How to Have the Perfect Hair Appointment

We’ve all been to a hair appointment and left unsatisfied.

Whether it’s a cut you didn’t like, a colour that didn’t suit or a hairdresser that was a little too scissor happy, it’s happened to us all. So, how do you have the perfect hair appointment? How do you leave that salon feeling like you’ve had a fulfilling experience?

perfect hair appointment

Choose the right place.

What kind of style do you have? Be sure to pick a salon that has a similar style to you. If you like fun colours and undercuts, choose a salon that showcases that kind of work. One of the best places to look is Instagram, it’s so common now for salons to show off their latest cuts and colours on social media, so why not look there? Every good hairdresser should be able to adapt to your own preferences, it makes sense to pick someone known for styles like the one you’re looking for.
Read reviews and research the places you’re thinking of going, other customers and their experiences will tell you more about the salon than anything else ever could. Once you’re sure, book a hair appointment!

perfect hair appointment

Take in pictures.

Everyone feels a little cringey taking in a picture of the hairstyle you want but why should you! A lot of stylists find it extremely helpful to see a visual of what you want, rather than going on the vague description you give them. If you’re stuck between a few looks, take pictures for them all. That way it’ll allow your stylist to inform you of what ones will suit you best. A good hair appointment is made when you both understand what the other wants and can give you.

perfect hair appointment

Be prepared to make some changes.

If you know exactly what you want and don’t want to compromise it’s okay. It is your hair appointment after all. But be aware that your stylist may be able to provide insights that could actually build on your own vision and lead to even better results. You may have a different hair type to the person in the image you brought in. You may not be able to go blonde in the first whack at dying it. That’s okay too! Your hairdresser is an expert for a reason. Allow them to make suggestions that’ll suit you better or be better for the health of your hair. You’ll probably thank them in the long run.

perfect hair appointment


Be specific.

Don’t sit and shrug because you’re too awkward to speak out or you just aren’t too sure. Whether it’s a hairdresser you’ve been seeing for a while or somebody new, being clear about what you’re looking for from your hair appointment is crucial. Make it clear precisely what you want, otherwise you’ll only have yourself to blame when you’re stuck with something you actually hate. Your hairdresser wants you to be clear about what you want, trust us.

perfect hair appointment

Be honest.

Don’t be impolite, but if you don’t like it, say so. The minute you see something not going as planned, be honest about it. If you aren’t happy with the end result then most good hairdressers will fix the problem, but it saves a lot of time and awkwardness if you chip in as soon as you see the issue unfolding. You don’t have to offend someone, but you do have to be frank about something that you don’t like.

If you’re unhappy, move on.

We bet you’ve heard a relative or a friend complaining about how their hairdresser never gets it right and you think to yourself, ‘why don’t they just move on?’ Sometimes you need to tell yourself that. If every time you go for a hair appointment, you leave unhappy with what you’ve had done, are you going to the right place? Staying out of loyalty is a common crux for some. Fight the feeling of betrayal and find a salon that treats you right.

perfect hair appointment

We hope you find the salon of your dreams! But, if you’re still looking, why not try our listing website. Defacto Salons will show you some of the best salons in the UK, look at some pictures and read some reviews! We think you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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