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Is Pixie Hair and Beauty Glasgow’s Coolest Salon?

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Pixie Hair and Beauty may only have been open for a year but it has definitely made waves.

It has been named one of the most Instagram worthy salons and it’s not hard to see why. It’s bold interior and stylish staff are the first impression of a very impressive salon.

Pixie hair and beauty

With expert make up and brow artists and talented colourists, it’s well and truly earned its place in Glasgow as one of the trendiest salons around. We spoke to Pixie Hair and Beauty Owner Emma about her journey. As well as a few other things…

Where did you train, what’s your background in hairdressing? How did you end up with Pixie Hair and Beauty?

I started when I was 15 with a Saturday job in a salon. I done that for about a year and then went to college to d fashion merchandising. My dad didn’t think hairdressing was a good enough career. I completed that and then thought sod it, it’s my life! Went and did hairdressing when I was 18 at Clydebank College and got my level 3 there. I then just worked my way up in different salons and done different courses. Done barbering and everything, even though I didn’t stick so much with that. I prefer colouring; it’s always been my forte. Anything that’s a little more creative. So I stuck with that and just worked my way up! I was salon manager in a few and the next step was obviously getting my own place. It was August last year we got the keys for this place. It’s been a quick year!

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Emma’s latest hair style.

MUA’s and getting your hair done before nights out has become a big thing lately. Is that a big part of your business?

In the last two or so years it’s gone crazy! No girl goes out nowadays without getting her hair and make up done. There’s no such thing as doing your own hair and make up for a night out! Which is great for us! It’s been chokka with make up. Dale does the make up and it’s been full on Saturdays and Fridays. She specialises in eyebrows and they’re amazing.

Pixie hair and beauty

What brands do you follow and associate yourself with and why?

First of all Wella. I started with it and loved it. I’ve never heard a bad word said about it. People know the brand and they’re happy with you using it. We use them for colouring. They’re great to deal with! Everyone here at Pixie Hair and Beauty is very happy using it too!

There’s something happening in the barbering world just now, where barbers provide therapy. (The Lion Barber Collective) So if someone is depressed or feeling suicidal, barbers are getting training to talk with their clients. Do you see hairdressing going in that direction?

Pixie hair and beauty

I think we already do that to be honest. Women come in here and tell me stuff they wouldn’t tell their best friend. They’ve just got that trust. We don’t ask them to. They just do. Hair is such a big thing to women and they trust you with that. So they must just be more open with other things. Maybe that’s the key though; it’s someone who’s virtually a stranger. It can be easier to talk to someone who’s out of your circle. Who are we to judge, we just listen. We’re really good listeners and that’s maybe why people trust their hairdresser and barber so much. I love a moan so helping other people get stuff out is another reason of why I love my job so much.

Pixie hair and beauty

What’s the hardest part of the job?

For me, the business side of things. Making sure you have the money ready to pay this bill or that bill. The finances and keeping the social media up to date. Other than that, nothing, I love this job. I love to come in here every day. Nothing about it is a chore to me. I just love it. I love my clients and everything about it. The first year’s the hardest and we’ve done that. We’ve done so much better than I thought, it’s great.

What inspired the interior?

Pixie hair and beauty

First, obviously I wanted to be different from anything else. As you know there are so many salons and I wanted this one to really stand out. I wanted it to have my personality! I like funky, I like arty and I love decades. So Pixie came from the 60s, the iconic haircut. So I continued that and had 60s décor and then we got in our interior designer and we were knocking our heads together and this was born. It ended up being more 80s but it’s amazing. My brother did the artwork on the wall and my boyfriend made the light! [A chandelier type piece made out of retro, yellow hairdryers and fixed with lightbulbs.] I’m so lucky to know so many people who have helped. So free haircuts for life!

Pixie hair and beauty

Favourite pub or restaurant?

Can I get a list?! I love going out and having good food. I love Mexican food. If it’s a birthday night out we usually don’t do food. We usually just go straight to the pub. My pal owns Tingle in the centre which is a shot bar. So we start off there and then we’ll head to Twenty-Nine and then we’ll always end up in Sanctuary. We know everyone there now and you never have a bad night out there. You end up with 20 of you on a night out. Finneston as well.

Pixie hair and beauty

Italian or Chinese?

Italian all the way! Pizza til I die! There’s always a battle with me and Stuart [Her boyfriend] and we go to Bella Notte. They do Italian and Indian so I can get a pizza and he can get a curry. So that has us sorted!

If you won the lottery on Friday how would that change your life?

