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Now You Can Get KFC Sun Cream!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

You may be aware that KFC launched flavoured nail polish earlier on this year, now they have one upped themselves and launched a chicken scented KFC sun cream.

The KFC sun cream, named ‘The Colonel’s Extra Crispy Sunscreen’, has a respectable sun protection factor of 30 and will make you smell like fried chicken and who doesn’t want that?

KFC Sun Cream, coming to a Boots near you!

KFC Sun Cream, coming to a Boots near you!

Their previous foray into the beauty market was surprise; their ‘Finger Lickin Good’ nail polishes (in the flavours Original and Hot & Spicy) were beige and orange and were created to inspire excitement about their brand in Hong Kong. As far as we know KFC sun cream is just for some fun.

KFC explained their idea when announcing the launch:

“We’ve had a lot of fun with our Extra Crispy Colonel campaign this summer and the sunscreen idea seemed like a natural fit,” they told Fortune.
“Our chicken is hand breaded and freshly prepared in our kitchens all day every day, which makes the smell in our restaurants unparalleled. The Extra Crispy Sunscreen is a fun way to leverage that with our fans.”

KFC Sun Cream bottle

It’s hard to believe that this is legit

It comes in a bottle that looks similar to the one you get filled with a solution to clean your ear piercings from Claire’s Accessories. It has a simple label and its simplicity makes hard to believe that this is legitimate. Yet it appears that it is! KFC sun cream is available for free on a fun little website that you can view HERE. As well as an infomercial style video, it’s clear that it is all a bit of fun.

Sorry it’s all gone.

It is better you don’t go sprinting down to KFC in the hopes of leaving with chicken-scented sun cream. The company exclusively released their ‘beauty treat’ online at their website. However, it seems it is a product in high demand too, after just a morning they sold out of the 3000 bottles. Seems like people have a need for chicken scented sun cream, although, stranger things can happen…

You can watch KFC’s Extra Crispy Chicken Sunscreen infomercial down below. We hope you get your chicken sun cream one day!

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