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The Low-Down on Glue-In Hair Extensions

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

We all look at celebrities and immaculate manes and wonder how we could get hair like that.

glue-in hair extensions

Long story short it’s either extensions or wigs. A high quality wig may be a little out of a persons comfort zone and price range. However, good quality hair extensions are a more reachable goal.

If you are someone that loves to constantly change your look, then extensions can be a great alternative. There are many types of hair extensions and they give you the opportunity to experiment and if they are done right they shouldn’t damage your hair. Most people have the pre-conception that glue-in hair extensions thin out your natural hair, which can be true, but only to an extent. However, with the right extension brand and the right person applying them your natural hair shouldn’t really suffer.

glue-in hair extensions

So what should you look for when getting glue-in hair extensions?

1. Quality
2. Reputation
3. Recommendation

Be sure the brand you are interested in has a reputable name in the industry. The best way to start is by looking at their website and looking up the salons that sell those extensions, and how long they have been applying them for. Be sure your salon is experienced at applying them. Though it may be tempting to go for a cheaper alternative, don’t. With glue-in hair extensions, you get what you pay for.

glue-in hair extensions

Before you have them applied you need to be aware of your own hair’s health. Your hair and scalp need to be in optimum health before any extensions are applied. When applied extensions should not be too close to the scalp as this can cause traction alopecia. This is a form of hair loss caused by a pulling force, a.k.a your hair extensions pulling at your roots.

Can you colour them once they are in?

Glue-in hair extensions can be coloured once they have been applied but we advise you not to bleach them as this can damage the hair. Bleach can dramatically change the texture of your extensions and even when colouring you have to be strict with your aftercare. Use good quality hair care suitable for coloured hair. Your hairdresser should be able to recommend a good brand for you to use.

glue-in hair extensions

How long should I keep them for?

The general rule is 3-6 months but definitely not longer and the extensions should always be professionally removed. After around 3 months you may notice some wear and tear and maybe some thinning. You don’t have to opt in for a whole new set of extensions if you don’t want to. You can ask for your stylist to add in some newer glue-in hair extensions to pad out what you have left for the rest of the six months. Get a trim to tidy them all up though!

glue-in hair extensions

Some tips we’ll leave you with if you’re thinking of getting glue-in hair extensions. Don’t condition the roots of your hair and don’t towel-dry vigorously. This can tangle the bonds. Also, always remember to brush through your hair twice a day from scalp to ends with an extension appropriate brush.

If you’re thinking of getting extensions, you can browse our salon listing website for high quality salons. You’ll be able to find the perfect salon experienced in applying hair extensions near you!

Have you ever had glue-in hair extensions? What brands do you recommend? We’d love to hear any hints or tips you have to offer!

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Barclay Wolf Tape In Hair Extensions

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Barclay Wolf's branding and extensions

Barclay Wolf’s branding and extensions

Barclay Wolf triumphed on Sunday night at The Herald’s Look Awards 2016.

The relatively new business lifted the award for Innovation in Technology, previously held by us, for their revolutionary tape in hair extensions.

The creators of Barclay Wolf have over 40 years experience in the hair and beauty industry and to quote their website they “understand the needs of salon owners, stylists and extension technicians, as well as the demands of their discerning clientele”. It’s understandable how they would be able to create a product that would win such an important award.

As well as the tape in extensions they also have double and triple drawn pre-bonded extensions, in both 18” and 22”, they have a variety of colours and even have the option of ombre shades in all of their extensions. For their new tape in range they have both the regular tape in and the invisible tape in.

Regular Tape in extension

Regular Tape in extension

The regular tape in also comes in 18” and 22”, as well as 32 colours, including ombre and works by ‘sandwiching’ the strips of hair between two extensions topped with a layer of adhesive. (A video of Chris Christoforou demonstrating the application at the Scottish Hair and Beauty Show 2016 will be at the bottom of the article). Their invisible extensions work in the same manner, but there is a layer of hair on the top extension to disguise the tape. Barclay Wolf says this is best suited for those with thin hair or those looking for a perfected look. There are a limited number of colours in this range at the moment but they will be adding more in 2016!

Invisible tape in extension

Invisible tape in extension

We are sure that many people will be excited by this range of extensions particularly professionals in the industry. If you are keen to train up in this you can attend training course in Glasgow, London and Liverpool (contact Barclay Wolf about this HERE).

The aim for these extensions is to cut the time of application by over half and to remove the element of damage that other extensions bring to your natural hair. However, of course they have upkeep requirements, with the main point being to avoid applying oils to your hair. You can read the upkeep requirements HERE

Full head of tape in extensions

Full head of tape in extensions

We hope we have encouraged you to get involved with Barclay Wolf’s latest venture and we wish them all the best. Congratulations to the new Innovators in Technology!

Watch a full head application of Barclay Wolf tape in hair extensions below!

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