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Competition Time!

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Do you love being pampered? Do you want to win a £100 voucher for a salon of your choice? Read on then!


Here at Defacto Salons we love to give back and what better way than to offer you a voucher for a salon!

You could win a £100 voucher for any salon you want in the UK by following these simple instructions…

Like our page on Facebook, share our competition post and tag the salon you want to go to in the comment section and you could win £100 to spend in a salon of your choice. No catches and its super easy!

Here at Defacto we aim to offer you the ultimate talent in the salon world, we want people to love their hair and we want to help UK salons increase their businesses.

It doesn’t matter what you want done; a cut, a colour, your nails, a massage or a facial. Tag any kind of beauty salon or spa in comments of our Facebook post! If you win you (and maybe even a friend if you feel generous!) could be getting pampered soon!

We’re going to be running the competition until the end of September so you have plenty of time to get involved and think about where you want to spend your winnings.


However, don’t forget to like our page Defacto Salons on Facebook and to share and comment on the post, otherwise your entry wont count.

Good luck everyone!

Who are we?

If you don’t know who we are, we’re Defacto Salons, a UK based listing website. We’ll help you find the perfect salon close to you! All you have to do is go to our homepage HERE and type in your location or the name of a salon and we’ll find it for you!

If you’re a business and you want to get involved with us you can contact our social media engager by email at or you can call our offices on 0141 3336535. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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The Herald Look Awards 2016 Build Up

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

We at Defacto are eagerly awaiting the night of May 15th.

As you may well know that is the night of The Herald Look Awards 2016!

We’re looking for the right dresses and bowties as we type! We bet the nominees of the 20 award categories are too. The Look Awards aims to award hair, beauty and aesthetic professionals and businesses in Scotland.

This year Defacto are sponsoring two award categories:

Defacto Small Salon of the Year

  • Ash Hairdressing
  • BLOW
  • Hair by Rutherfords
  • Milk Hairdressing
  • Westend Hair

Defacto Large Salon of the Year

  • Alison Stewart Hairdressing
  • Andersons Hair
  • Charlie Taylor Hair & Beauty

We decided to have a talk with our nominees about their businesses and how theyre feeling on the lead up to the big night!


ASH Hairdressing is an award winning Oban Salon. With simple and classy surroundings, anyones visit here will be an enjoyable experience.

“We have been open 18 months now and in July 2016 we are opening another brand new salon in Glasgows South side with our very own training academy.”

ASH Hairdressing

ASH Hairdressing

BLOW in Finnieston, Glasgow, have the tagline “A Manic Panic colour asylum”. It appears they are aimed a younger market with quirkier styles and colours.

“We are different, professional and edgy. Our staff are all ages, very diverse range. We are Scotlands ambassador for OLAPLEX and one of few salons stocking “Manic Panic”



Hair by Rutherfords, also based in Oban, describes itself as a friendly salon which is suitable for all tastes and budgets.

“We also entered last year,its good to get our name out there. We are passionate individuals who love what we do.We have been going two and a half years now and it would be great to win this award.”

Hair by Rutherfords

Hair by Rutherfords

Milk Hairdressing in West Calder is an award winning salon, with a laid back and relaxed vibe. Their menu of options are all delightfully cow themed! With an up-do called ‘Stuck up Cow’ and a cut and blow dry being called ‘Snippy Cow”. You won’t miss them, due to their life size model cow outside!

“We have been open 4 years yesterday. We are a unique and quirky salon- everything on our pricelist is related to a cow for example  A hair up do is  “stuck up cow.” Bridal hair is “silly cow”  We even have a model of a life sized cow outside the shop!”

Milk Hairdressing

Milk Hairdressing

West End Hair is in, you guessed it, the west end of Glasgow. They offer luxurious Aveda Haircare products and a super homely feel!

“In our boutique style salon we have a cool laid back atmosphere with a community feel. We have been going three and a half years now and we are an exclusive Aveda Salon, one of only 3 in Glasgow. The products are 99% Naturally derived, they smell great and the colours are superb”

West End Hair

West End Hair

Charlie Taylor Hair and Beauty in both Perth and Dundee, is a totally on trend salon. As well as the three time winner of Scottish Salon of the Year.

We have been around a long time now. We have a couple of large salons, one open for thirty years and the other for twenty years. We are an established brand and we have proved the test of time through the decades. We are celebrating the fact we have a fair amount of heritage and we also move with the times.

Charlie Taylor working on a model

Charlie Taylor working on a model

Another two of our nominees are Alison Stewart Hairdressing and Anderson’s Hair. Alison Stewart Hairdressing has salons in Kircaldy and Glenrothes, they too are an award winning salon, and offer a stylish and modern setting for you to get your trim or colour. Andersons Hair, in Glasgow, pride themselves in being eco friendly! They are the Salon Business Awards winners of Salon Design in 2015. That shows in their rustic, though still very up to date and on current, design.

