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Foundation Mistakes You Might be Making

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Our need for foundation is in the name; it’s the base for all our make up and when you find the right one it can change everything. However, when things don’t go right, maybe it’s not your base that wrong but foundation mistakes that you’re making.

foundation mistakes you might be making

There are so many ways to apply it. There are different types of foundation and different coverage levels. When you find your foundation soulmate you’ll know about it and you’ll preach to everyone about how amazing it is! However, you may already have a perfect match but it’s not working because you’re not treating it right. You may think you’ve mastered it but you could still be making these foundation mistakes.

Too much product.

We all have areas we want to cover up, like fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. So, you apply more foundation than you should. The problem is, when your foundation builds up, it will draw attention to that area. Or it’ll settle into creases. Instead of building up product in these areas, dab the area with a make-up sponge or tissue to absorb excess product. Don’t forget to take it down your neck a little bit too, we don’t want a obvious jaw line. Blend, blend, blend!

foundation mistakes you might be making

Shade matching with your hand.

A common misconception is that that skin on your hand is that same shade as your hand. It’s not. So if you test the shade here, you’re bound to get quite a big surprise when you use it. But that doesn’t mean you should test it on your face either. If you want it to blend completely seamlessly, you need to go for a shade that works with the skin tone on your neck. One of the more basic foundation mistakes but one a few of us in the office still make.

Applying concealer underneath your foundation.

We doubt most of you do this. With the age of YouTube tutorials and instagram everyone can learn how to apply make up pretty easily. But, if you do still do it, it’s not the best. If you apply foundation over the top of concealer, you’ll end up moving the concealer from the area you need it when you blend. Apply your foundation first and then your concealer on top where needed.

foundation mistakes you might be making

You don’t use primer.

Again, something the ladies in the office admit to. “Isn’t moisturiser enough?” Sometimes it can be but not always. Does your foundation seem to change colour throughout the day? Perhaps go a bit orange? This happens when too much of the pH in the oil of the skin mixes with the pigment in the foundation. Otherwise known as oxidation. Primer provides a barrier, so this doesn’t happen.

Too much setting powder.

Not completely one of our foundation mistakes but it counts all the same. Setting powder is excellent at absorbing excess oil and controlling shine. However, you can have too much of a good thing. When applied too generously and not properly blended it bounces enough light from a flash to show up in photos. Something you’ve probably seen happen a lot on the red carpet. The problem is that you can’t tell it’s too much and not properly blended until a flash hits it.

foundation mistakes you might be making

We hope you don’t make these mistakes, but at least you know for the future! Do you have any mistakes you’ve made with make up in the past? We’d love to hear about them!

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The SiliSponge is the New and Improved Beauty Blender

Monday, December 5th, 2016

It’s time to ditch those beauty blenders and get on board the SiliSponge train!

The Molly Cosmetics SiliSponge looks a little like a breast implant but is the key to flawless foundation. The Hong Kong based company has managed to create a completely clear, non-absorbent make up sponge.


The inner material is made from silicone and the outer shell is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)—a flexible plastic that’s resistant to oil and grease. The main idea of the product is that when using a brush or a sponge, a lot of product is wasted and absorbed. That doesn’t happen with the SiliSponge.

Instead, makeup adheres to your face instead of the tool. The Molly Cosmetics website explains that after use, you just clean it with a little regular soap and warm water. No more endless scrubbing and squeezing with your beauty blender. You don’t have to toss it until the outer layer shows wear. Again, beauty blenders should be replaced after 3 months of use.


The fact that it doesn’t soak up any product also means that the SiliSponge doesn’t breed bacteria the way brushes and other sponges do. The product isn’t absorbed into the sponge, which makes it all in all a more hygienic tool.

Clips from the Molly Cosmetics Instagram show the product being used with a cushion foundation on someone’s skin.

SiliSponge blending on my 39 y.o. skin…. ? #silisponge #clearsponge #blending #beautyblender #mollycosmetics

A video posted by M O L L Y C O S M E T I C S (@mollycosmetics) on

While a lot of make up fanatics like Jefree Star are desperate to try the SiliSponge, some make up addicts aren’t convinced. One Reddit user said:

“So nothing fingers can’t do? I guess it’s like a spatula but soft enough to use on the face. I don’t see anyone other than professional muas having a use for something like this imo.”


