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Five Signs of Ageing and How to Fix It

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

The fear of ageing affects us all, men and women alike. However, men don’t get the coverage on it enough and we bet you’re also wondering how to identify and stop those tell tale signs.

Defacto are bringing you 5 Signs of Ageing and How to Fix It! We hope this helps you hold onto your youth and good looks.

Dark Spots


Dark spots are so common in ageing, in men and women, they highlight the damage the sun has done over the years. UV rays affect the skin in so many ways, and it causes a lot of ageing signs, however, they can take up to 25 years to develop. This means that those dark spots you’re getting now, might have been due to years ago so if you’re still young you should be making sure you’re taking good care of your skin now. For older skin you should lay off any kind of facial scrubs you’re doing, they lift a layer of skin and make it more susceptible to UV light, use good moisturiser and suncream and focus on eating omega oil rich foods. You should see an improvement.


Prevent the wrinkles on forehead_1

Another ageing sign caused by the sun, but also, stress, smoking and sugar. Although mens skin ages slower than women’s due to a larger collagen content, sugar can lessen the amount of collagen in your skin, meaning a high sugar diet could also mean A LOT more wrinkles. Alcohol is also a culprit, so avoid the things that cause wrinkles or work out how to battle it. Use a high protection suncream on your face and why not try a proven anti-wrinkle cream like this one from L’Occitane.



Unfortunately they happen, yes. Again this is down to the deterioration of collagen, which keeps everything firm and in place, it will happen naturally. However, the weakening of your gums has a lot to do with it as well. Good gum retention will also mean you keep your natural teeth longer. When your teeth start falling out, you loose gum mass, this means your face has no support and begins to sag. Investing in a good electric toothbrush that will promote great oral health could have a good impact!

Thinning Hair


This isn’t always a sign of ageing, a great deal of men under the age of 30 deal with thinning hair. Getting the right haircut could be a simple solution if you don’t want to invest in expensive solutions, short back and sides and length on the top will do a lot to disguise thinning hair. Home remedies haven’t been proven to work but Regaine has. Investing in Regaine will promote hair growth and limit the thinning of hair. 

Greying Hair

signs of ageing

Max Joseph from MTV’s Catfish

Again, its not always a sign of age. Avoiding this is a lot harder, if its going to happen then its going to happen. You can embrace it and just go grey like MTV Catfish’s Max Joseph or you can dye it. All over head dye doesn’t really look great on ageing men, so try getting a stylist to tactically dye it so you get a little salt and peppering or try a home dye like Just For Men’s Touch of Grey.

We hope this helps you in your quest for youth!


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