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How to Match Your Hair and Beard

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

You may think the only option you have when styling your hair and beard together is whether or not to actually have a beard.

We don’t think this is the case…

matching your hair and beard

Beards come in and out of style, however, what doesn’t change is the many ways to style them. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to be clean-shaven to suit your hair, it’s likely there’s a beard style for everyone! So how do you match your hair and beard?

You don’t have to focus on one before the other. If you’ve got a great head of hair, don’t let it go to waste because you’d like a beard. That goes both ways, if you have thinning hair, don’t feel like you can’t focus on a beard. You can choose facial hairstyle that will draw attention away from your hair, therefore tying in you hair and beard.

matching your hair and beard

If you have brown hair and your beard starts growing in ginger, don’t panic! If you have grey hair and your beard grows in dark, you’re lucky! Some people spend thousands of pounds a year trying to replicate what you can do naturally. However, problems can arise if you’ve already dyed your hair, like dark roots emerging through bleaching, or a peroxide job looking mousy ginger. There are certain colour situations that won’t work too well. Avoid dying dark hair a lighter colour, and try to match your head hair to your beard hair, if you’re using artificial colouring, unless you’re making a statement of course.

matching your hair and beard

When it comes to different styles, marching your hair and beard can follow stricter rules.

If you’re partial to a buzz cut, a bit of stubble or a very short beard is a good way to give a bit more something to the look, and to bring out the more rugged, military quality of the cut. Growing out a full beard could run the risk of making you look a little bit like an egghead.

matching your hair and beard

Short, cropped hair is more suited to a business environment. Clean-shaven is the usual go to look for cropped hair; however, a little stubble shouldn’t be too offensive.

matching your hair and beard

Medium length hair looks great with a lot of texture added in. You have more options with your facial hair. Anything can work here from a clean-shaven face to a long beard. But, try and match your hair and beard. If you have quite unruly hair, have a neat, well-groomed beard. This will make you look more put together and prevent you looking disheveled.

matching your hair and beard

If you’re blessed enough in the hair department to have long flowing hair you’ll probably want a bit of facial hair. Unless you have a very chiseled jaw, we recommend at least a short beard. Otherwise, you could end up looking a bit more feminine.

matching your hair and beard

If your barber offers a beard service, you may be able to ask them for advice. Or, you could use our listing website and find the perfect place to sort out your barnet and your beard!

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Men’s Hair Products and the Mistake You Make With Them

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

You may think you’ve nailed you hair routine but you might make making mistakes with those men’s hair products.

Having shorter hair can be a nightmare to style. You wake up with it in all kinds of directions and you have to spend your morning taming it. However, unfortunately you might be doing it all wrong. We’re here to tell you what men’s hair products you should be using and how you could be using them wrong.

men's hair products mistakes

Are you over using product?

You’ll have heard the phrase ‘less is more’. When it comes to men’s hair products, that’s certainly the case. Short hair needs less products and if you’re using a good quality one you should know that. The secret to knowing when enough’s enough? The product should be completely dispersed once you’ve rubbed it between your palms. If you can still see it on your hands, you’ve used too much. If your hair feels thick and heavy, you’ve used too much. Using less will make your products last longer too…

men's hair products mistakes

Make the most of your products.

There are probably almost as many men’s hair products as there are women’s ones. You could be over-purchasing or over-saturating your hair with them. Quality hair products – from pastes to oils – can be used in plenty of other ways than what’s detailed on their packaging. Try using a paste, not only as a finishing product, but also as a pre-styler when mixed with water. You could also try conditioning your hair with some beard oil if it looks a little dry. Be sure to rinse it out properly though.

Are you using men’s hair products that are water-soluble?

Petroleum-based products take about three washes to get off your hands and out of your hair. Therefore, it looks like grease more than gloss. It’s agreed that water based products are the better of the two and nowadays they aren’t hard to come by.

men's hair products mistakes

Different hair needs different things.

Not all hair colours match with the products you may be using on them. Lighter hair is a lot more course than darker hair. You should be using products to suit that. Men with lighter hair (light brown/blonde/red) would suit a dry/matte finish. Whereas dark-haired men generally look better with a product that emphasises their hair’s natural shine. Be sure to get products to suit your hairs density.

Longer hair needs different styling.