Although many agreed with their sentiment, the product is only newly on the radar. So, we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out how it truly ranks. The fact that it has sold out on five separate occasions is something to write home about though.

What are your thoughts on the Silisponge? Are you dying to try it or are you happy with your beauty blender? Let us know!

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Do You Apply Make Up on the Train?

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Commuting in and out to work lengthens travel times, so it’s no surprising that some people save their make up routine for public transport.

do you apply make up on the train?

It’s not an alien sight, here in the UK, to see a woman applying her make up on the morning train. We don’t second-guess it. However, in Japan it is a topic for discussion.

Tokyu Corporation, a major private railway operator in the Greater Tokyo area, has released a video asking commuters to “refrain from putting on make-up on the train”. The video has had a high volume of backlash. However, the Tokoyu have remained firm in their belief of the video. The claim the campaign was created in response to surveys conducted regarding commuters nuisances during travel. The message of the video rings loud and clear:

“Women in the city are all beautiful. But they are ugly to see, at times.”

The video then goes on to ask why women cannot do their make up before they get on the train. You can watch the video down below.

According to a survey done in 2013, a third of women would do their make up on the train. However, 40% of people would ask someone to stop doing their make up if they found it annoying. It’s clear that people are divided on this subject.

We thought we’d ask our company Director, Marcus McLeod, and our in-house blogger and social media engager, Natalie Woods, what they thought about it.

Marcus said:

“I don’t have a problem with it. I have more of a problem with people who do it while they’re driving their cars. That’s just dangerous. I really love art and seeing women paint their faces is quite artistic in a way. So, I’d never ask a woman to stop doing her make up on the train or get annoyed by it.”

Natalie said:

do you apply make up on the train?

“I do my make up on the train every morning on the way to work. I did it on the way to university every morning as well. I’ve always lived about an hour or two commute away from where I need to be. I don’t see why I’d get up at a ridiculously early time to put my make up on in private. I’d rather have had a good nights sleep, be fully functional for my job the next day and do my make up on the train than getting up obscenely early just to do it at home.”

“When you’re on a train you’re in a public area. I’m not hurting or upsetting anyone, maybe just potentially annoying them. People who have an issue with me doing my make up on the train should either keep it to themselves or find a private way to travel.”

We’d love to know your thoughts on the matter? Do you agree with Natalie and Marcus or do you think make up application should be kept to the house?

You can leave us a comment below or head over to our Twitter or Facebook!

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Five Halloween Looks You Can Achieve With Make Up

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

If you’ve left Halloween planning a little last minute, we think we can help…

halloween looks you can do with make up

You’ve got less than a week to prepare a Halloween costume. Even less if you’re going out over the weekend. You don’t want to be stuck with what’s left in the shops! You still want to impress with your Halloween look.

Therefore, we’ve had a think and a chat in the Defacto office and we’ve thought of five Halloween looks you can do with clothes you already have and some make up!

Comic Cartoon.

We know this one will maybe take a little longer than you’d maybe like. However, the finished article will certainly be one that impresses This look has been making the rounds on social media for a while now and we’re still impressed by it. . You’ll probably already have make up you can use, but if you don’t we’re sure you can pick up what you need for pretty cheap. Pair this make up with whatever outfit you feel would fit in with a comic book and you’re good to go!

A Cat.

Yes it’s the old staple of girls Halloween costumes. Dont knock it til you’ve tried it! There’s a reason it’s so common. It’s sexy and it’s easy to put together. You’ll need black liquid liner and some false eyelashes for this one. Clothes wise, if you’ve got a pair of black jeans or leggings and a black body suit all youll really need are some cat ears to go with them.


We don’t mean you’re going to be shuffling around the bars in a movement restricting fake tail. Nowadays people are more creative with their mermaid themed costumes on Halloween. You can probably opt for a long flowing dress or leggings with scales printed on them. As for the make up, blues, greens and glitter doesn’t go a miss. It’s amazing what you can do with fishnet tights these days…


A classic costume that gets broken out each year. The campy Hammer Horror days few and far between now though. People are now opting for a sexier and darker vibe to their vampire costumes. Dark red lips and smoky eyes, combined with pale skin and heavy contouring is the way to go in 2016. Really you can make any costume a vampire costume. Much like zombies you can have; vampire brides, vampire cheerleaders and the list can go on and on.

