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New MAC Viva Glam Products Announced

Friday, June 17th, 2016

New Viva Glam Promo Shot

New Promo Shot

MAC announces new Ariana Grande Viva Glam shades.

The latest Glam girl is Ariana, and she is releasing a new shocking pinky/purple lipstick and a Mauve lipglass. However, there were many before her.

The Vivia Glam campaign began in 1994 with Drag superstar RuPaul. It was started to raise funds for communities living with HIV and AIDS, it was called the MAC AIDs Fund and it’s said that all profit from the lipsticks sold go to this fund.

The first lipstick by RuPaul was a bold red lip.

RuPaul for Viva Glam

RuPaul for Viva Glam

Viva Glam II (1997) was fronted by Canadian singer KD Lang, this was a more neutral colour, much more of any everyday shade. Mary J Blige and Lil Kim took up the mantle in 2001.

Mary j Blige and Lil Kim for Viva Glam

Mary j Blige and Lil Kim 

Blige stayed on in 2002 and was joined by Shirly Manson and Sir Elton John. Then over to Boy George in 2004, he wasn’t the only face of this range. MAC decided to go with more colours and faces. They included: Christina Aguilera, Chloe Sevigny, Linda Evangelista, Missy Elliot and Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson for Viva Glam

Pamela Anderson for Viva Glam

2006 was another packed year; Debbie Harry, Dita Von Teese, Eve and Lisa Marie Presley were all involved in Viva Glam VI

Dita Von Teese for Viva Glam

Dita Von Teese for Viva Glam

Viva Glam VI SE (Special Edition) was then fronted by Fergie in 2009 and this was a limited edition line. A lot of people loved this shade, as it was a perfect nude.

Fergie for Viva Glam

Fergie for Viva Glam

In 2010 MAC dropped the numbering system for the campaigns and instead used the names of the celebs. First was a collaboration with Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga. Gaga then returned for Viva Glam Gaga 2 in 2011 and she believed that the younger generated needed to be aware that HIV and AIDs were still an issue that needed to be known about.

Lady Gaga 2 Viva Glam

Lady Gaga 2 Viva Glam

We then had Ricky and Nicki in 2012, Nicki’s lipstick was one of the best selling colours ever and Ricki brought the first clear, conditioning lipglass to the table. Nicki then stayed on til 2013 with a new colour, which was then followed by a re-release of the original RuPaul Viva Glam I shade.

Nicki and Ricky Viva Glam

Nicki and Ricky 

Rhianna was 2014’s Glam girl, followed by Miley Cyrus in 2015. Now it’s Ariana. She previously released a black lipstick as her first shade, now she’s done a 180 and went with pinks. Her lipstick is a matte shade and her lipglass is shimmery, we think they’re both great summer releases.

mac viva glam

Ariana’s Matte Lipstick

Ariana's Lipglass

Ariana’s Lipglass

They will be available from September, will you be heading out to snap them up?

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