Whether it needs a cut or you’ve deliberately grown it out, you cant keep styling it like it’s short. The longer the hair gets, the more susceptible it is to looking limp and lifeless. You’ll have to shampoo and condition your hair regularly – perhaps more regularly than you did when it was short. Use lighter products to style to avoid your hair getting weighed down.

men's hair products mistakes

If there’s anything you need to correct, we hope you’ve picked up on it! If you enjoy articles from us telling you what you need to change you can head over and have a look at our blog on Men’s Grooming Mistakes or Facial Hair Mistakes.

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Men’s Hair Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

We have all heard some old wives tales that we believe. However, some men may follow misinformation religiously. Therefore, we are here to debunk some common men’s hair myths!

We’ve all believed things that aren’t true. Going outside with wet hair will give you a cold and hair of the dog are both false. However, some people still believe them! There are some men’s hair myths that people still believe too…

men's hair myths

Plucking grey hair will give you more grey hair.

Some people still believe that hair grows like flower stems. For example, if you split a plant’s root, both stems may flower. But, hair isn’t like that. Plucking out a grey hair will only mean a grey hair will grow back. Don’t start plucking out grey hairs though! Instead you can forget this men’s hair myth and read our article on Going Grey Gracefully… 

Cutting your hair more means it’ll grow more.

The rate your hair grows at is mostly determined by your genes, so while quitting smoking, eating a protein-rich diet and avoiding stress can help, this one’s mostly down to what your parents gave you. So trimming it more frequently usually means it’ll get shorter and grow back at its usual rate each time. Sorry guys.

men's hair myths

More suds mean a better wash.

A better lather with your shampoo doesn’t actually mean anything. The truth is a shampoo doesn’t need to foam a lot to get the job done. If anything, a shampoo that’s packed full of sulfates (the chemicals that help them foam) could wreak havoc on your scalp if used too frequently, irritating it and drying it out. Instead chuck this men’s hair myth and opt for a sulfate-free shampoo with glycerine. This will give you the suds without the harmful chemicals.

Hair needs cleaned daily.

Women don’t do it and you don’t need to do it either. Different people generate oils at different rates. Only wash it when it starts to look or feel unclean and greasy. Washing daily will strip your hair of its natural oils and you’ll be worse off in the end…

men's hair myths

Dandruff is just a dry scalp.

This one is the easiest to believe. You would naturally think that a flaky scalp is caused by dehydrated skin. This isn’t the case though. It’s now believed that attempts to hydrate a flaky scalp are futile. Scientists believe dandruff is caused by a yeast imbalance in the skin. We all have yeasts on our scalp, but one in particular, known as Malassezia furfur, causes issues. It can cause an imbalance in the scalp, which in turn triggers an inflammatory response in the skin. This causes the topmost layer of the skin to shed erratically. Leading to the white flakes you see on your hair and clothes. Invest in a shampoo like T-Gel instead of over moisturising your scalp.

We hope you haven’t been living your life according to these old wives tales, but if you have, at least now you know! Did you hold faith in any of these men’s hair myths? If you did or know any more that need to be debunked, let us know!

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Autumn/Winter Styling Ideas for Men

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

We all know summer has well and truly ended. The first of October is at the end of the week and nights have gotten significantly longer. So, what seasonal style moves should you be making with your hair? We’re going to dish out some A/W styling ideas for men.

styling ideas for men

In the UK when we enter a new season, we’re made well and truly aware of it. It’s gotten colder and wind and rain is becoming more frequent. Your hair has to be ready for that. You need to have styling ideas in your back pocket for every season…

Number 1 – Slick is Sleeker

styling ideas for men

Something a little smarter may be more apt for A/W. Overall styling ideas for men in these seasons veer towards tailored coats and smarter boots. Opting for a slicker look will match this vibe a lot better. Pomades, a side parting and a pompadour are more likely to hold in the autumnal winds and rain. Should you get caught in it. So that it’s not too formal, focus on texture and body on the top. You don’t want it plastered to your head.

Number 2 – Practice with Pastes

styling ideas for men

When the weather changes, it’s a good idea to move away from the natural finishes created by texturising dusts. Or the textured volume created by salt sprays. Why not try a paste or a cream instead. Running it through your hair from the root and styling your hair. Since its also hat season, pastes offer you the ability to restyle it throughout the day. Although, it isn’t suitable for finer hair.