A Deer.

You may be surprised by this one but it’s become quite popular as a costume! It’s a really easy look to do as well. Stock up on some bronzer, a pair of antlers and get a dress or outfit that you feel is right. May we suggest a short floral number? It may not be spooky or scary but it is something a little different.

We hope you’ve found your last minute Halloween costume! If you have chosen one or if you have any other ideas we’d love to hear about it! Just leave us a comment down below.

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Why Your Make Up Isn’t Perfect

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

You may look at make up tutorials, give it a go and then find that your look isn’t nearly as good as the one you just saw. Sure you might just need practice, but you also might be missing some key elements…

why your make up isnt perfect

Applying make up isn’t as easy as picking some products that look right and putting them on. Although we wish it were. There are some key things that may be throwing off the look you’re aiming for.

You aren’t maintaining your skin.

why your make up isnt perfect

We’re not saying you’re not trying. But, it might not be enough to keep your skin in tip-top, make up applying conditions. Develop a cleansing regime and stick to it, and if you find you’re having trouble with acne, rosacea, or any other skin condition, don’t be afraid to visit a doctor or dermatologist for advice. It’s a common issue and there’s no need to be shy.

Then, prep your skin before you begin applying makeup. Ideally, you should moisturise a few minutes before applying makeup, giving your moisturiser time to sink in. Moisturised skin will hold product better, without dry, flaky patches. If you have oily skin, don’t skip this step, just use a light, oil-free moisturiser. If you find you have issues with your make up staying in place all day, also try a primer.

You’ve got the wrong tools.

why your make up isnt perfect

If you’re stuck using the sponges you get given with make up products, get rid. They’re more of a chore than of any use. Why brands continue to produce these is a mystery when anyone who’s stumbled across a YouTube tutorial knows that makeup brushes are the key to a better result. A common misconception is that you need to spend a fortune.

Yes a good foundation brush is going to cost you but for smaller tasks, like eyeshadow or brows you can use lower priced brands. Real Techniques is always a crowd pleaser. However, for foundation we recommend you shell out for a good brush or try your stippling hand with a Beauty Blender. Our blogger Natalie tested out a bunch of them a while back, if you need some advice on which one to try. 

You may have the wrong formula.

why your make up isnt perfect

Lip colour doesn’t have to come in a stick, eye colour doesn’t have to be a powder, and most base products, blushers, and bronzers come in a huge number of different formulas. So how do you know which one to pick?

In general, powders are more drying and mattifying and work better on oilier skin, while liquids and creams can help hydrate dry skin. Bear this in mind when picking foundation in particular.

But it’s about the final result, too. Powders (especially things like eye shadow and blusher) allow you to gently blend and build up colour with precision. Cream formulas tend to give a more youthful, dewy effect (which is why a slightly shimmery cream eye shadow is a must for older skins). They don’t require exact application, making them good for beginners, and often look best applied with the fingers, which is good news if your budget doesn’t reach to 15 new brushes.

Gels and pomades are often the hardest to work with, but they also give the most long-lasting results. If you can master gel liner and brow pomade, you can re-create those picture-perfect Instagram makeup looks yourself. Until you do, soft pencils are a little more forgiving. Be sure to get a suitable colour in everything though. If you’re unsure, employees at make up counters should have a lot of advice to give you.

You forget the small things.

why your make up isnt perfect

You have to have a good base before you can do anything else. Any combination of primer, foundation, powder, and/or concealer depending on your preference. Not everyone likes or needs a full face of foundation. But creating a good base for the rest of your makeup is key to a good result. Even if you just slick some primer on your eyelids, you’ll benefit from it!

We all know brows have been in for a while and it looks like they’re staying too. Good brows have the ability to completely shape the face, and with the current trend for big and bold brows in full swing, you can no longer ignore those over-plucked ’90s wisps. Start as you mean to go on by visiting a salon for a shape and tint. You can use our salon directory service for finding the perfect place to do this. Then you can get on with experimenting with powders, gels, pencils and pomades to create your ultimate power brow.

