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Now You Can Tie-Dye Your Hair!

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Do you want to achieve Technicolor, psychedelic hair? Well, keep on reading!

Women are now literally using this well-known technique, for clothes, to colour their hair.

Tie-dye is associated with the 70s, laid back, hippie vibe. Or even as a fun bonding experience between young girls making matching vests and crop tops for their first ‘girls holiday’, but not anymore! The use of it on clothing has now expanded to being a quirky and cool option for your hair. The Look got noticed when a hairstylist named DJ Victory, who created the look with Pravana colour, posted a photo to Instagram. DJ Victory’s look is very loud and vibrant; it certainly wouldn’t be missed on the street!

DJ Victory's take on tie-dye hair

DJ Victory’s take on tie-dye hair

She documented the hair creation online on YouTube, showing others how to achieve this look. It involved a lot of intricate painting on dye to get the vivid patterns shown in the image. Straightening separate sections of hair covered in dye and tinfoil and filling in the natural hair coloured gaps. However, maybe for some this is a little overwhelming, and you might want to go for a lighter option.

The initial idea came from Pravana hair colourist Rickey Zito. The dying doesn’t veer that far away from the classic t-shirt dying approach in terms of technique. Zito demonstrates this on a blonde model, by starting with separating her hair into 2-4 inch strips and securing them with an elastic band at the root and then continuing to secure the hair at 3 inch intervals down the length. He covers the elastic bands with fabric and then applies the two different colour shades before blending them together. This is the outcome.


Zito's take on Tie-dye hair

Zito’s take on Tie-dye hair

Another technique is based on a Japanese dyeing technique, which produces tie-dye style patterns, called Shibori. Hollywood-based hairstylist Tanya Ramirez is someone who offers this technique to her clients’, giving them a totally unique look. Ramirez uses popsicle-sticks (ice-lolly sticks to you and I), covered in dark blue dye, to create this look. You can see the outcome and watch it below!

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 13.31.42

Shibori hair outcome


Now, we at Defacto, think tie-dye hair is an interesting concept, ideal for festival season! Maybe not all year round though! Tell us what you think; would you tie-dye your hair?

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