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Is Foundation Bad for Acne?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

We’re sure we’ve all been told at some point that wearing a lot of make up will give us spots. But is it? Is foundation bad for acne?

We don’t think so, no. If you maintain a regimented skincare routine and wear a layer of foundation every day, you shouldn’t have much issue. Your skin will be cleansed of any overnight buildup before foundation and it will be properly removed at the end of the day. However there are certain ingredients in make up that could ruin your complexion. So instead, lets ask which foundation is bad for acne?

is foundation bad for acne

What you should avoid.

Shimmery formulas. High-sheen finishes are likely to be the result of Bismuth Oxychloride, a pigment that comes in a pearlescent finish, so is often found in bronzers, blush and eye shadows. This can worsen cystic acne in some people. However, if this finish is the one you desire, you’ll have to be very strict with cleansing your face. Twice a day is usually a good shout.

Solid foundation. This kind of foundation can come in the form of a pancake or a stick. Yes they conceal every little thing, but they might also be causing all those little things too. So when you ask yourself ‘Is foundation bad for acne?’ and you’re using one of these, the answer is probably yes. Thick and long-wear foundations are more likely to be pore clogging. Acrylics can often be used as a binding agent in these types of foundation. Acrylics are very pore clogging and can aggravate oily, blemish prone skin.

is foundation bad for acne

Alcohol and fragrance. Is foundation bad for acne? Scratch that. Is alcohol bad for your skin in general? Yes! Alcohol can be extremely drying for skin. This means your skin will over produce oil, resulting in acne or spots. Unfortunately, alcohol is often used in foundation as a carrier to help other ingredients sink into the skin or for its astringent properties as a treatment for oily types. It’s good to have products that smell nice, but the ingredients might not be that nice for your skin.

What you should go for.

Matte finishes. Try foundations that are oil-free or use water as their base ingredient. Adding excess oil to already problematic skin isn’t the way to go. You’ll only end up with more problems.

is foundation bad for acne

Ingredients that prevent acne. It’s also good if your foundation is armed with spot-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid. This kind of acid removes excess oil and dead cells from the skin’s surface, which is perfect for skin prone to blocked pores and blemishes.

To conclude, the answer to the question ‘Is foundation bad for acne?’ is no. It’s not. But some if it’s ingredients are and that’s what you need to watch out for!

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More Makeup = More Money

Monday, September 5th, 2016

A recent study has found that women who take the extra time to apply more makeup in the morning are more likely to earn more money.

I know a lot of us love pushing the snooze button for more time in bed before we have to get up and put our makeup on (honestly we’ll probably still do it) but according to this study it’s what could be loosing you potential money at work.

more make up more money

Two sociologists in the US collected data from more than 14,000 men and women for the study. It is titled ‘Gender and the Returns to Attractiveness’ and the results showed that more makeup equals money. Already there is a pay gap in what money women earn and what money men earn. On average, women in the UK earn 85.5p to every £1 paid to a man. Based on the average full-time working week of 37.4 hours, women are effectively not paid for one hour and 39 minutes of every day. In conclusion, its hardly fair women also have to rely on spending significantly longer getting ready in the morning to earn what they’re owed.

The Research.

For a long time, research has been telling the public that the more attractive we are the more successful we will be. So in that sense nothing much has changed. Although, this study has done more research into how our attractiveness is perceived. While the women who made more effort with their beauty regime and wore more makeup and had their hair neat were more financially successful, only half of the men in the study were deemed good-looking simply by their approach to grooming.

more make up more money

Overall, personal preference is the only aspect that should weigh on how much/little makeup a woman wears each day. Yes, you should always be presentable in your working environment. You could try our blog on How to Avoid Bed Head if you need a quicker hair routine in the morning. However, why should that rely on the amount of makeup you’re wearing?

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