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Are You Shaving Properly?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

If you’re a man who likes to have a clean-shaven face, shaving your face in the morning is more of a ritual than a joy.

You get it done as fast as you can and then you’re out the door. It goes without saying that this isn’t the optimal way to go about it. A lot of men end up with irritation or five o’clock shadows. This could be to do with their skin in general but it also is highly likely that they are shaving wrong. Are you?

shaving wrong

Do you prep properly?

One of the main causes of irritation when shaving is hacking away while your hairs are too stiff and bristly. Cold water isn’t going to do the job. You need warmer water to soften the hairs and make them less resistant to shaving. Getting the full works at a barbershop with a hot towel treatment is an option for a reason. Heat and moisture is great for shaving. At home, replicate this by shaving when you’ve just got out of the shower. Brady also recommends using a light exfoliator to remove unnecessary oil and dead skin to soften your burgeoning beard before you cut it back.

Shaving wrong

Do you shave against the grain?

It feels like a closer shave, there’s no doubt about that. But, there’s also no doubt its irritating your skin. Shaving this way is more likely to create lumps and bumps, potentially leading to ingrown hairs. Which are awful! Shaving with a manual razor is best done alone the growth of the hair.

Do you have the right tools?

The average razor is will have at least three, if not five blades stuffed into each cartridge. But the slim gaps between these blades can clog with stiffer hairs, resulting in a less efficient shave as new hairs pile on top of older ones. Multiple blades are easier to use and usually come on a flexible body, making it even easier to shave.

shaving wrong

However, opting for an older blade may give you a better shave if youre willing to put the time in. Old-school double-edge safety razors and cutthroat straight razors have a single edge, these won’t clog and a pack of 10 blades can be picked up for as little as a pound. They can cause irritation if you’re not skilled in shaving with them but they are worth the time and effort for a smoother shave.

Do you take care of your skin after?

shaving wrong

Once you’ve finished shaving and you’re all dried off, running straight for the door is not advisable. Your pores are open and exposed. Your skin has just had blades dragged across it. It’s a one-way ticket to irritation, shaving rashes and other skin problems. Post-shave balm or some moisturiser should be applied to the skin after shaving to seal everything up and hydrate the skin.

Do you have any tips? Are you a professional and want to highlight other things we may have missed? Let us know!

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Huda Kattan Reveals Her Skin Secret!

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.31.56

Famous beauty vlogger Huda Kattan shocked her 12.8 million Instagram followers by admitting that she shaves her facial hair.

Kattan claimed that women shaving their facial hair was very common in Asia and has been “going on for decades”

She jumped head first into her confession by posting a 30 second clip of herself covered in shaving foam with a mans razor. Though that’s not the actual method she used, it generated 16,000 comments in under 24 hours, with some followers commenting their disgust. One commenter questions if “this was a thing now”, while another complained: “First neck contouring and now this!” and someone simply stating their discomfort with her video by saying “ew.” However, a lot of women came forward to confirm that they also shaved off their facial hair to achieve a smoother base for make up or to aid in facial exfoliation. One person thanked her for the video and someone else wrote: “I personally have shaved my face and for me as well it is great. I haven’t grown anything back hairy than normal growth.”

The video posted to her YouTube channel showed the 32 year old using a small collection of blades to buff away pesky facial hair using small ‘rubbing’ motions. They key is to do it lightly so as not to irritate or cut the skin and to start with a dry and make up free face. The aim is not to shave off thick noticeable hair she says that shaving will not only rid you of ‘peach fuzz’ but also exfoliate your skin and help with scarring, anti-ageing and make-up application.

She explained: ‘I started doing it and I love it, I cannot stop doing it and I actually do it to my clients before putting make-up on their face because it just looks so much better.’


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In the video she removes the hair around her cheeks and hairline and rounds it off by saying that, for her, face shaving is an essential routine for her though it is not easy to do. She also says she carries her small razors with her wherever she goes because “you never know who might just need a little shaving.”

Kattan has previously spoken of issues with facial hair, describing how after falling pregnant with her only child hair that she had already had removed with laser hair removal, came back worse than before. The post was part of a Q&A on her blog back in 2013 entitled ‘The Ugly Truth’. Huda claims that the myth of hair growing back thicker and stronger isn’t the case when shaving dry and other beauty gurus have been quick to echo her love for dry shaving with YouTuber Dida stating: “It really helps and boosts confidence. I was so insecure but I started shaving a few months ago and don’t even think about facial hair anymore.’”

Though it has been described as a ‘taboo’ for a woman to shave facial hair, it isn’t as uncommon as you might think! Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor also shaved off facial hair for the same reasons Huda does, for a better base for make up application and to help exfoliate their skin. Though you might not literally shave your facial hair off, women remove or disguise facial hair every day through methods like waxing and bleaching.

So what we at Defacto want to know is, if it meant better skin and better make up, would you use Huda Kattan’s hair removal method?

Why should this be considered a taboo for women?






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