of getting glue-in hair extensions. Don’t condition the roots of your hair and don’t towel-dry vigorously. This can tangle the bonds. Also, always remember to brush through your hair twice a day from scalp to ends with an extension appropriate brush.

If you’re thinking of getting extensions, you can browse our salon listing website for high quality salons. You’ll be able to find the perfect salon experienced in applying hair extensions near you!

Have you ever had glue-in hair extensions? What brands do you recommend? We’d love to hear any hints or tips you have to offer!

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Can You Pull Off Peroxide Blonde?

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Slowly but surely men with peroxide blonde hair and becoming more and more common…

Celebs and footballers alike are trying stints with peroxide blonde locks and we’re still not fully sure how we feel about it. However, do you think you could pull it off?

Can you pull off peroxide blonde?

The first to give it a go was Welsh footballer Aaron Ramsey. Something he later apologised to parents for after influencing young Wales fans to follow his lead. Lionel Messi soon followed with his own peroxide blonde do.

Can you pull off peroxide blonde?

Aaron Ramsey

Where has it come from?

It wasn’t the footballers that started the trend, however. It was pops finest, Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik who reintroduced peroxide blond to the scene. Although, they made the wise decision to blend it with darker roots. This achieves an overall more stylish look. It’s a small part in a larger 90s revival we’re sure you’ve noticed is happening. But, would you suit peroxide blonde?

Can you pull off peroxide blonde?

Lionel Messi

Where to do it?

Do not DIY this one! Bleach is a serious business. Doing it by yourself opens you up to all kinds of mishaps. Bleaching your hair happens in a two-stage process. Firstly the bleach on your hair, which, if left too long, can painfully burn your scalp. And then the adding of purple toner to enhance blonde colouring – without this you’ll end up ginger. Not strawberry blonde. No matter how many times you say so. Get it done professionally. Please.

Can you pull off peroxide blonde?

Justin Bieber

Expect to pay £70-£100 for a full head of colour. This is depending on how dark your current hair is. And make sure they first give you a skin test to see if you react to the bleach.

Looking after it.

Obviously bleaching your hair is going to do some damage. Youll need a strengthening shampoo to stop your hair feeling course and dry. If you feel like it, you can even let your hair grow some roots before blending them into the peroxide blonde and follow in the steps of the more stylish pop crowd.

Can you pull off peroxide blonde?

Zayn Malik

In conclusion if you can pull it off, go for it! If you have doubts, don’t. You cant quickly restore the damage bleaching does to your hair and you wont want to have to try if you make a mistake.

Are you thinking of bleaching your hair? Let us know!

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Going Grey Gracefully

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Going grey can seem like your worst nightmare. It’s a sign of age. But, we think you can still make it work…

You don’t need to compromise your style or looks when you start going grey. You can adapt and change and know how to make it work. We’re going to help you in the process of going grey gracefully.

going grey gracefully

George Clooney

Why do some men grey earlier than others?

Some men seem to keep a dark head of hair until well into their fifties, but others find themselves going grey much earlier. Of course, the answer may be out of a bottle, but what’s the prime mover behind the early-grey mechanism?
Hair goes grey when the pigment responsible for the hair’s colour stops forming in the hair shaft. For men, it can happen earlier than youd think. Some men go grey in their twenties and some in their sixties. It just depends.
But despite your body’s quirks, lifestyle also plays a part: although a predilection for early greying can be inherited, it can equally be caused by stress or malnutrition, which prevent your body from producing vital chemicals including the pigment melanin.

going grey gracefully

Max Joseph

Will a healthy lifestyle prevent it?

For a time. Yes. Eating healthy and exercising will improve any kind of ageing function in your body. However, if you have the gene for it, it’s going to happen. B-vitamins, selenium and iodine rich foods are said to help slow down the ageing process. That would include going grey.

going grey gracefully

Richard Gere

How can you showcase your grey hair?

So you’ve decided that youre going grey so you may as well embrace it. How do you make it work? What haircuts will work best with it? Longer length layers is one of the best haircuts for greying hair. For the man that’s beginning to turn silver but still short of being fully white, careful layering can blend grey and dark hair seamlessly, offering a touch of maturity. Mixing in the greys and ensuring evenly chopped layers gives you that salt and pepper look that we hear some ladies (and men!) love.

going grey gracefully

Mark Ruffalo

How do you take care of it?