Number 3 – Shift the Stubble

styling ideas for men

Not in the sense of getting rid of it. But instead, in the sense of mixing it up. Beards are still incredibly popular. With winter approaching beards are a good way to keep your face just a little bit warmer. If you haven’t already got one, grow one! If you have, take care of it. Use moisturiser or beard oil to keep the hair and the skin underneath hydrated. Beard dandruff isn’t one of our styling ideas.

Number 4 – Twin the Times

styling ideas for men

While early autumn lends itself to a new, exciting style, make sure you don’t go overboard with a look that you can’t handle. Go for something manageable. You can go for a short back and sides, with a nicer taper – and keep the top textured, but neat. Stylish but easy to maintain in the unruly weather.

Number 5 – Suit your Style

styling ideas for men

Don’t be that guy who wants a simple messy haircut and beard, though he works in the city and wears a pinstripe suit every day. Instead, take your overall look into consideration. Don’t mix too many trends. Get a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle. Not the lifestyle you wish you had.

We hope these styling ideas are useful for you during the current seasonal change. Are you going to be switching up your look? If so what kind of look are you going for? Let us know!

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Going Grey Gracefully

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Going grey can seem like your worst nightmare. It’s a sign of age. But, we think you can still make it work…

You don’t need to compromise your style or looks when you start going grey. You can adapt and change and know how to make it work. We’re going to help you in the process of going grey gracefully.

going grey gracefully

George Clooney

Why do some men grey earlier than others?

Some men seem to keep a dark head of hair until well into their fifties, but others find themselves going grey much earlier. Of course, the answer may be out of a bottle, but what’s the prime mover behind the early-grey mechanism?
Hair goes grey when the pigment responsible for the hair’s colour stops forming in the hair shaft. For men, it can happen earlier than youd think. Some men go grey in their twenties and some in their sixties. It just depends.
But despite your body’s quirks, lifestyle also plays a part: although a predilection for early greying can be inherited, it can equally be caused by stress or malnutrition, which prevent your body from producing vital chemicals including the pigment melanin.

going grey gracefully

Max Joseph

Will a healthy lifestyle prevent it?

For a time. Yes. Eating healthy and exercising will improve any kind of ageing function in your body. However, if you have the gene for it, it’s going to happen. B-vitamins, selenium and iodine rich foods are said to help slow down the ageing process. That would include going grey.

going grey gracefully

Richard Gere

How can you showcase your grey hair?

So you’ve decided that youre going grey so you may as well embrace it. How do you make it work? What haircuts will work best with it? Longer length layers is one of the best haircuts for greying hair. For the man that’s beginning to turn silver but still short of being fully white, careful layering can blend grey and dark hair seamlessly, offering a touch of maturity. Mixing in the greys and ensuring evenly chopped layers gives you that salt and pepper look that we hear some ladies (and men!) love.

going grey gracefully

Mark Ruffalo

How do you take care of it?

Whether you decide to stick with your grey or not, it will take more maintenance. Grey hair doesn’t hold moisture the way other hair colours so do. So, you will have to invest in a good conditioner to make your hair look the part. Also, try a growth promoting conditioner, grey hair is sometimes the step before no hair.

Whether or not you relish the idea of becoming a silver fox and going grey, we hope these tips will help you rock your new mature colour.

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Five Signs of Ageing and How to Fix It

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

The fear of ageing affects us all, men and women alike. However, men don’t get the coverage on it enough and we bet you’re also wondering how to identify and stop those tell tale signs.

Defacto are bringing you 5 Signs of Ageing and How to Fix It! We hope this helps you hold onto your youth and good looks.

Dark Spots


Dark spots are so common in ageing, in men and women, they highlight the damage the sun has done over the years. UV rays affect the skin in so many ways, and it causes a lot of ageing signs, however, they can take up to 25 years to develop. This means that those dark spots you’re getting now, might have been due to years ago so if you’re still young you should be making sure you’re taking good care of your skin now. For older skin you should lay off any kind of facial scrubs you’re doing, they lift a layer of skin and make it more susceptible to UV light, use good moisturiser and suncream and focus on eating omega oil rich foods. You should see an improvement.