Alison Stewart

Alison Stewart

Andersons Hair

Andersons Hair

We also spoke to NAF! Salons, Mac’s Glasgow, House Martin Barbers and Slick Barbers. NAF! Salons, on Waterloo Street in Glasgow, is a nail salon. Offering cute and inventive nail art.

NAF Salons

NAF! Salons

Mac’s Glasgow is fun and feminine. We spoke to Mel Currie, Owner of Mac’s Glasgow, and she said:

“We won Extentionist of the Year last year at The Look Awards, so there is great pressure on us on this the second year. 2015 was an amazing year for us, not only because we were recognised as Scotland’s best hair extensionists, but also because we were able to develop our business at such a rate that we are now considering opening further salons in Glasgow. Being the first Easilocks reseller in the UK, we are proud of the way our business has developed over the past 5 years, and look forward to an exciting future within this dynamic industry.”

Extensions done by Macs Glasgow

Extensions done by Macs Glasgow

House Martin Barbers is a classy joint. With a slight speakeasy vibe you will love their rich interior. Stephen Martin, Owner,said:

“This year, we decided to enter only one category and play to our strengths. We are in for Best Barber of 2016 and feel that our business has developed considerably over the past 12 months. As a finalist, we are hoping to show Scotland that we are again champions of our trade. The prestige of winning this award will certainly give us a boost and introduce us to new clients. Looks like we will have to hire more staff to cope with the rush!”

House Martin Barbers

House Martin Barbers

Slicks Barbershop on Duke Street in Glasgow is a modern barbershop. With a cool and comfortable interior, you’re going to get a fantastic haircut and be able to unwind.

“We opened three years ago, myself (Greg) and Eric, just the two of us but now we have 9 full time members of staff,  and 4 college placements so we feel the rate of growth has been massive for us. We are very open to education and recognise the value in that. Our salon is unique with wall and window murals by Designer Craig Black. We have a really cool atmosphere, our customer service and educating our staff is of prime importance. We also dedicate time out of ordinary shop hours for those clients with Autism and we are also taking part in the Summer with Autism Assemble.”

Slicks Barbershop doing a demonstration at The Scottish Hair and Beauty Show 2016

Slicks Barbershop doing a demonstration at The Scottish Hair and Beauty Show 2016

Defacto’s Director Marcus McLeod has said:  “It is important that companies, such as ourselves, give back to the industry by way of supporting awards. Encouraging salons across Scotland to participate creates a view of how the hair and beauty sector is preforming. The competition for places was incredible in 2015 year and it is even greater this year. The judging format is impressive and stands out from other similar awards. We are confident that the awards will again be another huge success this year and we look forward to a great night on the 15th May.”


We are looking forward to seeing all the nominees and guests on the night! Don’t forget to enter our Look Awards competition, for more info go HERE!




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Defacto Salons talks nails with Max Estrada!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Max Estrada

Defacto got to sit down with Max Estrada, the King of Nails, and discuss a little bit about himself and what makes him tick!

Being born into the beauty industry and with more than 10+ years of expertise and experience, Max is now sharing his knowledge all over the world and trendsetting as he goes. Master director of global education, founder and CEO of Exclusive Nail Couture and now Defacto’s most recent interviewee.

Why nails, where did it begin?

Actually my mother does nails, I grew up in the industry. I started training at a very young age, so it was a very natural move for me to get into the industry. I’d go to my mum’s salon in Arizona and just watch her do nails. I got the bug at 13, done my first competition at 15 and started working professionally at 16! I’ve been involved in all factors of the industry, being a student, being a salon owner being a nail artist, being a top competitor, and being an educator.

You like to be in amongst it all?

Yes and no because now I don’t do nails for a living I’m here for the company so I think of myself as a classically trained nail artist!


If you could do anyone’s nails, who would it be?

Jordan (Katie Price), that’d be interesting, I’ve recently become obsessed with her so id love to do her nails.

Do you know already what you would pick for her?

Something pink! Very over the top to match her personality

Have you got anything coming up?

Teaching this weekend in Glasgow at Theo Beauty Academy, we’re expecting about 13 or 15 students. Not too many so I can give individualized attention. I feel that in order to have personal growth we need to have our mistakes pointed out. When you know what your mistake is that’s when you’re able to improve and become a better nail technician.


The current Cuteecool vibe where did that come from?

As a kid I really liked Japanese cartoons and Japanese animation and I just became fascinated with this aesthetic and this pop culture. I felt like I related to it. So the packaging now is centered really towards that. Even now I really like Korean pop music and animation and all that. Everything that I make I’m very involved in. If it’s not something I like its not something I will sell! It’s all about having a quality product.

What would you say is the most defining moment of your career so far?