Your products are out of date.

why your make up isnt perfect

The indicator should look like this. This means the product is only useable for 12 months.

Just like food, make up can go out of date. You can locate the shelf time of your products on the back of your packaging. Old make up could potentially cause breakouts and it will be a lot harder to apply. The second you open make up it’ll start oxidising, drying out and ageing. When it’s past its best, get rid of it.

We hope these tips will help you reach that Instagram worthy level of make up application. Or least have you a little more clued up! If you have any more tips, we’d love to know!

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Is Sephora Coming Across the Pond?

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Calling all make-up fanatics! You may have heard some commotion over the weekend. This is due to American make up store Sephora…

is sephora coming across the pond?

Sephora may be landing on UK stores sooner than we think! It’s been a long time coming for those in the know about beauty and we couldn’t be more excited!

Visitors to the East London shopping centre, Westfield, have been noticing a holding space with Sephora branding. Logically leading them to believe that the beauty giant is finally crossing the pond to set up a British outpost. About time too. While the news has yet to be confirmed by the brand, that hasn’t stopped British Sephora devotees getting very, very excited on social media.

We think a lot of people are about to watch their wages disappear. should the news be true.

The UK’s first Sephora is rumoured to be opening in November of this year, and is thought to coincide with the arrival of a bricks-and-mortar store for fast fashion e-tailer Missguided.

With stores in the United States and mainland Europe, Sephora tends to be a fixture on the holiday itinerary for make-up fans. Boasting well-known names like Urban Decay, Benefit and Smashbox.  Sephora is also home to under-the-radar brands that have quickly acquired cult status – while Sephora’s own line is affordably priced and well-regarded by industry insiders.

Between 1999 and 2005, a handful of stores opened up in the UK. Unfortunately for us they didn’t stick around. In 2014, though, the brand also added an option for UK shipping to their website, allowing British fans to finally test out much-hyped US brands like Lorac and Josie Maran.

We’re hoping the rumours are true and we’re counting down the days till November! What about you? Will you be organising a trip to Westfield?

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Charlotte Tilbury Comes to Glasgow

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the biggest names in make up right now. As you may know she is launching the first Scottish store in Glasgow!

Charlotte tilbury comes to glasgow

Charlotte Tilbury herself

Charlotte Tilbury boasts 20 years of experience in the make up industry. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian as loyal customers it’s easy to see why she is enjoying enough success to launch a self-titled make up range.

Her make up range hasn’t been around for as long as brands like MAC or Estee Lauder. However, it is already just as prolific and it’s exciting that Charlotte Tilbury made the decision to launch her store inside Glasgow’s House of Fraser on Buchanan Street.  Most noteworthy, it’ll be her first Scottish store! Seems like they’re all very excited!

charlotte tilbury comes to glasgow

Charlotte Tilbury posts this snap to her Twitter the other day. The Glasgow team.

The official grand opening has been earmarked for September the 8th (that’s just 6 days away!) and there’s no doubt it’s going to be a huge day for all Glasgow based beauty bloggers. The Charlotte Tilbury counter will replace the MAC counter, which is moving to YO! Sushi’s old location. The beauty guru said:

“Glasgow is a makeup mecca and the women here really understand the power of makeup, so it’s incredibly exciting for me to launch my first House of Fraser counter and continue my makeup revolution.”

Charlotte Tilbury comes to glasgow

Matte Revolution

Whats in store?

The counter will have her full award-winning make up collection and skincare collection. We’re sure brand favourites like the Matte Revolution lipsticks and the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation will be snapped up fast in the first few days of opening. Due to this, we hope they have stocked up because there will be a lot of make up fanatics! In addition, when discussing the counter she said:

“I don’t believe in limits”
“My counter fuses quick, easy moments of ‘grab and go’, with the glamour and indulgence of a Hollywood vanity table. It has been designed with the five minute, solo shopper and those looking for a personalised makeup artist service in mind, in one divine makeup moment – it’s a revolution.”

charlotte tilbury comes to glasgow

Some key pieces of the collection

The range is already available online and was also launched just in time for pay-day. Although, to buy in person there’s still a few days wait to go yet! Therefore, now is a good time to plan what you want.


