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Alcohol Skin: Is Your Skin Suffering?

Monday, November 21st, 2016

There’s a reason your skin looks grey and dull after a night out of drinking. It’s called alcohol skin and you could be suffering from it.

Waking up with a hangover is bad enough, also seeing your lackluster complexion is even worse. Alcohol is one of the worst, most aggressive compounds in destroying your skin. Allegedly it can take up to 30 days for your skin to recover from a hangover!

alcohol skin

Alcohol is basically sugar, with 50% more calories. Sugar causes
glycosylation (the attachment of sugars to proteins). It also forces ageing cells and tissue through higher levels of insulin. This can mean free radical damage, and reduce cell proliferation and collagen production. In the simplest of terms, all the things that keep you looking young slow down or reduce and all the things that age you are accelerated. Alcohol skin is not a pretty thing.

Alcohol is also a diuretic: it dehydrates you. You absorb nutrients less successfully and crave salt. In women it changes their hormones, creating higher levels of testosterone, leading to things such as spots, wider waists and bloated faces. You may notice a facial bloating as a symptom of alcohol skin after a night out of boozing. If it’s a one off it’ll wear off, but if it’s a regular occurrence it’ll become a common feature.

alcohol skin

With it taking 30 days for you to overcome alcohol skin, we’re considering some changes to our lives…

It’s true that Britain is a boozing nation. It’s common for the rich and famous to give up alcohol, or reduce their intake to barely anything to keep their skin glowing and their waists slim. The UK Government released guidelines earlier this year stating that you should have no more than 14 units a week. This is the equivalent of about seven 175ml glasses of wine. It’s also suggested you take a three- or four-day gap between bouts to give the system a break. We’re sure, like ourselves, some of you out there are questioning their intake.

alcohol skin

If you love a nightly glass of wine, we’re not going to tell you off. We do too! However, there are ways to keep having that glass of wine and not succumb to alcohol skin.

1. Always remove your makeup, whether it’s at the end of a work day or after a heavy night out. Don’t sleep with a full face. You can find out why by reading one of our older blogs.
2. Hydrate your skin in the morning by applying a good moisturiser or a sheet mask if you have time.
3. Being hydrated is the key to skin repair. Drink water and avoid excess caffeine, which dehydrates it further.
4. If you’re really feeling like being healthy an antioxidant-rich green juice containing leafy spinach, stomach-settling ginger and vitamin A-rich carrots

alcohol skin

We can’t all afford expert dermatologists and chefs to keep us on the straight and narrow with our skin and bodies. With Christmas party season coming up, we’re not expecting people (or ourselves!) to renounce alcohol. However, taking good care of your skin is always going to be beneficial whether your combating alcohol skin or not.

Do you have any skincare tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them!

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How to Get Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Friday, August 5th, 2016

You might be feeling like your skin isn’t where you want it to be, it might be dry, oily or dull. It’s likely that you’ve been sticking with it for over a month (not including prescriptions) and your skin isn’t how you want it to look. Its time to change your skincare regimen! We’re going to help you identify the perfect skincare routine.

Who doesn't want to have beautiful skin?

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful skin?

Step 1: Identify your skin type
If you don’t already know your skin type, and have been purchasing products based solely on reviews, it’s time for a big change. Everyone’s has a different skin type, and knowing things like how your skin distributes oil, reacts to chemicals in products, and deals with the climate you live in, is of utmost importance. Looking at this diagram should be able to help you identify your skin type:

Different skin types

Different skin types

Step 2: Identify if you have sensitive skin
Now that you know your skin type, you need to figure out whether or not you have sensitive skin to determine the intensity of your skincare routine. A quick test to determine if you actually have sensitive skin is to run your fingers across the side of your face with light to medium pressure. You’ll know the skin is sensitive if it turns red. If you have a darker complexion, you’ll be able to tell if most skincare products you use sting or cause redness.

Step 3: Do you have any skin issues?
Do you have acne, the occasional pimple, rosacea, dry/flakey skin, or just seeking a general face wash for issue-free skin? Determining what you’re trying to work against is crucial prior to hunting for products. For example, if you have cystic acne, benzoyl peroxide (deep oxygen-based bacteria eliminator) is your most effective option, whereas with more superficial acne, salicylic acid (light exfoliator) and general cleansers will get the job done. Be sure to know what you’re working with.

The right cleanser is crucial

The right cleanser is crucial

Step 4: Find A Cleanser
Now that you have a fundamental knowledge of your skin, it’s time to choose step one of your routine – a cleanser. Various cleansers suit different skin issues, so it’s important that you find one that works for you. If you have non-sensitive acne-prone skin, benzoyl peroxide will be a life saver.

Step 5: Get a great toner
A good toner is one of, if not the most important step in your routine. After washing your face, your skin’s natural oils are stripped, leaving your pH balance all out of whack. Without toning, your skin will do its best to rectify the issue, and that could mean producing more oil to counteract your product(s). When you use a skin-identical toner, balance is restored to your face. Do note, different toners suit different skin types, and using the wrong one will leave your skin either too oily, or too dry.

Do you need to moisturise?

Do you need to moisturise?

