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Weaves World Are Here to Save Your Hair!

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Hi I’m Johanna. I’m 18 years old and from Germany.


I’m in Glasgow for the first time because of an internship with Defacto. Today I went with Defacto’s Social Media guru, Natalie, to Masters and Weaves World Glasgow because I have heard a lot different opinions about weaves and I wanted to form my own. I know they are a good way to change your hairstyle completely in a very short time and I have always been interested in having a weave but good ones are very expensive for a student and I wasn’t sure if the money was worth it.

I normally have braids or I just relax my natural hair because I don’t have the time and patience to blow-dry it every morning. I know that relaxing your hair is a very bad way of straightening the hair, that’s why I relax my hair only once every three months, to give it enough time to rebuild from the damage the chemicals have done. After that I usually put olive oil or coconut oil in my hair because the air can be very arid in Germany.

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In autumn and winter I usually wear braids because it rains too often in autumn to leave my hair straight without any protection. To me, it doesn’t make any sense when you took so much time straightening your hair to just let the rain destroy your work; it only takes a few raindrops to make your straight hair develop curly areas. With braids you don’t have this problem because it doesn’t matter if your hair gets wet or not, it will always look the same. Having braids in winter makes me feel warmer in the colder temperatures and in spring and summer I mostly have my hair relaxed and straight. I only do it now while I’m still young and my hair is still strong because after a few weeks I feel like I have damaged my hair and like it shouldn’t feel the way it does. That’s when I started to think about weaves because I think that they are the perfect solution for every season. I didn’t know much about them and I’m happy that Ivy, the owner of Masters and Weaves World Glasgow could help me.

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The salon is cosy and cute and I felt very comfortable as soon as I stepped in. It has a lot of windows and is furnished with light colours that compliment the space very well. The silver and rose themed details throughout the salon demonstrate Ivy’s attention to detail and love for her space. There are two rooms for customers. The first was more public allowing other people in the room to see you and it has some stations for the stylists to work at. The second room was a lot more private; you can close a door, which would separate the two rooms to be more discreet if a customer looking for more privacy should come.

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Ivy was very friendly and enthusiastic when she started talking about her salon and the customers. When she explained why she opened the salon you could hear that she’s passionate and, obviously, well informed:

“I’m trying to re-educate the masses, a weave doesn’t have to wreck your hair, I just took mine out yesterday…”

She shows us the length of her hair by indicating with her hands and it’s a fairly decent length.

“… I’ve gone completely natural, no relaxer in my hair and no chemicals and the condition of my hair, its never been healthier and never been stronger. People have a lot of confusing information, they think a weave is extensions and they think that they’ll damage your hair and that that’s the price you pay but I’m trying to show people that isn’t true. It’s a protective method and that’s why it came about.”

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She tells us that when wearing weaves that you shouldn’t experience damage to your hair or scalp, like many people believe, and that this misinformation is one of the reasons that she set up her shop in the first place. She started Weaves World in June 2011 and has expanded since then, she tells us that she’s always had a passion for hair but didn’t think she could have a career in it. She has done hair from home, braiding and doing cornrows in her living room for years, but it was only in her early 20’s that she decided to make it a business. After going to salons and not getting the treatment she wanted due to her hair type, she decided to do it herself. In her eyes she is her own client, she wants to provide a place where people like her, and me, can go and have their hair done by someone who knows how to do it.

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Ivy talks a lot about the history of braiding and dressing hair in Africa. How it was a social thing and, like Ivy herself, women were proud of their hair and well groomed. She also mentions how through slavery and the passing of time the image of the beautiful African woman with dressed hair was lost and replaced with relaxing and trying to make their hair more manageable. It’s fascinating and honest, and she considered herself ‘blessed’ with her hair type and its versatility. She’s glad more and more people are starting to own and experiment with their natural hair, as long as they do it right.

Ivy wearing a full head custom unit to show how varied and natural they can be

Ivy wearing a full head custom unit to show how varied and natural they can be

Her love for weave shines through, she mentions how much she loves doing them on any client, but particularly the ones that it helps. She has several clients suffering from things like alopecia and trichotillomania (the irresistible urge to pull out your hair). Her weaves and hair pieces have changed their lives, the hair in the weave covers their problem areas and gives them their confidence back as well as protecting the hair and allowing it to grow back. Whether she is working with afro or Caucasian hair she swears by the protective methods of weave, but urges people to be aware you have to look after it properly:

An example of the work of Weaves World. Ivy's Instagram

An example of the work of Weaves World. Ivy’s Instagram

“My ideal client is someone like me, who understands the process, how long theyre going to keep it and how they have to look after it. That way I’ll try and recommend things that suit and are reasonable. When people come in who just want longer hair but expect the damage I aim to reeducate them on how to keep their hair strong, long and healthy.”

In the end, a weave is too expensive for me right now but I know I will get one in the future. I think if you want something like this done you should go to someone like Ivy at Weaves World, she knows exactly what she needs to and how to do it. Her passion and drive is inspiring, you would be in the safest of hands with a woman who will instantly put you at ease and do everything she can to ensure your hair is healthy and beautiful.

You can check out Ivy’s page HERE.

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