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Baby Powder Takes Beauty World By Storm

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Baby powder is fine and light and easy to use

Baby powder is fine and light and easy to use

Baby powder is no luxury product, but beauty bloggers might be making it one.

The uses for baby powder have been shooting through the roof in recent weeks as bloggers herald it the latest must have in beauty.

The main reason might surprise you but the extensive uses of it might surprise you even further.

Everyone knows that you can use baby powder in your hair as a cheaper equivalent to dry shampoo, it soaks up the excess grease and makes your roots more matte, to let you pretend your hair can last to that third day.

Moda Mob uses baby powder to bake in this video

Moda Mob uses it to bake in this video

Now beauty bloggers on Instagram and YouTube are using the powder as a setting powder. Baking your make up is a fairly recent trend, you apply the setting powder to the areas you have concealed (like your under eyes, nose and chin) and sometimes places you might highlight (forehead, cheekbones) to help your make up sit for longer.

While face and setting powders can set you back around £20 for high-end brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Mac, a 200g tub of Johnsons Baby Powder will cost you a whopping £1.05 from Boots.

Like expensive setting powders, baby powder is used to reduce oil and shine and keep make up in place. Beauty Bloggers are swearing by it, Instagrammer Shabnam H. Khawja posted this caption with one of her videos.

Shabnam uses baby powder as a setting powder

Shabnam uses baby powder as a setting powder

“I’m in love with baby powder YES I used baby powder to bake my face and I mean wow!!! It really does work (previous photo was taken with flash NO flash back)”

London based Chanel Boateng posted this video demonstrating how to use it and what it can do for you!

Though this is an exciting breakthrough for those who like to find beauty dupes, baby powder is certainly multi use. It can also be used for

• Getting longer lashes – applying a coat of mascara and then dusting your eyelashes with a cotton swap   before applying another coat can have a huge impact.
• Stopping chafing – whether you’re a runner or someone who just suffers in the heat, applying it to areas where you chafe can stop it.
• Helping your lipstick last longer – you can lightly apply some to your lips after you have applied your lipstick to set it in place for longer.
• Keeping shoes smelling fresh – summer means sweaty feet, so applying it to your feet or the inside of your shoes should prevent any odor.

Johnson's baby powder

Johnson’s baby powder

Although there has been news recently of talcum powders (like Johnsons Baby Powder) being the cause of the growth of ovarian cancer cells, it has been highlighted that this is caused by the particles of powder entering the body through the vagina.

So, in conclusion, if you’re going to invest in some baby powder to try these beauty hacks… make sure you don’t use it down below ladies!

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