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How To Get The Perfect Messy Bob

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

You’ve been to the hairdressers and got your ideal summer cropped hair cut. Your stylist has transformed your hair into the perfect tousled messy bob and you love it, its bang on trend and its upped your level of style by numerous points.

Lucy Hale's messy bob is one of our faves!

Lucy Hale’s messy bob is one of our faves!

The thing is, you can’t get that expert level of effortlessness at home somehow? You’re not a stylist but you think you could manage some stylish messy waves. If this is an issue you’re having then let us enlighten you in how you can achieve that perfectly messy crop at home!

It might not be as simple and as easy as you think though, you will need:
• Thickening spray or mousse
• Hairdryer with a diffuser
• Curling tongs
• Setting clips (you can use kirby grips as well if you don’t want to go and get clips)
• Texture spray

Unfortunately like a lot of ‘effortless looks’ this one requires time and effort but youll get the hair you want at the end of it! Lets begin.

There are so many thickening mousses and sprays in all price ranges

There are so many thickening mousses and sprays in all price ranges

1. Apply your thickening spray or mousse onto your towel dried hair and blowdry. You can use a round brush to add volume.

2. Use your tongs to curl your hair in alternating horizontal sections with a curling iron. The size of the section should correlate to the size of the iron. The longer your hair, the thicker your barrel should be, for a bob try a 1” to a 1¼” barrel. Have your curls alternate with each one and set them in place with the setting clip.

Its good to know your barrel sizes

Its good to know your barrel sizes

3. When curling the sections of hair closest to your face, curl downwards and towards your face.

4. As we move down the side of the head in vertical sections, we alternate directions – this curl placement is up away from the face.

5. Once you reach the crown of your head (the top few inches of hair that will fall over the back), curl these pieces horizontally back, as shown in the image. Make sure you hold the section straight up from the scalp for maximum volume before inserting the iron.

6. Once the front of your hair and crown are curled and clipped, curl the back in the same manner, but don’t worry about clipping it in place. The back of your head has more hair than the sides, so if the underneath hair is less curly, the overall look is more uniform.

7. Take out the setting clips but be sure to follow the order in which you put them in

V05 are a good example of a brand who have a line of products for different hair styles. Including a texturising spray

V05 are a good example of a brand who have a line of products for different hair styles. Including a texturising spray

8. Lift the sections up as you remove the clips and add some texture spray to the roots to give it a little lift

9. Break out the diffuser and set it to low heat, medium wind. Begin flipping your hair around while inserting the blowdryer from ends to roots. Just hold for a moment, then move on to the next section. The goal here is for the heat to break up any patterns, giving you a more undone look. Once youre done you can add a little hairspray to set it if you feel like you need it!


Enjoy your gorgeous messy bob!

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