A photo posted by PIXIE (@pixiehairandbeauty) on

Not that much to be honest. I’d get in here finished probably. I’d open another Pixie Hair and Beauty somewhere. I don’t know where! I would buy my mum a house. I’d buy Stuart and myself a house. Buy my mum a car. I’d quite like to buy a house abroad as well. With all the interest, you wouldn’t need all that money! I’d give some of that to charity. I’d still be working and I’d have my winnings so I’d give the interest to a dog charity or one for kids I think. Macmillan as well, because my mum had breast cancer so that tugs on the old heartstrings.

If you want to find out more about Pixie Hair and Beauty you can have a look at their page HERE!

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The Herald Look Awards 2015

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

The Look image001 (2)


Applying for The Look Awards 2015 are very proud to be sponsoring 2 categories in the inaugural Look Awards 2015. We are supporting the hair and beauty industry by sponsoring the two headline categories, Hair Salon of the Year and Beauty Salon of the Year.

Getting involved in the Look Awards could not be easier, but it does take some thought and consideration in order to complete the entry form. This is not a popularity contest with a public vote. This is a high quality, competition which encourages everyone in the hair and beauty sector to get involved. The judging panel is noted below, but let us look firstly at the categories…

Categories (click here)

The categories are designed to include everyone in the hair and beauty industry in Scotland. You will probably want to apply for two or three categories, including Salon of the Year. Have a close look at some of the less obvious categories such as Best Use of Social Media, Best Startup, Marketing Campaign of the Year and One To Watch. We suggest that you select your specialism (hair, beauty, nails, etc) and enter your salon for that. Then look at some of the other categories. Have you run a successful social media campaign this year? Are you using products or equipment in an innovative way? Have you started up recently? The categories can be found on The Herald’s website and you can call them on 0141 302 7410 to ask any questions.

The Judging Panel (click here)

Rather than having a Facebook style voting system, The Look Awards has taken a very professional approach in appointing industry leaders to a panel of judges who will assess your written application, and possibly visit your salon. This ensures that every entrant in the competition has a fair chance of being awarded. The judges are looking for passion, flair, creativeness and innovation. They want to see that you put your life and soul into your job and strive to be the best you can be. Make sure you emphasise this in your applications.

The judges include Sam McNight, hair stylist with a massive celebrity following. Adam Sloan is also on the panel and brings with him a wealth of experience as CEO of The Mens Hairdressing Federation. Dr Victoria Dobbie is one of the leading lights in cosmetics and aesthetics. Carrie McAdam is a feature writer for The Herald and has gravitas in the hair and beauty industry. Ainslie Currie is a leading MUA and has great understanding of the industry. The panel is also supported by Habia and Salon Geek, as well as City of Glasgow College and Dr Greg Maclean.

The judges can be found on The Heralds website

The Entry From (Click here to enter The Look Awards 2015)

The entry form is fairly easy to understand and complete. However, we suggest that you take your time over this and focus on some of the main questions before sending your application in. It may even be easier for you to copy the questions into a word document and then answer them before cut and pasting your answers into the form. Section Three is where the judges will be looking closely, so make sure you inspire them with your responses!

When completing Section One, don’t forget to give details of your website and Twitter account. If you don’t have those, then enter your Facebook page, or your page on This will show the judges that you take your marketing seriously. Remember, having your salon listed on does not cost you anything!

If you need help or advice in filling in any part of the application, please call The Look Awards on 0141 302 7410, or call the Defacto Support Team on 0141 333 6535, we are here to help whenever we can.

When do I have to send this in?

The deadline for entry is Thursday 16th April, but please don’t leave it until the last minute! You will give yourselves a better chance of winning an award if you leave yourself plenty of time.

When will the winners be announced?

As you can imagine, the judging process will take a while, giving every entrant the fairest chance of winning an award. A shortlist of finalists will be announced in early May with the Awards evening on Sunday 17th May at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow. For those of you who have been involved in The Heralds Business Awards, you will understand that it will be a spectacular evening with top quality presenters and entertainment. However, the main storyline is the award winners and the prestige that this carries. There will be a substantial amount of press coverage of the event.

Do we have to be listed with Defacto?

Certainly not. We are not trying to persuade anyone to list themselves free of charge on our amazing website. However, outside the awards, there are major benefits to being listed on this website. We have a standard listing which is free of charge and this promotes your salon, your social media and is a great opportunity to show judges what your clients think of you in their reviews. For a very small annual (or monthly!) fee, you could be a Featured Salon which gives you even more functions, such as priority listing on any searches, job and seat rental vacancies, zero-commission daily deals, real-time performance reporting (we like to show off how good we are at delivering phone calls to your salon!), and multiple images of your wonderful team and salon! Call us for assistance in listing you, either standard or Featured, on 0141 333 6535.

We wish ALL entrants the very best of luck with this highly respected award.


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