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Why You Should be Sugaring Instead of Waxing

Friday, October 21st, 2016

You may or may not have heard of sugaring. If you’re really into beauty, we expect you have and if you’re not, we guess you may not have.

why you should try sugaring

It’s becoming more and more popular lately as a hair removal method. Sugaring has been practiced throughout Northern Africa, the Middle East and Greece for centuries. Sugaring is removing body hair by using three natural ingredients. Specifically: sugar, lemon juice and water.

The ingredients are combined into a gel or a paste and are rolled into a ball like shape. The ball is then rolled onto the body, with the gel sticking to the skin and hairs. Then, much like waxing, the paste is ripped off, taking the unwanted hair with it. The two main differences between sugaring and waxing are that sugaring is all natural ingredients, eliminating the chemicals present in hot wax. Also, one ball of sugar gel is used per client. This takes away the opportunity of cross contamination.

why you should try sugaring

We knew lemons could do anything!

Sugaring can also be performed more frequently, no more enduring stubble between waxes, and it reduces redness. However, if you’re not already sold, we have some more benefits for you.

Better for your skin.

On top of the elimination of bad chemicals, the sugar mixture wouldn’t only be safe enough to remove hair with. It’d be safe enough to consume, although, it wouldn’t taste that good. The paste is ideal for all skin types, hair textures and skin sensitivities. If you have a skin condition that is irritated by waxing, sugaring would be ideal. The natural ingredients will reduce irritation by a significant amount. In fact, you my not even have any!

Reduces rashes and redness.

why you should try sugaring

There are two main reasons that this method leaves less rash and redness than waxing: the all-natural formula, the fact that it’s free from the irritating additives in wax, and the way that the paste bonds when applied to the skin. In fact, sugaring is more than just a hair removal method. It’s also a light exfoliant (this again, helps reduce the chance of rash and redness). This is one of the main differences between sugaring and waxing: while wax bonds to both the hair follicles and surrounding skin area, the sugaring paste doesn’t pull on or irritate the skin.

No residue.

If you’ve ever had waxing done, you’ll know the struggle of going home and having to pick bits of wax off your skin for some time after the treatment. This doesn’t happen with sugaring. Since the paste is water soluble, it’s much easier to remove than wax and doesn’t harden onto the skin. All you need is a warm damp cloth and you can get rid of the residue!

Longer lasting.

As we mentioned earlier, this hair removal process is longer lasting. While wax often breaks the hairs at the surface, sugaring paste pulls the follicles from the root. This ensures that the hair will take longer to grow back. Also, the more you get sugared, the less you’ll need in the long run. Frequent sugaring when you need it will reduce hair production. Meaning over time you will be able to space out your appointments!

So, if you’re looking for a new hair removal method, this is definitely one you should try. It may or may not be any less painful, but we feel its benefits make up for that.

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