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Winter Hair Care for Men

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

You’re all wrapped up. You’ve got your tacky Christmas jumpers out (we hope!) and you’re all set for the winter period. But, is your hair ready? It’s time for some tips on winter hair care for men!

winter hair care for men

While the cold does have a part to play in the state of your hair during the winter months, it’s not the main player. Your lifestyle mistakes and sins come to the surface when it’s cold. So if you’re finding your hair hard to manage during the most wonderful time of the year, it’s probably due to things well within your limits to change. So, if you’re ready to change your ways, here are our top tips on winter hair care for men.

Try not to stress.

winter hair care for men

It’s common knowledge that we’re more prone to feel stressed out during colder, darker months when you can’t even remember what sun on your skin feels like. But freak out about the freeze and you’ll trigger a whole host of hair-raising problems, including dandruff, scalp itchiness and greasiness. Try managing your stress levels with activities such as yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness or light exercise

Changes in temperature.

Tip on winter hair care for men number two is… calm down with the heat! Whether you’re a straightener, a blow-dryer or you enjoy a steamy shower, you need to do it within reason. Hair is more likely to frizz in the winter due to movement between different temperatures, like walking from heated buildings into the chilly outdoors. Avoid straightening your hair as this will only expose it to more frizz-causing extreme temperatures. Resist the temptation to stew yourself in the shower. Going from one extreme to the other is only going to dry out your hair and you want to lock in moisture.

winter hair care for men

Try to avoid hats.

We know your beanie looks cool and it keeps your head cosy but it’s a no no for winter hair. Wearing them too much can make your hair greasy and your scalp sweaty and itchy. If you insist on wearing one, you can spray a little dry shampoo through the roots to reinvigorate your hat hair.

Eat balanced.

We’re not going to sit here and pretend that we don’t indulge over the Christmas period. But, seasonal changes to diet can pose problems. During winter, you’re more likely to have worse eating habits than in the summer – if you’re anything like us, your winter diet is more carb-rich but light on fresh fruit and veg, you’re much more partial to a takeaway and, with party season in full swing, you find it hard to say no to a pint. Your hair could suffer if you are not getting nutrient-rich foods on a regular basis. Make sure you get as many of your five-a-day as possible. The selection box will still be there tomorrow.

winter hair care for men

We hope your barnet doesn’t suffer too much this winter. However, if things start getting a bit hairy, head back here and revise our tips on winter hair care for men!

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Are You Shaving Properly?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

If you’re a man who likes to have a clean-shaven face, shaving your face in the morning is more of a ritual than a joy.

You get it done as fast as you can and then you’re out the door. It goes without saying that this isn’t the optimal way to go about it. A lot of men end up with irritation or five o’clock shadows. This could be to do with their skin in general but it also is highly likely that they are shaving wrong. Are you?

shaving wrong

Do you prep properly?

One of the main causes of irritation when shaving is hacking away while your hairs are too stiff and bristly. Cold water isn’t going to do the job. You need warmer water to soften the hairs and make them less resistant to shaving. Getting the full works at a barbershop with a hot towel treatment is an option for a reason. Heat and moisture is great for shaving. At home, replicate this by shaving when you’ve just got out of the shower. Brady also recommends using a light exfoliator to remove unnecessary oil and dead skin to soften your burgeoning beard before you cut it back.

Shaving wrong

Do you shave against the grain?

It feels like a closer shave, there’s no doubt about that. But, there’s also no doubt its irritating your skin. Shaving this way is more likely to create lumps and bumps, potentially leading to ingrown hairs. Which are awful! Shaving with a manual razor is best done alone the growth of the hair.

Do you have the right tools?

The average razor is will have at least three, if not five blades stuffed into each cartridge. But the slim gaps between these blades can clog with stiffer hairs, resulting in a less efficient shave as new hairs pile on top of older ones. Multiple blades are easier to use and usually come on a flexible body, making it even easier to shave.

shaving wrong

However, opting for an older blade may give you a better shave if youre willing to put the time in. Old-school double-edge safety razors and cutthroat straight razors have a single edge, these won’t clog and a pack of 10 blades can be picked up for as little as a pound. They can cause irritation if you’re not skilled in shaving with them but they are worth the time and effort for a smoother shave.

Do you take care of your skin after?

shaving wrong

Once you’ve finished shaving and you’re all dried off, running straight for the door is not advisable. Your pores are open and exposed. Your skin has just had blades dragged across it. It’s a one-way ticket to irritation, shaving rashes and other skin problems. Post-shave balm or some moisturiser should be applied to the skin after shaving to seal everything up and hydrate the skin.

Do you have any tips? Are you a professional and want to highlight other things we may have missed? Let us know!

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Five Facial Hair Mistakes

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Facial hair has been in, in a big way for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be going away. So if you have a beard, want a beard or you’re growing a beard. You need to know about what you should be doing with it.

Five Beard Folly's (2)

These are our 5 Facial Hair Mistakes, come on over and build your beard knowledge.

Its Not Going to Happen

nobody wants a Bieber beard

nobody wants a Bieber beard

Not every man is capable of growing a Gandalf beard, you might only get as far as stubble and you might not even get that far. Your facial hair might be patchy and growing a full beard just might not be what you’re capable of but you can always experiment with different looks and styles to implement what you can grow. Remember when Justin Bieber grew that horrid thing? Nobody wants that.

Not Trimming/Letting it Grow TOO Long

Bad beards can actually happen to good people

Bad beards can actually happen to good people

Even if you’re trying to grow a lumberjack beard, you still need to make sure it grows out nicely. Letting your beard just grow aimlessly will leave you with straggly ends and that doesn’t look good, it just looks lazy. If you’re facial hair looks course and unruly, it’s unlikely you’re going to have a long luscious beard without a great deal of TLC.


shaving too much could ruin your look

shaving too much could ruin your look

Similarly, over grooming will be an issue as well. Having a nice beard with a good shape does wonders for those lacking a strong defined jawline. But if your shave it too much its going to end up looking a bit more comical than well groomed. Shave off as little at your cheek as you can while still maintaining a straight line and make sure you don’t have a neck beard. Although shaving right up under your chin to the jawline isn’t advised either.

Using Beard Oil

Beard oil might not always be key to a good beard

Beard oil might not always be key to a good beard

Both using it too early and not using it at all. A woman wouldn’t neglect to condition the ends of her long hair and you should feel the same way about your beard. With a long beard, not using beard oil will leave you with scraggly ends and beard dandruff. Yes that’s a thing. It’ll smooth the skin and condition the hair. If you’ve only got stubble or a very short beard then all you need is a good moisturiser, the oil will too much for your skin and cause whiteheads.

Not Looking After the Equipment

keeping your tools clean is important

keeping your tools clean is important

For sure when you have an outstanding beard you’ll need good tools. Trimmers and razors are, obviously, key to perfection in this area. Be sure to keep all your tools clean, trapped hairs and unsterilized equipment will lead to germs and eventual skin issues if you. Clean out any stray hairs and invest in a good disinfectant for clippers. For example, this WAHL Spray for around £10.

All in all you should be proud of your beard and treat it with respect, you’ll look better and feel better for it!
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