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Prepare Your Skin for the Cold

Monday, September 26th, 2016

It’s October and it’s getting chilly here in the UK. So what steps do you need to take to prepare your skin for the cold weather?

prepare your skin for the cold

In some places throughout the world, the transition between summer and winter may not be that harsh. Here in the UK the transition can be very harsh indeed. We definitely require changes in our beauty routine. Lets prepare your skin for the cold months of autumn and winter!


prepare your skin for the cold

The colder it gets the dryer your skin gets. This means a build up of dry, dead skin cells that need to be buffed away. Not doing this can make your skin look dull; enhance the look of fine lines and make you feel dry, itchy and irritated. Think of using a gentle face and body scrub or cloth, mitt or tool that helps loosen and remove those dead, flaky skin cells quicker, leaving you with glowing fresh skin and a less itchy body.

Moisturise more

prepare your skin for the cold

Again dryer skin needs more moisture. Amping up the moisturiser on your face and body will keep your skin hydrated like it should be. You may need to use your moisturiser more often throughout the day and possibly a heavier lotion at night. Apply while your skin is still damp and apply liberally. A heavier moisturiser on your face at night will help heal and repair the damage done by cold weather during the day. Moisture is one of the best ways to prepare your skin for the cold.

Cover up

prepare your skin for the cold

Protect your exposed skin from the cold and wind with hats, scarves and mitts. Nothing gives away our age as much as our hands, which often bear the brunt of harsh climates. Moisturise, sunscreen and cover up hands, ears and necks. If you spend much time outdoors during the winter, consider a protective cream to prevent the exposed skin from chapping.

Resist the steamy shower urge

prepare your skin for the cold

We know the feeling, it’s a cold morning, you’re tired and you need to get out of you warm bed. What’s a better way to gently wake up than a super warm shower? The truth is we do more damage than good with that hot water. It strips the body’s natural oils that help protect and moisturise the skin. Without that our skin is immediately drier, itchier, flakier and possibly compromised. Keep the shower temperature warm but not hot.

Take care of your lips

prepare your skin for the cold

You may remember all you need to prepare your skin for the cold. But, don’t forget your lips! They have a tendency to chap and go flaky in the cold climate. Not the best look underneath a lipstick. Be sure to always have something on hand to keep them moisturised. Beauty bloggers all over the world rave about the Elizabeth 8 Hour cream. For good reason too, it’s fantastic for keeping your lips perfectly soft. Otherwise a standard Chap Stick is a good shout for keeping on hand.

We hope these tips are already on your mind as the temperature drops. But, if they weren’t, we’re glad to have been of service. We hope you’ll prepare you skin for the cold so well you wont even notice the seasonal change!

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