Prevent the wrinkles on forehead_1

Another ageing sign caused by the sun, but also, stress, smoking and sugar. Although mens skin ages slower than women’s due to a larger collagen content, sugar can lessen the amount of collagen in your skin, meaning a high sugar diet could also mean A LOT more wrinkles. Alcohol is also a culprit, so avoid the things that cause wrinkles or work out how to battle it. Use a high protection suncream on your face and why not try a proven anti-wrinkle cream like this one from L’Occitane.



Unfortunately they happen, yes. Again this is down to the deterioration of collagen, which keeps everything firm and in place, it will happen naturally. However, the weakening of your gums has a lot to do with it as well. Good gum retention will also mean you keep your natural teeth longer. When your teeth start falling out, you loose gum mass, this means your face has no support and begins to sag. Investing in a good electric toothbrush that will promote great oral health could have a good impact!

Thinning Hair


This isn’t always a sign of ageing, a great deal of men under the age of 30 deal with thinning hair. Getting the right haircut could be a simple solution if you don’t want to invest in expensive solutions, short back and sides and length on the top will do a lot to disguise thinning hair. Home remedies haven’t been proven to work but Regaine has. Investing in Regaine will promote hair growth and limit the thinning of hair. 

Greying Hair

signs of ageing

Max Joseph from MTV’s Catfish

Again, its not always a sign of age. Avoiding this is a lot harder, if its going to happen then its going to happen. You can embrace it and just go grey like MTV Catfish’s Max Joseph or you can dye it. All over head dye doesn’t really look great on ageing men, so try getting a stylist to tactically dye it so you get a little salt and peppering or try a home dye like Just For Men’s Touch of Grey.

We hope this helps you in your quest for youth!


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Five Facial Hair Mistakes

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Facial hair has been in, in a big way for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be going away. So if you have a beard, want a beard or you’re growing a beard. You need to know about what you should be doing with it.

Five Beard Folly's (2)

These are our 5 Facial Hair Mistakes, come on over and build your beard knowledge.

Its Not Going to Happen

nobody wants a Bieber beard

nobody wants a Bieber beard

Not every man is capable of growing a Gandalf beard, you might only get as far as stubble and you might not even get that far. Your facial hair might be patchy and growing a full beard just might not be what you’re capable of but you can always experiment with different looks and styles to implement what you can grow. Remember when Justin Bieber grew that horrid thing? Nobody wants that.

Not Trimming/Letting it Grow TOO Long

Bad beards can actually happen to good people

Bad beards can actually happen to good people

Even if you’re trying to grow a lumberjack beard, you still need to make sure it grows out nicely. Letting your beard just grow aimlessly will leave you with straggly ends and that doesn’t look good, it just looks lazy. If you’re facial hair looks course and unruly, it’s unlikely you’re going to have a long luscious beard without a great deal of TLC.


shaving too much could ruin your look

shaving too much could ruin your look

Similarly, over grooming will be an issue as well. Having a nice beard with a good shape does wonders for those lacking a strong defined jawline. But if your shave it too much its going to end up looking a bit more comical than well groomed. Shave off as little at your cheek as you can while still maintaining a straight line and make sure you don’t have a neck beard. Although shaving right up under your chin to the jawline isn’t advised either.

Using Beard Oil

Beard oil might not always be key to a good beard

Beard oil might not always be key to a good beard

Both using it too early and not using it at all. A woman wouldn’t neglect to condition the ends of her long hair and you should feel the same way about your beard. With a long beard, not using beard oil will leave you with scraggly ends and beard dandruff. Yes that’s a thing. It’ll smooth the skin and condition the hair. If you’ve only got stubble or a very short beard then all you need is a good moisturiser, the oil will too much for your skin and cause whiteheads.

Not Looking After the Equipment

keeping your tools clean is important

keeping your tools clean is important

For sure when you have an outstanding beard you’ll need good tools. Trimmers and razors are, obviously, key to perfection in this area. Be sure to keep all your tools clean, trapped hairs and unsterilized equipment will lead to germs and eventual skin issues if you. Clean out any stray hairs and invest in a good disinfectant for clippers. For example, this WAHL Spray for around £10.

All in all you should be proud of your beard and treat it with respect, you’ll look better and feel better for it!
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5 Grooming Mistakes Made by Men: Skin Special

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

It’s okay to make mistakes everyone does it. When it comes to grooming mistakes, your skin is involved and we would advise a little more caution…

Obviously not everyone knows what their skin needs; you might not even know if you’ve got combination skin or oily skin. Finding that out and changing your routine accordingly might do wonders if you’re having skin issues. However, there are other things that might be affecting your skin without you even knowing. Defacto are here to give you 5 things that you might be doing wrong and how to change them.

