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MAC and The Brant Brothers

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

If you’re into make up then you may already know about this amazing new collaboration! MAC and The Brant Brothers are teaming up to do a unisex make up line!
The Brant Brothers are working on their first MAC collab

The Brant Brothers are working on their first MAC collab

Peter and Harry Brant, the sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire businessmen and art collector, Peter Brant, are New York socialites and well known in the fashion scene. Now they are working with MAC to create products that literally anyone can wear.

Although there is still a stigma against men wearing make up, there isn’t a reason for products like these to be gendered, Harry Brant said:

“The only reason why the line is called unisex is because men would feel more comfortable with it. We’re guys, you can sell makeup to guys. But guys aren’t going to go out and buy Nicki Minaj’s lipstick, even if it works on men. They just won’t.”

Their mother Stephanie Seymour modelling the lip stains

Their mother Stephanie Seymour modelling the lip stains

In 2016, I think we all agree, things should be, and in a lot of senses are, more open to people. In the past make up has been a predominantly female focused industry but as time has gone on the lines have blurred. Now many men admit to using female targeted products like fake tan, bronzer and even concealer and foundation. Why should a whole make up range be any different?

The incredibly wearable range includes; lip stains, eyeliner, an eyeshadow quad, brow gel, brow set, crème contour and two brushes. MAC, Harry and Peter have boasted the lines ‘neutral hues’ and its suitability for men and women. The lip stains are relatively natural colours, the kohl eyeliners are a white, a black and a gold for when someone’s feeling a like branching out and the quad is complimentary brown shades. The line also includes some skincare products; a volcanic ash exfoliater, mineralize charged water face and eye crème and make up primer for natural radiance.

The full collection of make up

The full collection of make up

The brothers are very proud of their products, stating that they ‘cant wait’ for people to use it and so they should be. It’s about time everyone was more open to trying new things. The range will land in the UK in August.

Think how many men could be a little prettier with a smoky eye.

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