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More Makeup = More Money

Monday, September 5th, 2016

A recent study has found that women who take the extra time to apply more makeup in the morning are more likely to earn more money.

I know a lot of us love pushing the snooze button for more time in bed before we have to get up and put our makeup on (honestly we’ll probably still do it) but according to this study it’s what could be loosing you potential money at work.

more make up more money

Two sociologists in the US collected data from more than 14,000 men and women for the study. It is titled ‘Gender and the Returns to Attractiveness’ and the results showed that more makeup equals money. Already there is a pay gap in what money women earn and what money men earn. On average, women in the UK earn 85.5p to every £1 paid to a man. Based on the average full-time working week of 37.4 hours, women are effectively not paid for one hour and 39 minutes of every day. In conclusion, its hardly fair women also have to rely on spending significantly longer getting ready in the morning to earn what they’re owed.

The Research.

For a long time, research has been telling the public that the more attractive we are the more successful we will be. So in that sense nothing much has changed. Although, this study has done more research into how our attractiveness is perceived. While the women who made more effort with their beauty regime and wore more makeup and had their hair neat were more financially successful, only half of the men in the study were deemed good-looking simply by their approach to grooming.

more make up more money

Overall, personal preference is the only aspect that should weigh on how much/little makeup a woman wears each day. Yes, you should always be presentable in your working environment. You could try our blog on How to Avoid Bed Head if you need a quicker hair routine in the morning. However, why should that rely on the amount of makeup you’re wearing?

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