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Battling Oily Skin in the Summer

Thursday, May 12th, 2016


Whether its just getting a little hotter or you’re going away, battling oily skin is always a concern.

Nobody likes the tell tale shine of oily skin, especially not when you’re trying to look more glam in the summer weather so here are some things that might help you on your way to heat proof matte makeup.

Your skin will become oilier in the summer; whether you’re at home or away in the sun, this is because your body is producing more sweat to try and cool down and regulate your body’s temperature. This can mean oilier skin and a shinier completion, luminous is nice, shiny is not.

A good base to start with is an oil control primer like this Bare Minerals Prime Time Oil Control one.


It will reduce the appearance of shine and soak up any excess oil. You can also use mattifying powder or blotting paper to remove shine on the go while it builds up during the day.

Try increasing your daily intake of water your skin could be dehydrated and overcompensating for it by producing excess oil. We all work and therefore throughout the day transition from a comfortable air conditioned office to outside where its hotter and this can confuse your body and cause combination skin.

Primer, as we said, is an ideal starting base for shine proof make up, however, finishing powder or setting spray is also a good idea if your wanting to battle the shine.

Urban Decay are known for creating impressive setting sprays, this will hold your makeup in place and stop the excess oil showing through.


Also be sure to choose your makeup wisely, if it’s not good for oily skin then it’s not going to be good during summer. Maybe try switching up your foundation when it comes to heading out in hotter temperatures. Before any of these steps comes cleansing, be sure to use a good cleanser, the best way to clean oil is with oil. Steer clear of alcohol based cleansing solutions and wipes and have a go at using the gentlest formula you can. Your skin will thank you!

Let us know if these tips are useful and if you’re going to be heading anywhere nice this summer!

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