Using soap


No not if you’re using it on your body, regular soap shouldn’t be used on your face, its acidic and you’re alkaline. A lot of you probably don’t do this but to the few that do, using regular soap on your skin will be drying it out, soaking up the moisture and making it tight and potentially flaky. Using a gentle cleanser will clean your skin and not remove all the natural oils. Using a good moisturiser after cleansing is also recommended.

Messing with ingrown hairs

Ingrown facial hairs look like spots and you might try and pop them but messing with them will make them worse. The way to remove an ingrown hair is using tweezers to gently pull the hair out from under the skin, don’t pull it out as this will just set the hair deeper into the follicle. To prevent them don’t pick at them when you see them and try exfoliating before you shave as this will remove dead skin and create a smoother softer base to shave on. This Keihls Facial Fuel aims to minimise the risk of ingrown hairs.


You’ve forgotten you’re older
The way you ate when you were a teenager isn’t how you should eat now. Sure, pig out every now and then when you want to but regular healthy eating, drinking of water and facial cleansing goes a long way to getting you the skin you want. Also avoid sleeping in your hair product, it’ll clog the pores around your hairline and bring you out in more spots. Showering before you go to bed to get the product out is highly recommended.

Hot water

Steamy showers are great and theory and even in practice, until you reap what you sow. Overly hot showers dry the skin and encourage rosacea, a skin condition that develops as a bumpy red rash and looks similar to acne; it’s also aggravated by fragrance and alcohol. To avoid this use a redness reducing cleanser that is alcohol and fragrance free.

Not enough protection

Holidays aren’t the only time you should slather in sun cream. The suns UV rays cause ageing no matter what country you’re in. a lot of female make up and beauty products contain SPF and a good variety of men’s ones do too. You can invest in a good sun defense moisturiser that wont leave you with that thick and heavy sun cream feeling for day to day wear.

Glad we could help!

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Tips for Grooms To Be

Friday, June 10th, 2016

On the lead up to the biggest day of a couples life, most people focus on the bride, not the groom. So Defacto are here to offer Tips for Grooms: A Top 10 list of things you should think about before the big day.

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life no matter whether you’re a man or a woman and no doubt men want to look good too.

Everyone knows that male grooming has become more of a thing of late, which is nice because men look better. So, what should you be thinking about, Tips for Grooms has got your back.

Having a good routine is key

Having a good routine is key

Have a good skin routine on the lead up.
Taking a little more attention on cleansing your face will have a big impact. Focusing on keeping your skin clean on the lead up will keep blemishes at bay. Stress is a big problem when you’re skin conscious and that certainly doesn’t help on the lead up to your wedding day so try preventing it by cleansing your skin at least daily.

Trim your facial hair regularly.
If you like having facial hair but it’s a little unruly, you should trim it in the shape you like once a week on the lead up. This will establish a clean shape that’ll be easier to maintain. It’ll also make you look a lot better groomed.

tips for grooms says...

tips for grooms says…

Get a hair cut a week before.
Getting a haircut a week before is advised. If you get a good cut, after a week it’ll be in its prime, it will still look cleanly cut but will be a lot more pleasing to the eye. Your barber or stylist might always say “it’ll grow into the style” and they do mean it.

Be health conscious.
Healthy food and water will have an affect on you inside and out. You’ll feel better and your skin will look better for it too. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Dont be scared to tackle those brows

Dont be scared to tackle those brows

Try grooming your brows.
We doubt you’ll want heavily groomed, arched eyebrows but a monobrow doesn’t look good either. So, having a professional pluck, wax or thread away excess hairs to give you a nice natural shape isn’t anything to look down on.

Get a dazzling smile.
Marriage is one of the reasons a lot of people visit the dentist and why should you too? Whether you want them straightened or whitened, a trip to your dentist could lead to massive improvements. You can also focus on routine brushing with whitening toothpaste or whitening strips to achieve a whiter smile.

Classic never goes out of style...

Classic never goes out of style…

Focus on a classic style.
You want your wedding photos to look good in every decade, so, your suit and hair should lean towards a more classic style. Classic Hollywood icons are a good place to start; neat side partings and slick backs never go out of style. Neither do well tailored wedding suits.