Whether you decide to stick with your grey or not, it will take more maintenance. Grey hair doesn’t hold moisture the way other hair colours so do. So, you will have to invest in a good conditioner to make your hair look the part. Also, try a growth promoting conditioner, grey hair is sometimes the step before no hair.

Whether or not you relish the idea of becoming a silver fox and going grey, we hope these tips will help you rock your new mature colour.

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Charlotte Tilbury Comes to Glasgow

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the biggest names in make up right now. As you may know she is launching the first Scottish store in Glasgow!

Charlotte tilbury comes to glasgow

Charlotte Tilbury herself

Charlotte Tilbury boasts 20 years of experience in the make up industry. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian as loyal customers it’s easy to see why she is enjoying enough success to launch a self-titled make up range.

Her make up range hasn’t been around for as long as brands like MAC or Estee Lauder. However, it is already just as prolific and it’s exciting that Charlotte Tilbury made the decision to launch her store inside Glasgow’s House of Fraser on Buchanan Street.  Most noteworthy, it’ll be her first Scottish store! Seems like they’re all very excited!

charlotte tilbury comes to glasgow

Charlotte Tilbury posts this snap to her Twitter the other day. The Glasgow team.

The official grand opening has been earmarked for September the 8th (that’s just 6 days away!) and there’s no doubt it’s going to be a huge day for all Glasgow based beauty bloggers. The Charlotte Tilbury counter will replace the MAC counter, which is moving to YO! Sushi’s old location. The beauty guru said:

“Glasgow is a makeup mecca and the women here really understand the power of makeup, so it’s incredibly exciting for me to launch my first House of Fraser counter and continue my makeup revolution.”

Charlotte Tilbury comes to glasgow

Matte Revolution

Whats in store?

The counter will have her full award-winning make up collection and skincare collection. We’re sure brand favourites like the Matte Revolution lipsticks and the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation will be snapped up fast in the first few days of opening. Due to this, we hope they have stocked up because there will be a lot of make up fanatics! In addition, when discussing the counter she said:

“I don’t believe in limits”
“My counter fuses quick, easy moments of ‘grab and go’, with the glamour and indulgence of a Hollywood vanity table. It has been designed with the five minute, solo shopper and those looking for a personalised makeup artist service in mind, in one divine makeup moment – it’s a revolution.”

charlotte tilbury comes to glasgow

Some key pieces of the collection

The range is already available online and was also launched just in time for pay-day. Although, to buy in person there’s still a few days wait to go yet! Therefore, now is a good time to plan what you want.


Who are we?

If you don’t know who we are, we’re Defacto Salons, a UK based listing website. We’ll help you find the perfect salon close to you! All you have to do is go to our homepage HERE. Type in your location or the name of a salon and we’ll find it for you!

If you’re a business and you want to get involved with us you can contact our social media engager by email at natalie@defacto.email. You can also call our offices on 0141 3336535. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Keira Knightly Reveals She Wears Wigs to Deal With Hair Loss

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Actress Keira Knightly has revealed that she has been wearing wigs for years after suffering from hair loss.

Due to side affects from excess hair dying, the 31-year-old owned up to the fact that she had been hiding her hair loss by covering her hair up.

Keira Knightly Reveals She Wears Wigs to Deal With Hair Loss

Keira Knightly has revealed she has worn wigs for the last 5 years

“I have dyed my hair virtually every colour imaginable, for different films” she explained. “It got so bad that my hair literally began to fall out of my head.”

She went on to say:

“So for the past five years I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair.”

Its not uncommon for celebrities to wear wigs, though, for many it is just a fashion statement. Kylie Jenner is well known for wearing wigs, both to keep up with different trends but also to keep up the healthy condition of her hair and not have to constantly dye it.

Kylie Jenner is well known for her use of wigs

Kylie Jenner is well known for her use of wigs

In one of our recent interviews with owner of Weaves World in Glasgow, Ivy, she explained that using wigs and hair-pieces are protective hair care methods and not damaging like some may think. She said:

“When people come in who just want longer hair but expect the damage I aim to reeducate them on how to keep their hair strong, long and healthy.”
“People have a lot of confusing information, they think a weave is extensions and they think that they’ll damage your hair and that that’s the price you pay but I’m trying to show people that isn’t true. It’s a protective method and that’s why it came about.” – you can read the full interview here.

