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Accessorising the Modern Man

Monday, September 26th, 2016

There are so many options for accessories when it comes to women. What about accessorising for the modern man?

Accessorising the Modern Man

We know the two obvious ones, which we’ll get out of the way first, man-bags and watches. But, are there other options for men to style their outfit? Are there more options than the two well-known staples? We think so.


Accessorising the Modern Man

Briefcases have been out for a while. They’re difficult to carry and not as cool as they used to be. The era of the man-bag has been reigning for a while now. A man-bag is a great way of accessorising an outfit. It’s practical too, it’ll hold all the stuff you need for your working day and it looks great too.


Watches have always been a key component in mens accessorising. However, now its arguable that look is coming before name. a rising name in the watch world is MVMT. Incredibly stylish looking watches with an affordable price tag. They look the part but don’t cost it. A more casual, versatile watch is becoming more desirable over the flashy big brand names. We kind of prefer that.


Accessorising the Modern Man


The wrong belt can ruin an outfit. So ensuring that you’ve got the right one on with the right outfit is key. Leather belts are always the winners in our eyes. They never go out of style and they compliment what you’re wearing. They key to wearing leather is to match it with the other leather you’re wearing. Brown leather shoes with a brown leather belt. It’s a simple way of remembering what you should wear but it’s also fool proof.


Accessorising the Modern Man

It seems that vintage and retro styles of glasses are back in. Ray-Ban clubmasters and thick rimmed frames are mostly what we’ve been seeing right now. A good way to stand out from the crowd is to go for some statement eyewear. However, you have to be sure that you pick the right frames for your face shape. You can see which style of glasses you should be accessorising with HERE.


Accessorising the Modern Man

This is a bit of a different one. Most luxury runway looks stay there. They’re too expensive. Too impractical. They’re the kind of thing that looks good in fashion mags, then like hell in the street. However, we think that neckties are something that could work on men with certain styles. They add a little individuality, something that can be a bit harder to come by in mens fashion. If you think you could rock a necktie we fully support you!

Is there anything we’ve missed? Do you think guys should bring back accessorising with leather wristbands or shark-tooth necklaces? Let us know by commenting!

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