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How I Fell in Love With Beauty

Friday, August 12th, 2016

If you’re a Defacto regular you’ll know me as the resident blog writer by now, if it’s your first time… Hi, I’m Natalie! Since this is a beauty based blog I thought I would share the story of how I fell in love with all things beauty.

How i fell in love with beauty

I wasn’t always into beauty. At a young age I was more of a tomboy and at that age I thought I would always be that way. I liked wearing camo and jeans with chains (I thought it was cool at the time!) and I didn’t really have an interest in make up. If my past self could see me now she would be very shocked.

My first foray into beauty was around the age of 13 where I delved into the world of emo culture. Im sure a lot of people from my generation will either have been there or have been highly aware of ‘the emo phase’. This is the only photo that exists of this time and it’s not even that emo:

Found in the depths of Facebook, identities protected so they don't also feel my shame.

Found in the depths of Facebook, identities protected so they don’t also feel my shame.

I started a relationship with black eyeliner on the weekends that has never truly died. However, any other kind of make up was deemed “too girly” for me. Honestly I was interested on the down low but didn’t want to let on incase it ruined my rep as a “misunderstood”, non-mainstream teen. At this point in my high school career I was surrounded by girls diving head first into using make up, resulting in a lot of foundation chinstraps, orange shirt collars, electric blue eye shadow and spidery mascara. We’ve all been there I’m sure…

I gradually moved out of my emo phase and into this kind of weird “quirky” era of my life, where I wore loud patterns, glasses that were far too big for me and whatever random things that I could clip into my hair. Depicted below:

So much is going on with my image in this. I apologise.

So much is going on with my image in this. I apologise.

It was around this time (I must have been 15ish) I began using foundation. I started off with a cheap low coverage formula from a brand I found in Boots. If memory serves it was by the Colour Foundation by Natural Collection, but it wasn’t long before I graduated to a serious foundation. That being, Estee Lauder’s Double Wear in the shade 1C0 Shell and I still use this to this day, I never ever found a foundation that matched it and my pocket money didn’t quite have the reach to justify buy high end foundations to test. My mum wore it too (in a darker shade because we’re not all Wednesday Addams) and I trusted her judgment. This is when I truly started getting into make up.

This is a photo of my mum and I when I was a tot. Do you think we look alike?

This is a photo of my mum and I when I was a tot. Do you think we look alike?

My mum always bought high quality make up and in the end I did too. Although, to me, my mum is a very beautiful woman, she was never heavily into make up (maybe she just didn’t need it) and so what she taught me about make up was the basics and to always buy good quality brands. Thank god I was born in the generation of YouTube that’s all I can tell you. So all my skills became self-taught and I loved playing around and trying out new looks. Unfortunately this meant I decided to wax my eyebrows too. I’ve always had very full eyebrows but when I was in my teens we hadn’t quite hit Cara Delevigne’s reign yet so I waxed them down to sad little darts that I thought looked better. (Note: if you’re a teen DO NOT wax your eyebrows down to nothing, it looks bad).

THIS is why you don't over do your eyebrows. What a disaster.

THIS is why you don’t over do your eyebrows. What a disaster.

In what I assume was me yearning for my fallen brows, a year or so later I was in full swing with the beauty products. I was ‘filling in’ my eyebrows, obsessed with Urban Decay eye shadows and began my affair with red lipstick. I use the term filling in loosely, as to be honest, there wasn’t much to fill in and when I did it they looked so penciled in and fake. But that’s okay! It’s all part of the learning process.

Many YouTube videos and eyeliners later, I was getting somewhere, I became inspired by vintage make up and stars like Dita Von Teese and my love for panda eyes never left and now took place in the form of a heavy smoky eye. My eyebrows had also started growing back! My small collection of Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks grew whenever it could and I had gathered so many eye palettes I could sell them.

