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10 Summer Beauty Hacks!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Although summer may be coming to an end and the heat in Britain is phasing into fall weather temperatures, there are still occasional days of unexpected heat. Not to mention, some people may not have went on their summer holiday yet!


In terms of keeping cool with your beauty during summer months, we have some top tips and beauty hacks that’ll keep your make up on your face and your hair fully hydrated!

Deep condition your hair weekly – if your hair starts to feel dry in the summer heat, or you spend a lot of time in the sun or in water, it’s likely it needs a little hydration. Hair masks and oil treatments aren’t hard to come by, an affordable favourite is the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioning Treatment, our blogger Natalie swears by it!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Drink water – through sweat and the heat in general we loose water faster during the summer. If you don’t like drinking plain water, you could try infusing it with fruit. You can have a look at some infused water recipes on this website HERE.

Incorporate coconut oil – it seems like coconut oil can literally does anything these days, from curing dry skin to hydrating dead ends. We done a whole article on the various beauty uses for coconut oil HERE. Give it a read!

Coconut oil has a lot to offer!

Coconut oil has a lot to offer!

Rinse your hair with cold water – excessive use of hot water on hair unfortunately dries it out, so those steamy showers do more damage than you might think. Using cold water on your hair will help close the cuticle and lock in more moisture. It will also unsure you have a gorgeous glossy shine!

Avoid heavy make up – heavy coverage foundation always makes you look flawless but in the summer it’s not ideal. Heavy make up is likely to be a culprit for clogging your pores and causing breakouts. Try oil free and waterproof formulas with a light coverage to minimise spots.

summer beauty hacks

In summer it can feel like your make up is just melting off

Use the right sun cream – this one seems obvious. You don’t want to burn in the sun! Well-protected skin is likely to stay looking younger for longer too, look for a good SPF and PPD (persistent pigment darkening) value.

Use baby powder – exposing a lot more skin during summer means more shaving and chafing. This might cause a bit of skin irritation. Try applying some baby powder to affected areas in the morning. Although avoid the bikini area. You can read our article on uses for baby powder in beauty HERE. 

baby powder can do you the world of good if you suffer from chafing

baby powder can do you the world of good if you suffer from chafing

Invest in some blotting papers – like we said, make up doesn’t hold as well in the heat. Even lightweight foundations and tinted moisturisers may begin to shine under the pressure. So instead of using powder, which may end up giving you a cake-y face, try using oil-free blotting papers to get rid of the shine and keep your make up looking fresh.

Avoid heating tools – your hair will already be getting dried out with the sun, so then using heated tools will just add to that damage. Instead you could try a salt spray and leaving your hair to dry naturally to give your hair tousled beachy, waves.

Adding more heat to already heated hair will cause more damage

Adding more heat to already heated hair will cause more damage

Be cool with your nails – warm temperatures may alter the formula of your nail polish slightly, making it harder to apply and in result messier. Applying your nail polish in a cool room will allow it to go on better and save you the clean up!

We hope these tips have helped you with any problems you may have had with your beauty regimen. So, get out there and get involved with what’s left of the summer!


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Battling Oily Skin in the Summer

Thursday, May 12th, 2016


Whether its just getting a little hotter or you’re going away, battling oily skin is always a concern.

Nobody likes the tell tale shine of oily skin, especially not when you’re trying to look more glam in the summer weather so here are some things that might help you on your way to heat proof matte makeup.

Your skin will become oilier in the summer; whether you’re at home or away in the sun, this is because your body is producing more sweat to try and cool down and regulate your body’s temperature. This can mean oilier skin and a shinier completion, luminous is nice, shiny is not.

A good base to start with is an oil control primer like this Bare Minerals Prime Time Oil Control one.


It will reduce the appearance of shine and soak up any excess oil. You can also use mattifying powder or blotting paper to remove shine on the go while it builds up during the day.

Try increasing your daily intake of water your skin could be dehydrated and overcompensating for it by producing excess oil. We all work and therefore throughout the day transition from a comfortable air conditioned office to outside where its hotter and this can confuse your body and cause combination skin.

Primer, as we said, is an ideal starting base for shine proof make up, however, finishing powder or setting spray is also a good idea if your wanting to battle the shine.

Urban Decay are known for creating impressive setting sprays, this will hold your makeup in place and stop the excess oil showing through.


Also be sure to choose your makeup wisely, if it’s not good for oily skin then it’s not going to be good during summer. Maybe try switching up your foundation when it comes to heading out in hotter temperatures. Before any of these steps comes cleansing, be sure to use a good cleanser, the best way to clean oil is with oil. Steer clear of alcohol based cleansing solutions and wipes and have a go at using the gentlest formula you can. Your skin will thank you!

Let us know if these tips are useful and if you’re going to be heading anywhere nice this summer!

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