Thankfully for Keira being pregnant with her daughter, Edie, saved her hair. This is due to the high levels of oestrogen in your body during pregnancy. The increase in oestrogen prevents the usual hair shedding that happens every day and instead halts the process, allowing your natural hair to thicken. However this does mean women suffer hair loss after pregnancy. We previously wrote a blog on it, which you can read here.

pregnancy revitalised Keira's hair

pregnancy revitalised Keira’s hair

However, although pregnancy restored Keira Knightly’s hair, hair loss in women is a more common issue than you’d think. If you are suffering from hair loss, you can head to a salon and see what advice they can give you or you could look into where to get a wig of your own to protect your hair while it gets healthy again!


If you don’t know who we are, we’re Defacto Salons, a UK based listing website. We’ll help you find the perfect salon close to you! All you have to do is go to our homepage HERE www.defactosalons.comand type in your location or the name of a salon and we’ll find it for you!

If you’re a business and you want to get involved with us you can contact our social media guru by email at natalie@defacto.email or you can call our offices on 0141 3336535. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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MAC and The Brant Brothers

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

If you’re into make up then you may already know about this amazing new collaboration! MAC and The Brant Brothers are teaming up to do a unisex make up line!
The Brant Brothers are working on their first MAC collab

The Brant Brothers are working on their first MAC collab

Peter and Harry Brant, the sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire businessmen and art collector, Peter Brant, are New York socialites and well known in the fashion scene. Now they are working with MAC to create products that literally anyone can wear.

Although there is still a stigma against men wearing make up, there isn’t a reason for products like these to be gendered, Harry Brant said:

“The only reason why the line is called unisex is because men would feel more comfortable with it. We’re guys, you can sell makeup to guys. But guys aren’t going to go out and buy Nicki Minaj’s lipstick, even if it works on men. They just won’t.”

Their mother Stephanie Seymour modelling the lip stains

Their mother Stephanie Seymour modelling the lip stains

In 2016, I think we all agree, things should be, and in a lot of senses are, more open to people. In the past make up has been a predominantly female focused industry but as time has gone on the lines have blurred. Now many men admit to using female targeted products like fake tan, bronzer and even concealer and foundation. Why should a whole make up range be any different?

The incredibly wearable range includes; lip stains, eyeliner, an eyeshadow quad, brow gel, brow set, crème contour and two brushes. MAC, Harry and Peter have boasted the lines ‘neutral hues’ and its suitability for men and women. The lip stains are relatively natural colours, the kohl eyeliners are a white, a black and a gold for when someone’s feeling a like branching out and the quad is complimentary brown shades. The line also includes some skincare products; a volcanic ash exfoliater, mineralize charged water face and eye crème and make up primer for natural radiance.

The full collection of make up

The full collection of make up

The brothers are very proud of their products, stating that they ‘cant wait’ for people to use it and so they should be. It’s about time everyone was more open to trying new things. The range will land in the UK in August.

Think how many men could be a little prettier with a smoky eye.

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Tips for Battling Summer Frizz

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Do you suffer from summer frizz? Lets combat that here and now.

Here are five simple every day things that could be causing your frizzy locks.

Lack of moisture

Your hair might be really dry or you might not be conditioning enough or over shampooing. The formula of your shampoo may also have an affect, shampoo with too high of a pH level can actually cause frizziness and breakage. Though brands probably wont advertise their pH levels, you would be able to do some research online. Using leave in treatments when you feel like your hair needs some extra TLC might be a good idea. You can also get conditioning treatments from your salon (use our listing website to find a salon near you!). If you would rather try it from home, affordable options like Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle are around £4.99.

Wearing your hair up


If you have your hair up all the time you are putting a lot of pressure on it. There will be a lot of tension from being up and tight in a pony tail and that can lead to breakage and split ends, which will inevitably cause frizz.

Heated Appliances

summer frizz

Although the severe heating element isn’t fantastic for your hair, having them set at the wrong temperature will be even worse. If you have them too high for your hair, it will be scalding your ends and killing them. They wont look healthy if they’ve been burnt to a crisp! Having them too low means you’re going to be over styling to get your hair the way you want it.

How you brush your hair


Particularly before you shower, brushing your hair before you shower, not brushing means that products like conditioner wont distribute evenly. Then you’ll also have a harder time untangling the knots that formed over night. If you get a lot of knotted hair go for a Tangle Teezer or The Wet Brush. Their flexible bristles have been designed to combat knots without leading to breakage. Brush from the bottom of your hair and work the way up.