These are the first expensive lipsticks I ever got and I still love these shades. (Instagram: nataly_woods)

These are the first expensive lipsticks I ever got and I still love these shades. (Instagram: nataly_woods)

At this point I thought I was practically a beauty guru, I was complimented on my make up skills frequently and I had now advanced to false lashes and hair extensions. Around this time I realised how much I loved make up and beauty. The feeling of sitting in front of a mirror and transforming yourself and highlighting your features fascinated me. The idea that woman applied make up to impress others (typically men) alluded me, I applied make up for myself. I applied it because it was like art to me, I loved all the colours and I loved looking at myself and feeling confident. I had a bit of a journey to the way I do my make up now but the basis for my infatuation with it set in around this time. It may not have looked the best but I loved it anyway.

Very dramatic.

Very dramatic.

As my eyebrows came back, thicker than before somehow, I learnt that powder and gel to define them made them look much more natural. I discovered how to blend my eye shadow properly, how to contour and highlight, how to pin curl my hair to make it look more authentically vintage and my passion for beauty grew and it continues to grow. Now I have my beauty staples that I cant do without; my foundation, my brow kit, my favourite naked palettes and my favourite lipsticks. Current stand outs are MAC’s Russian Red, Velvet Teddy and Charlotte Tilbury’s Very Victoria.

My make up favourites! (instagram: nataly_woods)

My make up favourites! (instagram: nataly_woods)

This was my Xmas outfit in 2014 and i was very proud of my pin curling. (Instagram: nataly_woods)

This was my Xmas outfit in 2014 and i was very proud of my pin curling. (Instagram: nataly_woods)

I don’t stick to one thing; I try vintage looks and experiment with weird make up hacks (currently loving the baby powder as setting powder one, very good for my pale skin). I try smoky eyes with berry-toned shades and I’m contemplating if I could rock a black lip. I love sharp, winged eyeliner and love smoked out, smudged liner. I love nude lips, dark lips and red lips. I love hair extensions and wigs and false eyelashes. I still want to try thousands of different products and I know I probably still have so much to learn but I like being able to change my outward appearance to suit how I feel that day. I fell in love with make up and beauty because it gave me confidence in myself and it allowed me to experiment with how I wanted to look!

(Instagram: nataly_woods)

(Instagram: nataly_woods)

I’m 21 now and I really like how I do my make up, I might over line my lips sometimes and I might make my brows too dark on the odd occasion but that doesn’t matter. Beauty is about self-expression; it’s not always about having the perfect cut crease or artful bed head it’s about looking how you want to look. If you want to dye your hair turquoise then you should, if you want to be covered in tattoos you should be and if you want to look like a Kardashian go for it! Lord knows I wouldn’t be upset if I looked like a Kardashian. In the end beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and you should be the beholder and be the kind of beautiful you want to be.

I'd like to thank Snapchat and their filter for this look. (Instagram: nataly_woods)

I’d like to thank Snapchat and their filter for this look. (Instagram: nataly_woods)


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MAC and The Brant Brothers

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

If you’re into make up then you may already know about this amazing new collaboration! MAC and The Brant Brothers are teaming up to do a unisex make up line!
The Brant Brothers are working on their first MAC collab

The Brant Brothers are working on their first MAC collab

Peter and Harry Brant, the sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire businessmen and art collector, Peter Brant, are New York socialites and well known in the fashion scene. Now they are working with MAC to create products that literally anyone can wear.

Although there is still a stigma against men wearing make up, there isn’t a reason for products like these to be gendered, Harry Brant said:

“The only reason why the line is called unisex is because men would feel more comfortable with it. We’re guys, you can sell makeup to guys. But guys aren’t going to go out and buy Nicki Minaj’s lipstick, even if it works on men. They just won’t.”

Their mother Stephanie Seymour modelling the lip stains

Their mother Stephanie Seymour modelling the lip stains

In 2016, I think we all agree, things should be, and in a lot of senses are, more open to people. In the past make up has been a predominantly female focused industry but as time has gone on the lines have blurred. Now many men admit to using female targeted products like fake tan, bronzer and even concealer and foundation. Why should a whole make up range be any different?

The incredibly wearable range includes; lip stains, eyeliner, an eyeshadow quad, brow gel, brow set, crème contour and two brushes. MAC, Harry and Peter have boasted the lines ‘neutral hues’ and its suitability for men and women. The lip stains are relatively natural colours, the kohl eyeliners are a white, a black and a gold for when someone’s feeling a like branching out and the quad is complimentary brown shades. The line also includes some skincare products; a volcanic ash exfoliater, mineralize charged water face and eye crème and make up primer for natural radiance.

