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Three Men Try Women’s Beauty Treatments… and Hate It

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

The men in question

The men in question

Men were sent to a salon to experience what women go through for beauty.

Although they may claim that nothing can feel worse than a kick downstairs, apparently experiencing women’s day to day beauty treatments can end up being just ‘a little too much’. The poor souls.

Buzzfeed India sent three men down to a salon to have a go at a few pretty standard beauty treatments. Yes these treatments can be a little uncomfortable but really nothing to squirm over. They had a wax, their brow’s threaded, and then finished with a mani and a pedi. An average salon day, yes? Not for them.

Thankfully, Buzzfeed videoed the whole thing for our enjoyment. To begin with the guys are boasting about their high pain thresholds, this will be nothing to them, they all seem pretty confident about tackling this task head on. This bravado didn’t last all that long.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.05.54

One of the men related the experience of waxing to feeling like a chicken being plucked. Another couldn’t believe that the beauty therapist was putting them through the pain that they were experiencing. He said:

“This lady looks so nice, but she’s straight up savage!”

Another man commented after having his arms waxed:

‘I’m discovering new body parts. I didn’t even know this thing [points to the back of arm] even existed, or had any nerve endings. This has actually been a journey to self discovery”

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.06.50

Then they moved onto threading, a practice that splits people down the middle, some quite enjoy the feeling and some liken it to hell on earth. The latter was the feeling for these guys. One of them said:

“I feel like someone is peeling off thin strips of my skin”

Whilst the other had gone past the point of words…

“I’m unable to process thoughts right now. All I can think, is pain, pain, pain, pluck. Pain pain pain pain, pluck.”

At the end of the video the guys felt that the experience had brought them closer together as friends:

“After you’ve been through such turmoil and such a painful experience it’s extremely unifying.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.08.38

If you want to watch the video you can watch it here!

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