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Men Are Using Fake Tan Now!

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Who doesn't want a beach bronzed body?

Who doesn’t want a beach bronzed body?

Everyone wants that healthy summer glow whether they’re going on holiday or not. Even men.

In this day and age of male grooming, now they’re throwing their archaic ideas of insecure masculinity aside and getting in on the self-tan action!

Hollywood stars and male celebs have been fake baking for eons, not everyone walking the Oscars red carpet is going to look beach bronzed from the get go. So, why not fake it?

Mark Wahlberg indulging in a spray tan

Mark Wahlberg indulging in a spray tan

Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve been eyeing your girlfriends fake tan and wondering if you should give it a go. Although you can use medium and dark tans, maybe gradual tan might be more your pace. This is a lighter tanning option that you can build on each day and not risk it going wrong with a heavy application. You will want a self tanner that will blend well, absorb quickly, last long and not get caught up in your hair that is denser than women’s. If you’re considering it, here are some options for fake tan that might help you get that beach body glow.

Shiseido Self Tanner

Shiseido Self Tanner

• Shiseido Men Moisturising self tanner (£24) – self-tan for the face, absorbs and spreads well. Takes a while to develop so overuse may result in over bronzing.

he-shi Gradual Tan

he-shi Gradual Tan

• He-Shi Day-to-Day Gradual Tan (£14.99) – great for building light bronzed complexion for those with fair skin. Anti-ageing and moisturising. Can use all over the body including the face and suitable for all skin types.

Make Believe Gradual Tan

Make Believe Gradual Tan

• Make Believe Gradual Self Tan (£4/5) – Very affordable product to build a light tan. Aiming to give you a streak free bronze glow.

St Tropez Tanning Mousse

St Tropez Tanning Mousse

• St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse (Roughly £25) – easy to apply with a streak free finish and a darker colour. Mousse is good for men, as it doesn’t get clumped up in the hairs.

Your can even use your fake tan to create or accentuate definition in your abs. tense your muscles and use a self-tanner to highlight the muscles. You can have a look at the St Moriz website to find out how to achieve that HERE.

Men have been using fake tan to create abs

Men have been using fake tan to create abs

Be sure to use a tanning mitt as it aids in the spreading of the formula and apply it in fine layers to ensure you don’t create streaks. If you need tips on how to achieve the maximum base and application of your fake tan you can read our Top Ten Tanning Tips article HERE.

So what do you think, will you be trying some fake tan this summer?

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Fake Tan Tips to Make Your Summer!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Summer is now quite literally around the corner and recently at the Defacto Offices in Glasgow we have been getting a bit of sun!

Great news but that means less clothing and more skin. Some of you might be suffering from a pale completion after being bundled up since autumn began and that means you might want to try your hand at fake tan.

If you’re a seasoned pro this just might be a bit of light reading but if you’re a novice then this list will guarantee you the best tan you can get yourself. So keep on reading, here are 10 handy tips to get your summer tan glowing.



Exfoliation is a key to success when tanning; it will remove the dead skin cells and create a smooth surface to begin your tan. Avoid body scrubs with oil in them however as they can create a filmy surface over your skin, something that your tan might not take to. Be sure to pay extra attention to your dry areas, like elbows and knees.


If you’re going on holiday and want a started layer of tan so you don’t walk onto the beach like a milk bottle. It’s likely you’ll also want to wax. Ensure your waxing is done 24 hours BEFORE getting your tan done, this allows the skin to calm down and heal from any injury it may have sustained. DO NOT get a wax done after your tan, it would rip of the layer of tan and totally defeat the purpose.



Don’t moisturise the day of your tanning session, some even say not to moisturise your face. Don’t use any deodorant or perfume either. These things may have oils and interfere with the tan.


If you’re doing it at home try blasting your un-tanned skin with cold water, this will close the pores and prevent them from blocking.

Aloe Vera


Use an aloe Vera solution or even a moisturiser (as long as its not oil based) to apply on dry areas that the pigment will stick to more like; hands, elbows, knees, feet and even your nails. This will prevent patchiness.

Colour Match

Get a good brand that specialises in tan and don’t go too dark on the first application. Incase it doesn’t work out as well as you’d hoped.

Types of tan


It’s all about personal preference. Tanning types include; spray, gel, mousse, lotions and oils. All with their own positives and negatives. Find the right one for you.



You have to use an applicator mitt to apply the product to ensure an even finish. Use sweeping motions not circular ones to get a more even distribution. Start at your ankles and work your way up your body, sweeping once over areas you’ve used aloe vera on. Trust us once on those areas is enough!

Face tanning


Try mixing tan with your moisturiser before applying it gently. This will soften the tan formula and create a more natural look for your face, as well as minimising breakouts.

Advanced tanning

You might want to use your tan to highlight your body shapes. Almost like body contouring. For example, buffing a little extra underneath your collarbones or between the thighs.

Give these a try and tell us if you get a more even tan! If you’d rather just book in somewhere to get a tan done, you can have a look on our listing website HERE for salons near you!

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