The full collection of make up

The full collection of make up

The brothers are very proud of their products, stating that they ‘cant wait’ for people to use it and so they should be. It’s about time everyone was more open to trying new things. The range will land in the UK in August.

Think how many men could be a little prettier with a smoky eye.

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Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams Review

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Hi its Natalie, I’m back again and I’ve got more to say about make up. This time around liquid to matte lip colours. Specifically the Sleek Matte Me range.
The full sleek matte me range

The full sleek matte me range

This range has been out for a while and their full name is the ‘Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Creams’, by my estimations they were released early this year in the UK. However, still a lot of people don’t seem to know about this incredibly affordable lip range.

Coming in at £4.99 a product, I couldn’t resist getting some to try. There are 12 shades in the range; pinks, nudes, purples and reds. All are gorgeous colours and I decided to pick out 8 of my favourites. Or more honestly, the only 8 I could ever seem to find in my local (and not as local) Boots stores.

Professional swatch of all the colours in the range

Professional swatch of all the colours in the range

The sleek range hasn’t been in Scottish Boots stores all that long and I’ve splurged on a few products from there since, the make up is pretty good and really affordable and the lip creams weren’t a change to that.

The formula for all the shades obviously doesn’t change all that much between products and it is, in fact, ultra smooth and almost feels velvet-y on the lips. I’m not the best at applying liquid or cream products (apart from liquid liner) but I was raring to give it a go. So here are the colours I tried.

Birthday suit

Birthday Suit
I really liked this colour, I’m a big fan of nudes because I feel like its easy to use them to accentuate your lips and make them look bigger. It would be a good dupe for Kylie Jenner’s KoKo K lip kit, very much a ‘my lips but better’ shade. It was easy to apply and took one coat to get it even.


This was a nice coral-ly pink, not one of my usual shades but I liked it in the tube. It’s a shade that would suit the majority of skin tones and again it’s easy to apply. This is the only summery shade of this range I bought, autumnal is more my style.

Fandango Purple

Fandango Purple
This is a very bright purple, it definitely accentuates my skins natural pallor and I think of it as more of a fun, festival shade myself. Maybe that’s because it’s a little out of my comfort zone… it’s a little harder to apply than the nudes and in result it ends up a bit uneven. Id still recommend it if you’re looking for a stand out shade.

Vino Tinto

Vino Tinto
I was so excited about this shade, any chance I get to look like a movie villain is a chance I will take. I thought this shade would make that happen. It’s incredibly pigmented but not as opaque as the others, it was very hard to apply and as you can see, it ended up being very uneven. It was the only shade I was disappointed with.

Fired Up

Fired Up
Now if you know me you’ll know that red lipstick is my absolute THING. Any kind of red lip colour I love. This didn’t disappoint. Although it may look a little patchy in the photo I can only blame my over-swatched and chapped lips for that. Every other application of this rich, vintage red has been nothing less than excellent. Similar in looks to MAC’s Ruby Woo and much smoother to apply.


As I keep reiterating, brighter summer shades aren’t always my jam but I didn’t feel like it was fair to not include some. In the tube this was more a nude looking shade but when I applied it, it came out as a very light baby pink. Not really my kind of thing. (Don’t tell anyone I actually kind of liked it though). Again very smooth to apply and pretty even.

Velvet Slipper

Velvet Slipper
This is darker than it looks in the tube. It’s a more autumnal, berry toned purple and in my opinion it would look great with a light berry or golden smoky eye. It was a little harder to apply but I find that the darker the pigment the more uneven it can get,

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic
This was out of the park one of my favourite shades out of the ones I bought. It’s a kind of mauve shade and a suitable dupe for Kylie Jenner’s Posie K. I loved that it made my lips look super full and it went really well with my skin tone. It was also one of the easiest to apply, although, I maybe just had the hang of applying them at this point.

Why not go out and give these a try! You cant always argue against price giving you a better product, but, these lip creams are certainly fantastic for the value of them.

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