The Sun


The culprit you were waiting for, the sun is 100% a cause of frizz. The heat when its very sunny can damage your hair, so if you like sitting out in the sun, avoid the UV damage by using a sun protect spray. This will help you avoid split ends and the dreaded frizz!

We hope these tips help you battle the frizz this summer! Let us know if you have any more tips we missed!

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Top 10 Stylish Celebrity Dads

Sunday, June 19th, 2016

Father’s Day has come and gone for another year. In light of this though, we thought we should celebrate some of the most stylish celebrity dads.

We hope everyone got to celebrate their fathers, whether they are with you or not.

Here are 10 stylish; celebrity dads that we think deserve a shout out!

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake and his son Silas

Justin Timberlake and his son Silas

Justin Timberlake, well known singer and actor, ditched the boyband look many years ago and now is well known for his on trend hair and suits. Currently father to one son, Silas, with his wife Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake is a very stylish dad.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling and wife Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling and wife Eva Mendes

Actor in many people’s film favourites, like The Notebook and Drive, Ryan is father to two daughters Esmeralda and Amada. Though the family is a private one and the avoid showing their children to paparazzi, Ryan and his wife Eva Mendes are a very attractive, stylish couple.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt and his son Jack

Chris Pratt and his son Jack

Chris Pratt, known for his roles in Parks and Recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy, is the father to one son, Jack. He has spoken about his love for his son, and his wife Ana Farris, countless times. Though he likes a more laid back look, when he gets suited up he shows his ability to rock a tailored suit.

Kanye West

Kanye, Kim and daughter North

Kanye, Kim and daughter North

Controversial rapper Kanye West only seems to smile in the company of his family, wife Kim Kardashian-West and children North and Saint. Kanye has earned his style chops with his own fashion line, but we also bet he’s a fantastic father to his kids.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and his children

Chris Hemsworth and his children

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has been seen carrying his children in carriers numerous times. Again his family life is kept relatively quiet but he’s been snapped many a time playing and looking after his three children India and twins Tristan and Sasha. He always looks sharp on the red carpet.

David Beckham

The Beckham family

The Beckham family

We feel like we always mention David Beckham but he is in these lists for a reason. He is always perfectly styled from head to toe, along with the rest of his family. He’s had four children with wife Victoria Beckham: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba and daughter Isan

Idris Elba and daughter Isan

We didn’t actually know til recently that Idris Elba had children but now that we do, we knew he had to go straight onto this list. Father to Winston and Isan, Idris is always impeccably dressed. He’d be a great James Bond, that’s all we’re saying…

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

The Harris Burtka halloween 2015 photo

The Harris Burtka halloween 2015 photo

Now we have two for the price of one here, husbands NPH and David Burtka have a son and daughter. We wait for their Halloween costumes with their children Harper and Gideon every year. 2015 was Star Wars themed and we loved it. Though they dress great they get style points for the costumes alone.

Tom Fletcher

stylish celebrity dads

Tom Fletcher, wife Giovanna and son Buzz

Tom Fletcher is the quirky dad; if you haven’t seen his wedding speech or pregnancy videos you don’t know what you’re missing. His style is a little different to the rest of the people on this list but that’s why we love it, he’s totally individual and a wonderfully geeky father to his sons Buzz and Buddy.

There’s our list, let us know if we’ve missed anyone you think should be a part of it!

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New MAC Viva Glam Products Announced

Friday, June 17th, 2016

New Viva Glam Promo Shot

New Promo Shot

MAC announces new Ariana Grande Viva Glam shades.

The latest Glam girl is Ariana, and she is releasing a new shocking pinky/purple lipstick and a Mauve lipglass. However, there were many before her.

The Vivia Glam campaign began in 1994 with Drag superstar RuPaul. It was started to raise funds for communities living with HIV and AIDS, it was called the MAC AIDs Fund and it’s said that all profit from the lipsticks sold go to this fund.

The first lipstick by RuPaul was a bold red lip.

RuPaul for Viva Glam

RuPaul for Viva Glam

Viva Glam II (1997) was fronted by Canadian singer KD Lang, this was a more neutral colour, much more of any everyday shade. Mary J Blige and Lil Kim took up the mantle in 2001.