Visit your barber.
Though not for a haircut, a lot of barbers now offer wet shaves with straight razors, going for a group shave with your groomsmen might be a good idea. Although discussing it with your barber of choice when would be best for you to shave might be a good idea. Not all men have the same shaving regime.

put the man in manicure

put the man in manicure

Take time on your hands.
Your bride to be isn’t going to want to be holding dry, rough hands when she’s dancing with you. So swallow any masculinity that’s stopping you from getting a manicure and go and get one done. Well-kept hands are always noticed, so are unkempt ones.

Invest in good products.
If you are planning to take on advice from this then investing in good products should be one of them. A lot of time with grooming products what you pay for you get. Invest in good cleansers, aftershave, styling products and a good suit. Everyone will notice but most importantly you will notice.

All in all, it’s always good to take pride in your appearance. Good luck for the big day!

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Fathers Day Ideas to Make His Day

Friday, June 10th, 2016

Father’s day is looming, it’s a chance for you to prove that your dad raising you was a good decision.

Not really, but it is nice to make an effort on that one day a year that’s just for him and for you to show your dad you care.

Whether your buying it for your dad or you’re a partner with a young child, so you have to buy something and “pretend” its from your child. We’ve got some ideas for you.

L'Occitane Shaving Collection

L’Occitane Shaving Collection

A Fancy (or even not that fancy) shaving kit
It’s a luxuary for a man to have a luxurious shave and having a set in the house to give that feeling might be a pretty good idea!
You can get a pricier one like the Deluxe L’Occitan Collection – £120 

NotonTheHighstreet shaving kit

NotonTheHighstreet shaving kit

Or one like this, from Not On The High Street  for £35

VR Headsets are an exciting gift

VR Headsets are an exciting gift

A Virtual Reality Headset
We know this one seems ridiculous, but, they aren’t all that expensive. Whether you get what you pay for or not, you are sure to find one in your price range. There’s a Samsung one at £80 and a more affordable option on The Hut at £29.99.

who doesnt love a belt?

who doesnt love a belt?

A good belt.
Men need belts, a good belt is a good thing to have, so if your dad’s belt is looking a little shabby why not invest in a good new one for him?

try giving him a barbering experience

try giving him a barbering experience

An Experience
By this we mean a day at a good barbershop of his choosing. Going to a barbershop now isn’t always just getting your hair buzzed and sent on your way. Now you can go, relax, have a beer, a wet shave and the perfect cut. That’s essentially a pamper day for men so give that a thought this father’s day. You can find a great list of barbers on our listing website HERE.

Watches are a mans best friend

Watches are a mans best friend

A watch
Now if you’re thinking of really splashing the cash, a watch might be a nice thing. Time pieces are impressive and beautiful pieces of artistry. If you want to give your dad something special, and you’ve got money to burn, go for a watch!

Tom Ford Cologne

Tom Ford Cologne

Nice cologne
A good scent makes an impression, does your dad or partner have a favourite? Repurchase it for him! If they don’t then try something you want or like, that you think they’ll want to wear too.

Brewdog Punk IPA homebrew kit

Brewdog Punk IPA homebrew kit

A brewing kit
If your dad is a big beer fan then why not give him the joy of making his own this father’s day. A lot of beer and ale companies produce their own home brewing kits. Like this Brewdog homebrew kit for £40! 

try a trimmer

try a trimmer

A good new razor or trimmer
Has your dad got some impressive dad style facial hair? Maybe he wants to give a moustache look a go? Getting him a decent facial trimmer or razor would help him on his way!

subscription boxes are becoming more popular

subscription boxes are becoming more popular

A subscription box
From beer to pants to food, you can get so many things in subscription boxes these days. Companies like Flavourly (food and drink) and Lootcrate (geeky gifts) will send you our monthly boxes full of stuff that your dad will love.

maybe an day out would be a good gift this fathers day

maybe an day out would be a good gift this fathers day

A day out
It could be a day out with his friends, a day out with you or a day out with his partner, or even just a day out to himself. You can find daily deals on websites like itison or groupon if you’re a little strapped for cash. If youre not, you can always just shop around for what you think your dad will want!

We hope that we’ve helped you source a great father’s day gift. Send us a message or leave us a comment if we have, we’d love to know! Go celebrate with your old man!

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