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I Test A Lot of Beauty Blenders So You Don’t Have To!

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Anyone in the know about make up will know about beauty blenders.

Small, egg shaped sponges that help you blend your make up to a photo finish standard.

This one (1)

I’m Natalie, I’m the Defacto blog writer, you may know me from other hits like “House Martin Stole My Boyfriend”, and I love make up, but… beauty blenders just always seemed to pass me by. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted one but could never justify the price of them. However! In the name of work I am going to get a bunch of beauty blenders and pit them against one another so you don’t have to!

I will try the Original Beauty Blender, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, as well as New Look and Primark’s offerings. In the name of work obviously, this isn’t just an excuse for me to own a bunch of Beauty Blenders.

The Original Beauty Blender - paintedladybeauty

The Original Beauty Blender – paintedladybeauty

I started with the Original Beauty Blender (£16), because if you start anywhere it’s at the beginning, on this day I was going out for dinner after work. I want high coverage every single day, no matter the occasion, I like to feel secure that my noticeable dark circles are under control and that my skin looks even.

I started off with moisturised skin and followed the standard beauty blending instructions; saturate the sponge, squeeze out the excess and squeeze in a towel to allow maximum damnpness. This one does actually double in size when water is applied, which is cool, its porous, light, easy to squeeze and manipulate and its nice and soft. It bounces delicately on your skin and amazingly gave me full coverage first layer. My dark circles and spots were diminished and it felt like I had found my own holy grail.

The Original Beauty Blenger

It used a bit less than the amount I usually apply to fully cover my skin and it done it in a fraction of the time. The rest of my make up applied smoothly onto the base and this was quite a heavy make up look, so over all I am very impressed. I also like that the packaging can be used as a stand and storage as well.

The next one I tried was the Primark Beauty Blender (£1.50), I’m not sure if it has a real name so I’ll stick with that for now in the pack you get two differently shaped blenders. For the purpose of this trial I stuck with the egg shaped one.

Primark Beauty Blender - beautyaddicts

Primark Beauty Blender – beautyaddicts

The packaging for this isn’t really reusable, its kind of just classic Primark packaging but for £1.50 for two of them you cant really complain. This one is a lot more dense, its harder to squeeze and its not as porous. Its not as soft and the saturating and squeezing method was a little harder this time around. It was also a little rougher to bounce on your skin.

The coverage was a good bit lighter on this, i needed to apply concealer on my spots and under my eyes to get the kind of finish I like. Again it cut the amount of foundation I needed to apply to my skin. However, the coverage was still very even and if you’re someone who doesn’t need a lot of coverage then honestly this would be ideal for you. It might not have been as good as the Original Beauty Blender for me BUT it certainly wasn’t a disappointment.

The Original Beauty Blenger (1)

I then tried the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge, it was £5.99 and I was very excited. I see a lot of beauty bloggers using this so I was dying to give it a go… for work of course. I was going to work this day so it needed to be fast and it needed to cover a lot. It did I was so impressed with this sponge!

Real Techniques Miracle Sponge - their website

Real Techniques Miracle Sponge – their website

This again was firm and quite dense but it had a dry and wet usage option, which was pretty cool! You use it dry for fuller coverage and you use it wet for a dewy glow. Since I like fuller coverage I used it dry. It didn’t disappoint the coverage was amazing! I used one layer of foundation and it concealed everything, this may have been due to its different shaping, the fact that it had a flat side meant that it got right under my eyes and around my nose.

The Original Beauty Blenger (3)

I love this one! The packaging is nice but only reusable if you’re absolutely dying to reuse it. So it’s not actually reusable, just good packaging.

New Look’s beauty blender was last. This was another work day and I wanted similar results to the Miracle Sponge, I didn’t quite get that but it was nothing to turn my nose up at.

New Look Beauty Blender – There isn’t a picture for it online

This had a random little ridge around it that I’m not sure of the purpose of but that aside I pressed ahead with it. It was soft and smaller than the rest even after it was saturated with water. Although I was dubious after the Primark one, the £3.99 sponge actually gave decent coverage. I still needed concealer under my eyes a little but otherwise it was a one-layer job. It was gentle on the skin but the pointed end of the blender wasn’t dainty enough to get in and around my nose and eye area.

The Original Beauty Blenger (2)

Nonetheless I was impressed enough with this beauty blender. The packaging was similar to the Primark one, but at £3.99 you can’t really expect it to be jaw dropping.

So, at the end of the final day I sat down and I said to myself, “Natalie. Which one was the best and which one was not the best?” So I ranked them.

1. Real Techniques Miracle Sponge
2. The Original Beauty Blender
3. New Look Beauty Blender
4. Primark Beauty Blender

In conclusion, none of them were by any means dreadful but the Real Techniques one was outstanding. Im in love! It takes no time to apply your foundation and you get a flawless finish. I highly recommend that and you get change of a tenner! Which one was your favourite?

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