autumn/winter hair trends 2016

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Autumn/Winter Hair Trends 2016

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

We’ve all come to accept that summer is over. Now it’s September and we should all be looking forward. That means it’s time to experiment with your seasonal look. So what autumn/winter hair trends should you be looking out for?

We’re past our summer fling with ombre and mermaid hair. However, you may still be able to hold onto that summer look while incorporating some of these autumn/winter hair trends.

Hair Jewellery

autumn/winter hair trends 2016

A big feature of the A/W fashion runways, Hair jewellery is a fantastic addition to formal outfits. Whether you’re attending a wedding or you’re going to an event. This is one of our favourite autumn/winter hair trends because of how unique it is!

Slicked Back

autumn/winter hair trends 2016

A tight ponytail never goes out of style, especially not this season. Slicked back hair is in! So for those of you who want to emulate that Kim Kardashian wet look, or those who want a perfect topknot, this is your time.

Voluminous Curls

autumn/winter hair trends 2016

Big curls. The bigger the better! 70s style seems to be making a bit of a come back at the minute. That means that big bold textures are what you should be aiming for. We’ll be loading up on the texturising products because this is one of the autumn/winter hair trends we’re most excited about!

Finger Waves

autumn/winter hair trends 2016

It’s a retro method but it’s still a good one. Used a lot in the 20s and 30s, finger waving has stood the test of time. This can take a lot of practice, as it requires patience and dexterous fingers. But, it’s the only way you’re going to get that perfect wave throughout your hair!


autumn/winter hair trends 2016

If we’re honest we feel like plaits never go out of style. We don’t want you thinking of plaits in the terms of what your mum used to make you wear to school though. Messy plaits and plaited up-dos are all in right now and why wouldn’t you want to experiment with this boho style!


autumn/winter hair trends 2016

More specifically, wispy or choppy fringes. It doesn’t feel like fringes come into fashion all that often but when they do they’re a good way for you to mix up your style without the change being too drastic. We’re seeing a lot of celebs trying out the fringe these days so why wouldn’t you? Though a fringe doesn’t suit all face shapes, for some it can be a fantastic way to frame the face.

We hope you’ve found something you’re willing to try in our autumn/winter hair trends! Although, keep in mind that sticking to your own style is always the best trend you can have.

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