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Most stressful jobs…Hairdressers? Beauticians?

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

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Most stressful jobs…Hairdressers? Beauticians?

We all feel that we have stressful jobs sometimes, but how do we to other careers? Is our job as difficult as we think? It is an almost impossible task, but an attempt at producing the world’s most stressful and least stressful jobs. However, the clever people at CareerCast have come up with their view on which job roles are more stressful than others…their opinion, not our’s.

To determine the rankings, CareerCast rated the demands of each career — including risk of death and environmental conditions — resulting in a list of which jobs are more anxiety-producing and which are, comparatively, days at the beach.

Keep in mind that this is merely one measurement system, and there are plenty of stressful jobs out there.

10 Most Stressful Jobs

1. Firefighter

2. Enlisted military personnel

3. Military general

4. Airline pilot

5. Police officer

6. Actor

7. Broadcaster

8. Event coordinator

9. Photojournalist

10. Newspaper reporter


The 10 least stressful jobs, according to CareerCast are as follows:

1. Hair stylist

2. Audiologist

3. University professor

4. Medical/Dental Administration

5. Jeweller

6. Medical/Dental laboratory technician

7. Seamstress/tailor

8. Beautician/Dietician

9. Librarian

10. Forklift operator and are both currently recruiting key personnel for their expanding operations. We are mindful of creating a professional, fun and creative environment to work in, thus ensuring that we maintain a competitive edge for our clients.

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