How to Find a Great Stylist

Finding a good hairdresser is a key part of getting a good haircut.

I’m sure we’ve all had a dodgy haircut, whether that is a home do or a not so great stylist. However, there are ways of ensuring you’re heading to a good place and Defacto have done their best to think up some good tips for getting a good stylist.


Avoid Budget Places!

Unfortunately a lot of the time what you see is what you get and if you’re heading out looking for a budget salon you’re going to get a budget haircut. Of course not all places are the same so this might not be the case but it is likely. We love a deal for sure but should we really play with something as important as our hair?

Get Referrals!

If you know someone whose hair you like, ask him or her where he or she got it done! It’s likely they have a great stylist who can do great work on you. Ask around; find out who’s going where and why.

Look Around!

Don’t just look in one place and go for it, shop around. If you get a bunch of recommendations, have a look at all of them and see what one will suit your needs best. Compare their prices, check their social media, do whatever you can to have a look at what kind of work they’re doing.

Try Consultations!

So you’ve narrowed it down to a few salons you like, try going in for a consultation. See what they would recommend for your hair, how much it would cost, what techniques they would use and it will give you a good guess at their personality. A lot of places offer free consultations and you can go when it suits you.


Make Sure You Get Along!

Having a good friendship with your stylist is important, you’ll be seeing them a lot! You will want someone you can have a good chat with and someone you feel comfortable with.

Don’t Feel Like You Owe Them!

Don’t put yourself in the position where you feel obligated when visiting your stylist. If you don’t like the cut or that salon is no longer working for you don’t say you love it or stay because you feel like you have to. Politely ask them to fix what you don’t like or move on to another place to start over.

Don’t Cheat!

Do not cheat on your stylist. Don’t go to other salons on the side, your stylist might not be able to know what products or dye they’ve used on you and it might not be compatible with what they work with. They will know if you’ve went elsewhere and this includes cutting your hair at home, don’t attempt that unless you’ve had beauty school training or else you both might have a big mess to clear up!


We hope these tips help you in the search for a new stylist, you can use our listing website HERE to aid you in your search. We have thousands of salons across the UK on our database.

Good luck!

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