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Tips for Grooms To Be

Friday, June 10th, 2016

On the lead up to the biggest day of a couples life, most people focus on the bride, not the groom. So Defacto are here to offer Tips for Grooms: A Top 10 list of things you should think about before the big day.

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life no matter whether you’re a man or a woman and no doubt men want to look good too.

Everyone knows that male grooming has become more of a thing of late, which is nice because men look better. So, what should you be thinking about, Tips for Grooms has got your back.

Having a good routine is key

Having a good routine is key

Have a good skin routine on the lead up.
Taking a little more attention on cleansing your face will have a big impact. Focusing on keeping your skin clean on the lead up will keep blemishes at bay. Stress is a big problem when you’re skin conscious and that certainly doesn’t help on the lead up to your wedding day so try preventing it by cleansing your skin at least daily.

Trim your facial hair regularly.
If you like having facial hair but it’s a little unruly, you should trim it in the shape you like once a week on the lead up. This will establish a clean shape that’ll be easier to maintain. It’ll also make you look a lot better groomed.

tips for grooms says...

tips for grooms says…

Get a hair cut a week before.
Getting a haircut a week before is advised. If you get a good cut, after a week it’ll be in its prime, it will still look cleanly cut but will be a lot more pleasing to the eye. Your barber or stylist might always say “it’ll grow into the style” and they do mean it.

Be health conscious.
Healthy food and water will have an affect on you inside and out. You’ll feel better and your skin will look better for it too. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Dont be scared to tackle those brows

Dont be scared to tackle those brows

Try grooming your brows.
We doubt you’ll want heavily groomed, arched eyebrows but a monobrow doesn’t look good either. So, having a professional pluck, wax or thread away excess hairs to give you a nice natural shape isn’t anything to look down on.

Get a dazzling smile.
Marriage is one of the reasons a lot of people visit the dentist and why should you too? Whether you want them straightened or whitened, a trip to your dentist could lead to massive improvements. You can also focus on routine brushing with whitening toothpaste or whitening strips to achieve a whiter smile.

Classic never goes out of style...

Classic never goes out of style…

Focus on a classic style.
You want your wedding photos to look good in every decade, so, your suit and hair should lean towards a more classic style. Classic Hollywood icons are a good place to start; neat side partings and slick backs never go out of style. Neither do well tailored wedding suits.


Visit your barber.
Though not for a haircut, a lot of barbers now offer wet shaves with straight razors, going for a group shave with your groomsmen might be a good idea. Although discussing it with your barber of choice when would be best for you to shave might be a good idea. Not all men have the same shaving regime.

put the man in manicure

put the man in manicure

Take time on your hands.
Your bride to be isn’t going to want to be holding dry, rough hands when she’s dancing with you. So swallow any masculinity that’s stopping you from getting a manicure and go and get one done. Well-kept hands are always noticed, so are unkempt ones.

Invest in good products.
If you are planning to take on advice from this then investing in good products should be one of them. A lot of time with grooming products what you pay for you get. Invest in good cleansers, aftershave, styling products and a good suit. Everyone will notice but most importantly you will notice.

All in all, it’s always good to take pride in your appearance. Good luck for the big day!

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