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Wrinkles and Their 4 Surprising Causes

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Wrinkles are a widely felt fear and getting them young is a terrifying thought. However, there are four everyday reasons you could be seeing wrinkles appear before their time…

What everyday things cause wrinkles?

What everyday things cause wrinkles?

There are tons of well-known remedies and rules for anti-ageing. We have all accepted that eye cream is a necessity and retinol could change your life. We’ve should schedule facials monthly (even though we mostly don’t) and wash our makeup off before bed. Simple things we do every day could be reversing that effort, anything that causes the facial muscles to contract can cause deep wrinkles with repeated use, even smiling is your enemy. It causes crows feet. What are the every day things that we all do that encourage the development of wrinkles?

The Causes

the funny faces you make when applying make up are one of the reasons

the funny faces you make when applying make up are one of the reasons

Applying Make Up

When you’re applying eye shadow, mascara, or eyeliner, focus on the face you make in the mirror. The majority of people raise their eyebrows up high and create lines across their forehead, with time, those lines will remain when your face is at rest.

Using Straws

Similar to smoker’s lines around the mouth, little lines can form with repeat pursing of the lips. The tighter you purse your lips, and the harder your contract those muscles, the deeper the lines.

Could you be suffering from tech neck?

Could you be suffering from tech neck?

Your Phone

What doesn’t having a phone do to you these days? You may have seen our blog on ‘Tech Neck’. Tech-neck is a new term that has popped up for wrinkles around the neck from staring down at your phone all day. Pay attention to the creases and folds that form when you’re peering down at your email—a wrinkly neck is sure to age your appearance quickly.

Needing an Eye Test.

If you’re squinting to read things clearly, you’ll not only strain the muscles in your eyes, but you’ll develop many more fine lines around them. Much like classic crow’s-feet, repeating squinting and contraction of periocular muscles eventually lead to many lines around the eyes. So, pay attention to what makes you squint—an outdated weak prescription, walking around on a sunny day without sunglasses, etc.

The frowning you do when you need new glasses could lead to wrinkles

The frowning you do when you need new glasses could lead to wrinkles

The Cures

Wrinkles caused by these things are known as ‘Dynamic Wrinkles’, this means they are caused by muscle contraction. You could cure them by having neurotoxin injections (example: Botox) but we know that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Otherwise, you could try and train yourself not to do them as much; not using straws to drink, keeping your phone at eye level and maintaining your eye check ups. Investing in good, anti-ageing skincare may also be a good idea.

We hope you’re not seeing any premature wrinkles showing up, but if you are, at least you know how to combat it!


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