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5 Grooming Mistakes Made by Men: Skin Special

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

It’s okay to make mistakes everyone does it. When it comes to grooming mistakes, your skin is involved and we would advise a little more caution…

Obviously not everyone knows what their skin needs; you might not even know if you’ve got combination skin or oily skin. Finding that out and changing your routine accordingly might do wonders if you’re having skin issues. However, there are other things that might be affecting your skin without you even knowing. Defacto are here to give you 5 things that you might be doing wrong and how to change them.

Using soap


No not if you’re using it on your body, regular soap shouldn’t be used on your face, its acidic and you’re alkaline. A lot of you probably don’t do this but to the few that do, using regular soap on your skin will be drying it out, soaking up the moisture and making it tight and potentially flaky. Using a gentle cleanser will clean your skin and not remove all the natural oils. Using a good moisturiser after cleansing is also recommended.

Messing with ingrown hairs

Ingrown facial hairs look like spots and you might try and pop them but messing with them will make them worse. The way to remove an ingrown hair is using tweezers to gently pull the hair out from under the skin, don’t pull it out as this will just set the hair deeper into the follicle. To prevent them don’t pick at them when you see them and try exfoliating before you shave as this will remove dead skin and create a smoother softer base to shave on. This Keihls Facial Fuel aims to minimise the risk of ingrown hairs.


You’ve forgotten you’re older
The way you ate when you were a teenager isn’t how you should eat now. Sure, pig out every now and then when you want to but regular healthy eating, drinking of water and facial cleansing goes a long way to getting you the skin you want. Also avoid sleeping in your hair product, it’ll clog the pores around your hairline and bring you out in more spots. Showering before you go to bed to get the product out is highly recommended.

Hot water

Steamy showers are great and theory and even in practice, until you reap what you sow. Overly hot showers dry the skin and encourage rosacea, a skin condition that develops as a bumpy red rash and looks similar to acne; it’s also aggravated by fragrance and alcohol. To avoid this use a redness reducing cleanser that is alcohol and fragrance free.

Not enough protection

Holidays aren’t the only time you should slather in sun cream. The suns UV rays cause ageing no matter what country you’re in. a lot of female make up and beauty products contain SPF and a good variety of men’s ones do too. You can invest in a good sun defense moisturiser that wont leave you with that thick and heavy sun cream feeling for day to day wear.

Glad we could help!

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Beckham Beauty Range?

Monday, May 9th, 2016

David Beckham for H&M

David Beckham for H&M

David Beckham, famous for football and fragrances is now trying his hand at something else.

Teaming up with Biotherm, Beckham is taking on the skincare world with his own grooming range.

Its well known that Beckham’s career in football opened many doors to him, with Pepsi adverts and his fragrance empire. He is a household name and his men’s scent ‘Instinct’ is up there with the best selling celebrity fragrances of all time.

However, despite his endless franchises, endorsements and charity events, apparently David Beckham can still manage to try his hand at another new venture. His collaboration with Biotherm will add the world of skincare to his repertoire.

Biotherm is a luxury skincare brand, originating from France, and now owned by L’Oreal under their Luxury Products division. The Biotherm name derives from profession of the founder Mme Jeanie Marissal, a biologist, and thermal plankton. Thermal Plankton is an ingredient found in all Biotherm products, supposedly a key to healthy skin and a potent skin rejuvenator. In 1952, Mme Jeanie, acquired intellectual property rights to thermal plankton and from then on she used it in skin care products.

Previous Biotherm campaign

Previous Biotherm campaign

With previous faces of the Biotherm Homme line including Sex and the City actor Chris Noth, its clear Biotherm have an idea of the kind of man they want to attract. However, according to WWD, not only will Beckham be the face of the new Biotherm Homme line, he will also co-create the collection of men’s grooming products, set to launch next year.

Beckham is notoriously well groomed, with his good looks and perfectly styled hair he’s the fantasy and inspiration of many, we’re sure. His style has encouraged many men to have a go at a more gentlemanly look with slicked back hair and he is no stranger to a beauty regimen. In the past, he’s admitted to taking beauty tips from his wife, Victoria Beckham. She once famously said that she and David share their beauty products and he’s even admitted to enjoying a manicure over any other pampering treatment when he’s feeling indulgent.

If anyone’s suited to be the face of a men’s grooming line, then it’s got to be David Beckham.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to Beckham’s contribution to the beauty industry?

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