Every day is a defining moment because every day is a new challenge. I have had so many opportunities and I’m so blessed to be able to travel the world. Everything I do I will put my heart and soul into it and being able to travel and have a brand out. I get a lot of gratification in seeing other people using my products and enjoying them.

Example of Max's work at the Sccottish Hair and Beauty Show 2016

Example of Max’s work at the Sccottish Hair and Beauty Show 2016

So what’s next for Max Estrada?

Take over the world! More and more and more! Right now we’re really trying to develop our UK market that’s why we’re doing work here just now and ill be coming back in October. We’re always coming out with new products and I’m always working. That’s why social media is so important; we can show these products to the world!

Thanks for your time Max!


If you want to see more of Max and his nail range you can visit his site HERE 

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The Herald Look Awards 2015

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

The Look image001 (2)


Applying for The Look Awards 2015 are very proud to be sponsoring 2 categories in the inaugural Look Awards 2015. We are supporting the hair and beauty industry by sponsoring the two headline categories, Hair Salon of the Year and Beauty Salon of the Year.

Getting involved in the Look Awards could not be easier, but it does take some thought and consideration in order to complete the entry form. This is not a popularity contest with a public vote. This is a high quality, competition which encourages everyone in the hair and beauty sector to get involved. The judging panel is noted below, but let us look firstly at the categories…

Categories (click here)

The categories are designed to include everyone in the hair and beauty industry in Scotland. You will probably want to apply for two or three categories, including Salon of the Year. Have a close look at some of the less obvious categories such as Best Use of Social Media, Best Startup, Marketing Campaign of the Year and One To Watch. We suggest that you select your specialism (hair, beauty, nails, etc) and enter your salon for that. Then look at some of the other categories. Have you run a successful social media campaign this year? Are you using products or equipment in an innovative way? Have you started up recently? The categories can be found on The Herald’s website and you can call them on 0141 302 7410 to ask any questions.

The Judging Panel (click here)

Rather than having a Facebook style voting system, The Look Awards has taken a very professional approach in appointing industry leaders to a panel of judges who will assess your written application, and possibly visit your salon. This ensures that every entrant in the competition has a fair chance of being awarded. The judges are looking for passion, flair, creativeness and innovation. They want to see that you put your life and soul into your job and strive to be the best you can be. Make sure you emphasise this in your applications.

The judges include Sam McNight, hair stylist with a massive celebrity following. Adam Sloan is also on the panel and brings with him a wealth of experience as CEO of The Mens Hairdressing Federation. Dr Victoria Dobbie is one of the leading lights in cosmetics and aesthetics. Carrie McAdam is a feature writer for The Herald and has gravitas in the hair and beauty industry. Ainslie Currie is a leading MUA and has great understanding of the industry. The panel is also supported by Habia and Salon Geek, as well as City of Glasgow College and Dr Greg Maclean.

The judges can be found on The Heralds website

The Entry From (Click here to enter The Look Awards 2015)

The entry form is fairly easy to understand and complete. However, we suggest that you take your time over this and focus on some of the main questions before sending your application in. It may even be easier for you to copy the questions into a word document and then answer them before cut and pasting your answers into the form. Section Three is where the judges will be looking closely, so make sure you inspire them with your responses!

When completing Section One, don’t forget to give details of your website and Twitter account. If you don’t have those, then enter your Facebook page, or your page on This will show the judges that you take your marketing seriously. Remember, having your salon listed on does not cost you anything!

If you need help or advice in filling in any part of the application, please call The Look Awards on 0141 302 7410, or call the Defacto Support Team on 0141 333 6535, we are here to help whenever we can.

When do I have to send this in?

The deadline for entry is Thursday 16th April, but please don’t leave it until the last minute! You will give yourselves a better chance of winning an award if you leave yourself plenty of time.

When will the winners be announced?

As you can imagine, the judging process will take a while, giving every entrant the fairest chance of winning an award. A shortlist of finalists will be announced in early May with the Awards evening on Sunday 17th May at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow. For those of you who have been involved in The Heralds Business Awards, you will understand that it will be a spectacular evening with top quality presenters and entertainment. However, the main storyline is the award winners and the prestige that this carries. There will be a substantial amount of press coverage of the event.

Do we have to be listed with Defacto?

Certainly not. We are not trying to persuade anyone to list themselves free of charge on our amazing website. However, outside the awards, there are major benefits to being listed on this website. We have a standard listing which is free of charge and this promotes your salon, your social media and is a great opportunity to show judges what your clients think of you in their reviews. For a very small annual (or monthly!) fee, you could be a Featured Salon which gives you even more functions, such as priority listing on any searches, job and seat rental vacancies, zero-commission daily deals, real-time performance reporting (we like to show off how good we are at delivering phone calls to your salon!), and multiple images of your wonderful team and salon! Call us for assistance in listing you, either standard or Featured, on 0141 333 6535.

We wish ALL entrants the very best of luck with this highly respected award.


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