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Defacto Salons talks nails with Max Estrada!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Max Estrada

Defacto got to sit down with Max Estrada, the King of Nails, and discuss a little bit about himself and what makes him tick!

Being born into the beauty industry and with more than 10+ years of expertise and experience, Max is now sharing his knowledge all over the world and trendsetting as he goes. Master director of global education, founder and CEO of Exclusive Nail Couture and now Defacto’s most recent interviewee.

Why nails, where did it begin?

Actually my mother does nails, I grew up in the industry. I started training at a very young age, so it was a very natural move for me to get into the industry. I’d go to my mum’s salon in Arizona and just watch her do nails. I got the bug at 13, done my first competition at 15 and started working professionally at 16! I’ve been involved in all factors of the industry, being a student, being a salon owner being a nail artist, being a top competitor, and being an educator.

You like to be in amongst it all?

Yes and no because now I don’t do nails for a living I’m here for the company so I think of myself as a classically trained nail artist!


If you could do anyone’s nails, who would it be?

Jordan (Katie Price), that’d be interesting, I’ve recently become obsessed with her so id love to do her nails.

Do you know already what you would pick for her?

Something pink! Very over the top to match her personality

Have you got anything coming up?

Teaching this weekend in Glasgow at Theo Beauty Academy, we’re expecting about 13 or 15 students. Not too many so I can give individualized attention. I feel that in order to have personal growth we need to have our mistakes pointed out. When you know what your mistake is that’s when you’re able to improve and become a better nail technician.


The current Cuteecool vibe where did that come from?

As a kid I really liked Japanese cartoons and Japanese animation and I just became fascinated with this aesthetic and this pop culture. I felt like I related to it. So the packaging now is centered really towards that. Even now I really like Korean pop music and animation and all that. Everything that I make I’m very involved in. If it’s not something I like its not something I will sell! It’s all about having a quality product.

What would you say is the most defining moment of your career so far?

Every day is a defining moment because every day is a new challenge. I have had so many opportunities and I’m so blessed to be able to travel the world. Everything I do I will put my heart and soul into it and being able to travel and have a brand out. I get a lot of gratification in seeing other people using my products and enjoying them.

Example of Max's work at the Sccottish Hair and Beauty Show 2016

Example of Max’s work at the Sccottish Hair and Beauty Show 2016

So what’s next for Max Estrada?

Take over the world! More and more and more! Right now we’re really trying to develop our UK market that’s why we’re doing work here just now and ill be coming back in October. We’re always coming out with new products and I’m always working. That’s why social media is so important; we can show these products to the world!

Thanks for your time Max!


If you want to see more of Max and his nail range you can visit his site HERE 

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