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Botched Beauty: Teeth Whitening in Beauty Salons

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Us women love to pamper ourselves now and then.

We often head to the beauty salon for a manicure, massage, or spray tan as a little pick me up. We can even treat ourselves to semi-permanent make up through tattooing and invasive aesthetic treatments to enhance our natural features.

The beauty industry is constantly innovating and changing to keep up with the public’s demand to look and feel good. More and more treatments and techniques are being developed and introduced into beauty salons up and down the UK.

Botched Beauty Whitening


Aesthetics are a big part of the beauty industry.

Since Kylie Jenner’s love for lip fillers began, everyone wants the perfect pout. After the celebrity sensation revealed her use of fillers on Instagram, former Apprentice star Leah Totton of Dr Leah Clinics noted that at her clinics, there was a 70% increase in enquiries for lip fillers in 24 hours alone!

Plump and youthful skin, fuller lips and teeth whitening were some of the most wanted aesthetic treatments that people wanted in 2016. Some beauty salons do offer whitening treatments but this is illegal. Beauty Salons are not allowed to provide teeth whitening services to clients.


Botched Beauty Whitening

Only dentists are allowed to carry out safe and legal teeth whitening treatments in the UK.

Only dentists have the proper know-how and access to whitening solutions and equipment that will provide patients with lasting results.

Unfortunately, some beauty salon owners proceed to provide teeth whitening to trusting clients. Why? Unsuspecting salon owners in the beauty industry are sold expensive tooth-whitening courses and equipment by immoral traders. The traders convince the salon owners that they are legally allowed to provide tooth whitening treatment.

While some beauticians don’t know that it’s illegal, some beauticians are aware of this law and continue to break it by offering teeth whitening in secret.


Botched Beauty Whitening

Increasing numbers of beauty salons in the UK have been exposed for providing  whitening treatments to clients.

Tooth Whitening is one of the most highly sought after cosmetic dental treatments. It can have devastating consequences if done incorrectly. Before whitening, dentists will fully examine the mouth to ensure whitening is safe. Beauticians will not know how to do this and could seriously damage the client’s oral health.


If teeth whitening is something that you are considering, please avoid visiting unqualified beauty salons or aesthetics clinics. Head to where you will find hundreds of brilliant dentists fully qualified in providing teeth whitening treatment to patients. Simply search your location, select teeth whitening from the treatment list and browse your options. Finding your perfect dentist has never been easier.

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Why Self-Care is the Most Important Part of Your Beauty Routine

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Despite the title, self-care doesn’t always include beauty items. But, it should be a part of a routine to make yourself feel beautiful, inside and out.


There’s no doubt that life can be stressful at times. I’m sure the majority of us are guilty of letting that get on top of us. I know I am. Currently, I am trying to buy a house with my boyfriend. So, if I have a particularly stressful day, going home and dealing with all the stuff that comes along with buying a home leaves little time for me to relax. That can get very tiring very fast.

That’s why I wanted to talk about why self-care. Ensuring that you get me time is essential. It can be hard to find the time but if you’re able you should make time. It lets you wind down, do something for yourself and it does a lot to recalibrate where you’re at mentally. We all need that sometimes.

SO! Lets brush aside the idea that me time has to be bubble baths and manicures. For some that’s the ideal self-care routine. However, for others, others not so much. Personally, I’m very much a fan of doing things that I enjoy. Doing something that will make me feel better about myself. Or allowing myself to have or do something I really want to do.

Taking more time to do my make up


taking your time to get ready is always nice

If I’m going on a night out or to an event, I like to set aside as much time as possible to get ready. Yes, sometimes this can mean four hours. I’m not slightly ashamed, I love every second. This allows me time to really slow down my make up application and make it perfect. It means I am a lot happier with how I look by the time I leave and I’m not stressed and rushing. I always end up rushing somehow. But at least I got a good chunk of self-care time anyway.

Bingeing on Netflix


Netflix binges are nothing to be ashamed of

Or any other TV watching service. I love TV shows and catching up or starting new ones is a great way for me to relax. Obviously I was one of the many fans of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ and if you haven’t seen it then you’re obviously living under a rock and need to get your head in the game. Another favourite of mine recently was ITV’s period drama Victoria. If you like period dramas definitely give this a go. Sure, people might see you as a couch potato but who cares!

Pampering myself a little


A warm bath has a good reputation for a reason

I’m tying in baths and manicures and all that jazz into this section. Doing beauty things I don’t normally have the time to do is a big part of self-care for me. Taking time to do my nails properly, doing a proper all over moisturising session, doing a facemask or having a relaxing bath are all things I struggle to do regularly. Maybe it’s laziness, maybe its how busy I am. That’s for me to know. Doing this on a Sunday night is a great way to set your mind in the right place for your office return on Monday morning.

Cooking something I love


one of the cakes I am most proud of

I love to bake and cook. Making something from scratch, no matter how simple, is a great way to take your mind away from what you’re stressed about. Then you get a great meal or treat at the end of it! What’s not to enjoy about that! In my humble opinion, food is a great way of self-care. Having a healthy meal can make you feel great inside. (Ordering a Chinese is great too though)

Going for a walk


how lucky are my parents to have this behind their house?

My parents live right on the edge of a forestry walk. So, when I visit and the weathers good, going away out into the wooded area for a walk around can be really relaxing. You’re getting so much fresh air and beautiful views. It’s exercise too and we all know that does wonders for both physical and mental health. Exercise should be a part of your self-care routine, but I wont pretend I’m not incredibly guilty for neglecting that.

Getting time to yourself is absolutely essential. Try not to neglect it. I’d love to hear what your self-care routine is! Maybe I, and whoever reads this, could get some tips for the future! If you agree with some of my methods or have some of your own you’d like to share, let me know in the comments!

