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Why Does Your Hair Thin After Pregnancy?

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Have you noticed thinning hair after you’ve given birth? There’s a reason for that.

pregnancy effects hair thickness more than you'd expect

pregnancy effects hair thickness more than you’d expect

Pregnancy has a lot of different side effects; morning sickness, poor sleeping and swelling to name but a few. However, a lot of women notice the thickening of their hair when their pregnant and their skin having that healthy pregnancy glow.

While pregnant your oestrogen levels halt you hair in its cycle. Usually, you lose around 100 hairs a day during the normal cycle but the high levels of oestrogen stop that hair from falling out, meaning that you’re left with the excess hair sitting on your head that you wouldn’t normally have. That’s why pregnant woman have such full, healthy looking hair.

During Kiera Knightly's pregnancy she had much fuller, healthier looking hair

During Kiera Knightly’s pregnancy she had much fuller, healthier looking hair

Obviously this means that after you have given birth, your levels are going to decrease to their natural level, unfortunately meaning that you are going to loose that amazing hair build up as its cycle restarts.
The shedding process will most likely to happen throughout the third or fourth month after you’ve given birth and can last up to six! So if during this time your hair comes out more frequently than usual or even in little clumps. There’s no need to panic, its all fine and natural, but if you are lusting after that thicker mane then you can try some of the following tips.

Choose the right hair care – Ensuring that you’re using products that will boost the thickness of your hair is a no brainer. You can get products that claim to do this or you might want to opt for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Fine and thinning hair does well with some TLC and some hydration.

The right hair care is key to having your hair in its best condition

The right hair care is key to having your hair in its best condition

Style it well – going to your hairdresser and asking for a look that will give the illusion of thickness might be a good idea. Cutting in layers or cutting it bluntly will make the hair look like it has a greater volume than it actually does. Using rollers and root boosting agents will also add a lot of volume to sparser hair. Backcombing is also an option although this might not be great in excess if you’re looking to avoid further damage to the hair, only subtly tease the roots.

Fake it – you cant really go that wrong with good hair extensions. If you have the means and the patience for them they’ll 100% do the trick. There are a lot to choose from: clip ins, tape ins, weaves, pre-bonded and micro-beading. Be sure to do your research and find out what ones are right for you

Conceal it – if you’re happy to just let the natural fullness come back then you can touch up sparse root areas. For example products like Color Wow Root Cover Up and John Frieda’s Root blur all aim to hide sparse or greying roots.

John Frieda's Root Blur

John Frieda’s Root Blur

Don’t worry too much about it happening when it happens, you’re hair will be right as rain in no time!

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