Step 6: Do you need to moisturise?
Contrary to popular belief, a moisturiser is not always required in your skincare routine; It all really comes down to your skin type, the products in your regimen, and the time of day. If you have dry skin though, a moisturiser is crucial, depending on how emollient your sunscreen is. It’s always best to search for a non-comedogenic moisturiser that is optimised for your skin type. Just like a toner, the wrong moisturiser will leave your face looking oily and poses the risk of increased breakouts.

Step 7: Sun Protection Factor
Sunscreen is something many people take for granted, but regardless of how cloudy your neck of the woods is, you need to wear one. Not only will you prevent sun damage and scars because of it, but you’ll also keep your skin looking younger for longer.

Now go on and get the right skincare for you!


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5 Grooming Mistakes Made by Men: Skin Special

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

It’s okay to make mistakes everyone does it. When it comes to grooming mistakes, your skin is involved and we would advise a little more caution…

Obviously not everyone knows what their skin needs; you might not even know if you’ve got combination skin or oily skin. Finding that out and changing your routine accordingly might do wonders if you’re having skin issues. However, there are other things that might be affecting your skin without you even knowing. Defacto are here to give you 5 things that you might be doing wrong and how to change them.

Using soap


No not if you’re using it on your body, regular soap shouldn’t be used on your face, its acidic and you’re alkaline. A lot of you probably don’t do this but to the few that do, using regular soap on your skin will be drying it out, soaking up the moisture and making it tight and potentially flaky. Using a gentle cleanser will clean your skin and not remove all the natural oils. Using a good moisturiser after cleansing is also recommended.

Messing with ingrown hairs

Ingrown facial hairs look like spots and you might try and pop them but messing with them will make them worse. The way to remove an ingrown hair is using tweezers to gently pull the hair out from under the skin, don’t pull it out as this will just set the hair deeper into the follicle. To prevent them don’t pick at them when you see them and try exfoliating before you shave as this will remove dead skin and create a smoother softer base to shave on. This Keihls Facial Fuel aims to minimise the risk of ingrown hairs.


You’ve forgotten you’re older
The way you ate when you were a teenager isn’t how you should eat now. Sure, pig out every now and then when you want to but regular healthy eating, drinking of water and facial cleansing goes a long way to getting you the skin you want. Also avoid sleeping in your hair product, it’ll clog the pores around your hairline and bring you out in more spots. Showering before you go to bed to get the product out is highly recommended.

Hot water

Steamy showers are great and theory and even in practice, until you reap what you sow. Overly hot showers dry the skin and encourage rosacea, a skin condition that develops as a bumpy red rash and looks similar to acne; it’s also aggravated by fragrance and alcohol. To avoid this use a redness reducing cleanser that is alcohol and fragrance free.

Not enough protection

Holidays aren’t the only time you should slather in sun cream. The suns UV rays cause ageing no matter what country you’re in. a lot of female make up and beauty products contain SPF and a good variety of men’s ones do too. You can invest in a good sun defense moisturiser that wont leave you with that thick and heavy sun cream feeling for day to day wear.

Glad we could help!

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Why Sleeping in Your Makeup is Ruining Your Skin

Monday, May 23rd, 2016


We’ve all been there, in situations where removing your make up is a task you cant be bothered with.

However, there are a lot of reasons why sleeping in your make up is a bad idea!

It might be after a long night out or you’re just too tired, everyone who wears make up has probably slept in it at one point or another. Sleeping in your makeup might be what’s stopping your skin from being perfect!

Snoozing in a full face prevents the skin from regenerating naturally during the night, this will cause redness, uneven skin tone and even dryness, and sleeping in your foundation, particularly oil based ones, can end up causing acne.


Eyes are a particular fear, as eye make up can clog hair follicles and oil glands with bacteria, causing inflammation or sty’s that may need medical attention, and particles entering your eye can cause corneal abrasions. Leaving on your mascara while you sleep can also rip out eyelash hairs.


Waxy lip products can cause chapped lips and your lipstick smearing across you face might be clogging your pores and causing blackheads. You might be accelerating the process of aging as free radicals cling to your make up during the day and sleeping with your make up on means prolonged exposure and a more likely chance that your wrinkles will appear sooner.

So be sure that you’re washing you face and cleaning out all the build up of dirt from the day!


Here are some washing tips that might improve your skin:

• Keep in mind that everyone has different skin so there will never be a miracle face wash that removes all imperfections. You should always keep it simple when it comes to face wash, it should take away dirt, germs, excess oil but not affect the necessary oils and moisture that your skin possesses.
• Don’t be too obsessed with washing your skin, if you haven’t put anything on it that day, skipping your cleanser wont be that big a deal.
• Don’t exfoliate your facial skin too much; once or twice a week is enough.
• Pat your face dry. Use a gentle clean cloth to pat off excess moisture.
• Ready your skin for winter. Colder climates mean we spend more time indoor and taking hotter showers. This can dry your skin, so don’t over cleanse and use an appropriate mosituriser.
• Be gentle with your eyes! They are more sensitive and the skin around them is more delicate and thin. Use a gentle make up remover and don’t be too aggressive with scrubbing off product.

Go forth and get better skin!

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