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Together We Can Defeat Prostate Cancer

Thursday, June 9th, 2016


MHFED99 (1)

Defacto’s Men United Campaign

If you have had 16 men in your shop or salon today, 2 of them will have prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Together we can change that shocking statistic. Working with Prostate Cancer UK, Defacto Salons want to raise funds and awareness for the fight against this disease.

Our website, is a fantastic marketing tool for barbers and salons across the UK. We will bring in new customers for you….good quality, loyal customers who are not chasing a daily deal.

Our featured listing will offer you the full benefits of our social media team; monitoring and sharing your posts, and even visiting your shop or salon to write a blog post personalised to you. Your business will also be listed at the top for searches in your area, our aim is to get you as much customers and publicity as you deserve.

Prostate Cancer stats

Prostate Cancer stats

This ties into our Men United campaign, for the month of June ONLY we are offering our featured listing at a 60% price reduction (£99), with £20 of that going to Prostate Cancer UK. You will get the full benefits of our featured listing for a fraction of the price and be donating to charity at the same time!

Get involved and help the fight against prostate cancer.

Sign up HERE using the code MHFED99, or if you want us to do it for you, call us on 0141 333 6535 or email us at

Don’t miss out on this chance to help you and your clients!

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Barbers Against Hunger Event Approaches

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Barbers Against Hunger Logo

Barbers Against Hunger Logo

Barbers Against Hunger gears up for food bank event.

Hairstylists Against Hunger has set up the Barbers Against Hunger event, and like all their work, it aims to gather donations for the Glasgow SE food bank.

Hairstylists Against Hunger’s sole purpose is to inform people and raise awareness about the how many people are now dependent on food banks in the UK and Ireland. Now they are holding Barbers Against Hunger to further that quest.

Glasgow SE food bank logo

Glasgow SE food bank logo

The Glasgow SE food bank is a project ran by the Trussell Trust, this is a network that aims to aid churches and local organisations in bringing food banks to the UK. Currently they have set up 400 in their network. Barber’s Against Hunger have made this food bank their focus and have scheduled the event for the 27th of June.

The event will run between 1pm and 4pm in the Trades Hall of Glasgow (84 Glassford Steet). The Trades Hall of Glasgow is an iconic place for barbering as the barbering profession was recognised as a craft in Glasgow here. Defacto covered this and the gruesome history of barbering in THIS BLOG.

Food bank offerings

Food bank offerings

There will be no cost to the event, Barbers Against Hunger only ask that you bring food to donate to the cause. They have provided a list of preferred foods:

• Milk (UHT/Powdered)
• Sugar (500g)
• Fruit juice (carton)
• Soup
• Pasta Sauces
• Sponge Pudding
• Cereals
• Rice Pudding (tinned)
• Tea bags/instant coffee
• Instant mash potato
• Rice/pasta
• Tinned meat/fish
• Tinned veg
• Tinned fruit
• Jam
• Biscuits/snack bar

It will feature a host of stylists and barbers showing off their skills on stage. Barbers Against Hunger want the event to be open to all skill levels and interests. Either way they hope you learn something, the current barbers and stylists taking part in the event are:

• Tommy Taylor stylist at Brother Mens
• Dale Forest founder of the Ayrshire Barbers Collective
• Hazel Marley the Director of The Scottish Barbering School

More will follow in their footsteps!

Trades Hall of Glasgow

Trades Hall of Glasgow

You can reserve a place for Barbers Against Hunger by booking tickets HERE , emailing them at or calling them on 07500828199.

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Tattoo Artists Saving Lives!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016


Tattoo artists in the West Country have been taking part in a new skin cancer scheme.

The North Bristol Trust is encouraging tattooists to get educated in what are and how to identify possible signs of skin cancer.

In Britain, 13’000 new cases of melanoma are discovered each year and the majority of those people would have no knowledge in how to identify what they need to be worried about. Due to this, North Bristol Trust is holding training for local tattoo artists to help them spot moles or growths on clients that could be potential melanomas. Melanoma is the most common skin cancer in young adults and can be deadly if it is not recognised and treated early on.


The first of, potentially more training events, took place in the evening of the 12th of April at Southmead Hospital. Around 300 patients are diagnosed with skin cancer in Bristol’s Southmead Hospital each year alone and the evening included presentations showing the attendants what to look for and how to identify if what they are looking at is a possible melanoma. The event came about after information about a study in Brazil, where tattoo artists were targeted as part of an awareness campaign, came to light. Skin care experts at the hospital say they already treat people who visited their GPs after unusual marks were spotted by hairdressers and podiatrists. In result, medics felt it would be worthwhile playing host to an educational evening. MacMillan Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse said:

“Tattoo artists are looking at people’s skin all day and may well spot if there is something that does not look quite right. We hope that if we educate some of the tattoo artists locally they may be able to potentially save the lives of their customers by advising them to get checked out. We are looking forward to meeting some tattoo artists for an interesting and informative evening.”

Ben Boston

Ben Boston

Ben Boston has been in the art of tattooing people for twenty years and has his own tattoo parlour, The Tattoo Studio, in Bristol. While he was working with a customer he noticed a mole on her back, the mole had changed shape from when he’d last seen it. Boston saved her life by using a keen eye and knowing what to look for. This highlights the usefulness of schemes like these. Medical professionals want to encourage other industries like; masseurs, beauticians and hairdressers, to take part in this learning curve.

Aesthetic industries being aware of this issue and being in the know of what to do could drastically reduce the amount of undiagnosed cases in the UK.

Would you want your salon to be trained in detecting this?


You can watch Ben’s interview with BBC here 

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