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Tattoo Artists Saving Lives!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016


Tattoo artists in the West Country have been taking part in a new skin cancer scheme.

The North Bristol Trust is encouraging tattooists to get educated in what are and how to identify possible signs of skin cancer.

In Britain, 13’000 new cases of melanoma are discovered each year and the majority of those people would have no knowledge in how to identify what they need to be worried about. Due to this, North Bristol Trust is holding training for local tattoo artists to help them spot moles or growths on clients that could be potential melanomas. Melanoma is the most common skin cancer in young adults and can be deadly if it is not recognised and treated early on.


The first of, potentially more training events, took place in the evening of the 12th of April at Southmead Hospital. Around 300 patients are diagnosed with skin cancer in Bristol’s Southmead Hospital each year alone and the evening included presentations showing the attendants what to look for and how to identify if what they are looking at is a possible melanoma. The event came about after information about a study in Brazil, where tattoo artists were targeted as part of an awareness campaign, came to light. Skin care experts at the hospital say they already treat people who visited their GPs after unusual marks were spotted by hairdressers and podiatrists. In result, medics felt it would be worthwhile playing host to an educational evening. MacMillan Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse said:

“Tattoo artists are looking at people’s skin all day and may well spot if there is something that does not look quite right. We hope that if we educate some of the tattoo artists locally they may be able to potentially save the lives of their customers by advising them to get checked out. We are looking forward to meeting some tattoo artists for an interesting and informative evening.”

Ben Boston

Ben Boston

Ben Boston has been in the art of tattooing people for twenty years and has his own tattoo parlour, The Tattoo Studio, in Bristol. While he was working with a customer he noticed a mole on her back, the mole had changed shape from when he’d last seen it. Boston saved her life by using a keen eye and knowing what to look for. This highlights the usefulness of schemes like these. Medical professionals want to encourage other industries like; masseurs, beauticians and hairdressers, to take part in this learning curve.

Aesthetic industries being aware of this issue and being in the know of what to do could drastically reduce the amount of undiagnosed cases in the UK.

Would you want your salon to be trained in detecting this?


You can watch Ben’s interview with BBC here 

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Ageless Beauty – Ten Sexy Woman over 60

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Age. Some people say it ain’t nothing but a number, but with so much emphasis on youth, many women are left wondering if it’s still possible to look sexy over 60. And the answer is a resounding hell yes! They were actresses, athletes, showgirls, mothers, wives and businesswomen but have managed to keep a level of time defying elegance that seems to defy the laws of science. Today we look at some of the most beautiful woman in Hollywood over the age of 60. They may be old enough to be some people’s grandmothers, but even to this day are the epitome of glamour.

goldie hawn

  1. Goldie Hawn 69

Is that Goldie Hawn or her daughter Kate Hudson? The original big eyed ‘it girl’ has made extremely good use of her sense of humour by crediting her enviable physique to positive thinking. “When you are in a better state of mind, a healthier state of mind, the body reacts,” Looking great Goldie!

 NBC And Time Inc. Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

  1. Christie Brinkley 61

The fact that the supermodel and actress, Christie Brinkley, is 61 is unbelievable and, quite frankly, unfair. Brinkley puts vegetarianism down to her incredible youthful appearance.  Pass the carrots please.


  1. Cher 69 (?)

Although no one really knows what age Cher actually is, all we need to know is she is looking more incredible than ever. As the new face of Marc Jacobs, the 60 something Cher showed off her 20 something face and the internet stood still. Time may pass by but Cher will forever be a beauty icon for decades to come.

 jessica lange

  1. Jessica Lange 66

Jessica Lange can do no wrong in our eyes. Since hitting mainstream screens on American Horror Story, playing powerful sensual roles has always been her forte. Now the face of Marc Jacob’s beauty line, Jessica shows she is very much still the sex pot who wriggled out of rope ties in King Kong back in 1976. What a woman.

 2012 Donor Of The Day Celebration

  1. Susan Sarandon 68

At 68, Susan Sarandon looks better than many actresses 30 years her junior. Actually, make that 40. Mind, body, soul, Sarandon has it going on. Jealous? Us? Yes.

 "Selma" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals

  1. Oprah 61

Apart from helping millions of people around the world with her caring nature, time and advice, we can’t help but think Oprah is looking better with every year. It’s clear that being officially the most successful woman in the world hasn’t got in the way of her beauty regime!

 meryl streep

  1. Meryl Streep 65

Meryl is one of those actresses often held up as an example of ‘women who are surprisingly glamorous despite being past 60!’ It’s a tired and annoying cliche, however, really it would be impossible to create a list like this without her in it. As beautiful as she is talented, Streep holds the record of having the most Academy Awards than any other actor. And they say you can’t have it all?

tina turner

  1. Tina Turner 75

Her face is remarkably unlined, her figure as trim as ever and those famous legs are still sensational. At 75 Tina Turner just gets better with each passing decade.

 helen mirren

  1. Helen Mirren 69

Age hasn’t slowed this lady down! Over the course of her career, Dame Helen Mirren has taken home an Academy Award, four BAFTAs, three Golden Globes and four Emmys – all while looking absolutely fabulous. You go girl!

 caitlyn jenner

  1. Cailtyn Jenner 65

How could we not mention the absolutely stunning Caitlyn Jenner? We all seen her debut on Vanity Fair this month and were blown away by her beauty. THAT’S how you break the Internet, Kim.

While you may feel like looking hot is a young person’s game, these incredible woman are showing the world that age does not define beauty. If anything it shows there really is truth in the saying that when you feel good, you look good too – not matter what your age is. Always remember ladies, looking and feeling sexy should always be on your own terms. What’s your beauty secrets? Tweet us over at @Defacto_Salons.

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