Mary j Blige and Lil Kim for Viva Glam

Mary j Blige and Lil Kim 

Blige stayed on in 2002 and was joined by Shirly Manson and Sir Elton John. Then over to Boy George in 2004, he wasn’t the only face of this range. MAC decided to go with more colours and faces. They included: Christina Aguilera, Chloe Sevigny, Linda Evangelista, Missy Elliot and Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson for Viva Glam

Pamela Anderson for Viva Glam

2006 was another packed year; Debbie Harry, Dita Von Teese, Eve and Lisa Marie Presley were all involved in Viva Glam VI

Dita Von Teese for Viva Glam

Dita Von Teese for Viva Glam

Viva Glam VI SE (Special Edition) was then fronted by Fergie in 2009 and this was a limited edition line. A lot of people loved this shade, as it was a perfect nude.

Fergie for Viva Glam

Fergie for Viva Glam

In 2010 MAC dropped the numbering system for the campaigns and instead used the names of the celebs. First was a collaboration with Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga. Gaga then returned for Viva Glam Gaga 2 in 2011 and she believed that the younger generated needed to be aware that HIV and AIDs were still an issue that needed to be known about.

Lady Gaga 2 Viva Glam

Lady Gaga 2 Viva Glam

We then had Ricky and Nicki in 2012, Nicki’s lipstick was one of the best selling colours ever and Ricki brought the first clear, conditioning lipglass to the table. Nicki then stayed on til 2013 with a new colour, which was then followed by a re-release of the original RuPaul Viva Glam I shade.

Nicki and Ricky Viva Glam

Nicki and Ricky 

Rhianna was 2014’s Glam girl, followed by Miley Cyrus in 2015. Now it’s Ariana. She previously released a black lipstick as her first shade, now she’s done a 180 and went with pinks. Her lipstick is a matte shade and her lipglass is shimmery, we think they’re both great summer releases.

mac viva glam

Ariana’s Matte Lipstick

Ariana's Lipglass

Ariana’s Lipglass

They will be available from September, will you be heading out to snap them up?

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David Zhang To Do More UK Masterclasses

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

David Zhang

David Zhang

David Zhang returns to UK for microblading masterclasses.

Following the success of his last visit, eyebrow extraordinaire, David Zhang makes his return to host a series of microblading masterclasses.

If you’re not familiar with microblading (you can read our previous blog on it here) it is a semi permanent make up solution for eyebrows. A small pen-like tool with tiny needles is used to create individual strokes under the eyebrow hair. This gives the illusion of natural hair strands to build thicker looking brows that last for around three years.

An example of microblading using David Zhangs techniques

An example of microblading using David Zhangs techniques

Microblading is referred to as ‘eyebrow embroidery’ in Asia, where Zhang hails from and he founded his brand David Brow Art in 1992. During his 24 years working with brows, he has trained 16,000 students, been World Champion in eyebrow beauty competitions twice and is now the leading expert and a judge for the Microblading Expert Panel at the World Microblading Conference.

He has also honed his skills and techniques; including strokes he invented himself, the 6D stroke and the PPL stroke (Press Push Lift). His secrets will be divulged at his 2-day training courses in July. The courses are being promoted by Beautiful Brows and are only suitable for people with professional training in semi permanent make up and/or microblading, as the aim is to help them improve on their trade and skills.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.36.08

The course will include; brow symmetry, method pros and cons, eyebrow shape vs. face shape, eyebrow design, techniques for eyebrow pencil on human skin and a full David Zhang starter kit. The second day will allow you to recap on what you’ve learned and will also include a Q&A segment with David Zhang.

The courses will be held in Glasgow and Liverpool. With the dates on the 5th and 6th (Glasgow) and the 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th (Liverpool).

Event leaflet

Event leaflet

This is a fantastic opportunity for professionals to build on a solid base they have created themselves. We spoke to Chris Christoforou, the Scottish Ambassador for Beautiful Brows, and he said:

“He’s back by popular demand, he was sought after in the UK, especially after last time. I think this might be the last masterclass or visit to the UK he has this year; he’s so in demand. If you’re already working in semi permanent make up or microblading, this masterclass will take you to the next level.”

Don’t miss out on this chance to work with a world famous eyebrow artist, call or email beautiful brows for more information on booking!
Call: 0151 427 0319
Email: professional@beautifulbrows.co.uk

Here is a Beautiful Brows video showing David Zhangs last UK course.

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