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Barbers Against Hunger!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

A great turn out for the Barbers Against Hunger event in Glasgow yesterday.

All the barbers had matching t-shirts for the event

All the barbers had matching t-shirts for the event (middle: Andrew Middleton)

Organised by Thomas McGovern, Barbers Against Hunger was aiming to raise food donations for the Glasgow South West food banks.

They did just that! After a great turn out at the barbers against hunger event, from both interested people to industry professionals, they managed to get bags full of food they were able to donate for Glasgow. The event was announced as a ‘master-barbering workshop’ and it was just that. 10 barbers from across Scotland showed up with their own models to demonstrate trade (and their own) skills and show the audience how they achieve their sharp cuts. All while Thomas McGovern kept the crowd entertained and updated about what was happening onstage.

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Hazel Marley and Heather Atkinson with their models. Photo by Yvonne Taylor

The barbers cutting onstage were Graham Jack (educator at the Scottish Barbering School), Jimi Mac (owner of Urban Funk), Heather Atkinson (stylist at Barber & Groom), Ayden McCloysky (stylist at U Concept), Leah Duffin (owner of Pulse Barber), Andrew Middleton (stylist at Men International), Marie Friel (manager at Men International), Tommy Taylor (stylist at Brother Mens), Dale Forrest (founder of the Ayrshire Barbers Collective) and Hazel Marley (director at the Scottish Barbering School). They all showed different cuts of their own choosing on their models.

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Leah Duffin and Aydon McCloysky with their models and Thomas McGovern. Photo by Yvonne Taylor

The event was held in the gorgeous Trades Hall of Glasgow (of which we wrote a brief history on in our account of the history of barbering ‘Bloody Barbers!’) yesterday afternoon. People crowded round the stage to watch the stylists cut and listen to their methods. When we managed to wrangle the incredibly busy Thomas and talk to him about the event he said why he thinks events like this are important:
“They’re important because the escalation of food banks is growing year on year and the dependency for people using food banks is growing. We put this event together so we could use our skills to get much needed food to the food banks, the barbering and hairdressing industries are known as being very giving and we wanted people to get food instead of donations. This is so that people are purchasing food for people they don’t know and the donations are going straight to the source and to the food banks.”

barbers against hunger

donations for the food bank

He went on to say:

“Absolutely delighted with the turn out, we’ve got 10 barbers on stage and a packed audience, we’re so happy with the event and we’re hoping to run with it.”

The event was organised by Hairstylists Against Hunger who frequently do charity work for food banks. You can view their Facebook profile HERE. 

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Barbers Against Hunger Event Approaches

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Barbers Against Hunger Logo

Barbers Against Hunger Logo

Barbers Against Hunger gears up for food bank event.

Hairstylists Against Hunger has set up the Barbers Against Hunger event, and like all their work, it aims to gather donations for the Glasgow SE food bank.

Hairstylists Against Hunger’s sole purpose is to inform people and raise awareness about the how many people are now dependent on food banks in the UK and Ireland. Now they are holding Barbers Against Hunger to further that quest.

Glasgow SE food bank logo

Glasgow SE food bank logo

The Glasgow SE food bank is a project ran by the Trussell Trust, this is a network that aims to aid churches and local organisations in bringing food banks to the UK. Currently they have set up 400 in their network. Barber’s Against Hunger have made this food bank their focus and have scheduled the event for the 27th of June.

The event will run between 1pm and 4pm in the Trades Hall of Glasgow (84 Glassford Steet). The Trades Hall of Glasgow is an iconic place for barbering as the barbering profession was recognised as a craft in Glasgow here. Defacto covered this and the gruesome history of barbering in THIS BLOG.

Food bank offerings

Food bank offerings

There will be no cost to the event, Barbers Against Hunger only ask that you bring food to donate to the cause. They have provided a list of preferred foods:

• Milk (UHT/Powdered)
• Sugar (500g)
• Fruit juice (carton)
• Soup
• Pasta Sauces
• Sponge Pudding
• Cereals
• Rice Pudding (tinned)
• Tea bags/instant coffee
• Instant mash potato
• Rice/pasta
• Tinned meat/fish
• Tinned veg
• Tinned fruit
• Jam
• Biscuits/snack bar

It will feature a host of stylists and barbers showing off their skills on stage. Barbers Against Hunger want the event to be open to all skill levels and interests. Either way they hope you learn something, the current barbers and stylists taking part in the event are:

• Tommy Taylor stylist at Brother Mens
• Dale Forest founder of the Ayrshire Barbers Collective
• Hazel Marley the Director of The Scottish Barbering School

More will follow in their footsteps!

Trades Hall of Glasgow

Trades Hall of Glasgow

You can reserve a place for Barbers Against Hunger by booking tickets HERE , emailing them at or calling them on 07500828199.

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