5 budget beauty brands

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5 of the Best Budget Beauty Brands

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Make up can become an obsession. Most of all it can become a pricey obsession. However, we’re going to tell you our top 5 budget beauty brands.

5 budget beauty brands

We cannot deny that a lot of high-end beauty brands do live up to their price. However, there are some beauty brands that are very affordable and brilliant at the same time. These are 5 of our favourite budget beauty brands.

Soap and Glory

5 budget beauty brands

With both skincare and make up products, Soap and Glory is a great all rounder company. Not only do their body washes, scrubs and lotions smell fantastic, they also do great make up as well. They have a wide range of make up, all in vintage styled packaging and they cover every make up trend. From colour correcting to contouring, Soap and Glory are a great addition to this budget beauty brands list. With most of their products in the region of £7 – £12, they’re definitely one to try.

Sleek Cosmetics

5 budget beauty brands

Sleek is one of the fastest growing high street brands. What makes them different from regular brands you see in Superdrug or Boots is the quality of their products. Not only is their packaging quite high-end looking, their make up is fantastic too. Their eyeshadow palettes are talked about frequently for their colour pay off and they offer a wide range of products. From crème contour to liquid to matte lipsticks, Sleek are one of the budget beauty brands to watch. In fact our blogger and social media lady Natalie done a whole blog on Sleek’s Matte Me lip range! With their bestselling crème contour kit coming in at £10.99 why wouldn’t you give them a try?


5 budget beauty brands

NYX is a new addition to the shelves of Boots in the UK. However, we couldn’t be happier! The American brand has crossed the water and gifted us with their vast make up range. They offer bold colours and affordable products. With lipsticks in blues, greens and purples, NYX is one for the experimental. But, with lipsticks that come in at a fiver, we think you can afford to be a little experimental.


5 budget beauty brands

Aussie is a well-known and well-loved brand. This budget beauty brand started off down under with a bunch of bush plants. Now it’s in every supermarket we have and used by millions. Aussie is a company based around keeping your hair silky smooth. Their products average around £5 and cater to every hair type. Not only to they have shampoo, they also have hair oils, mousse and hair masks. Their products smell great and they leave your hair feeling brand new!


5 budget beauty brands

Commonly found in ASDA, this is a budget beauty brand that won’t disappoint. Their range is extremely affordable and features body washes, face washes and body creams. Their stand out product, however, is their facemasks. With a bunch of options for different skin types, they’ll rejuvenate your skin and make you feel a million pounds! There’s nothing for you to loose, give them a go!

We hope you pick up a new favourite product from our top 5 budget beauty brands! If you have any more that you know of, let us know!

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