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Botched Beauty: Teeth Whitening in Beauty Salons

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Us women love to pamper ourselves now and then.

We often head to the beauty salon for a manicure, massage, or spray tan as a little pick me up. We can even treat ourselves to semi-permanent make up through tattooing and invasive aesthetic treatments to enhance our natural features.

The beauty industry is constantly innovating and changing to keep up with the public’s demand to look and feel good. More and more treatments and techniques are being developed and introduced into beauty salons up and down the UK.

Botched Beauty Whitening


Aesthetics are a big part of the beauty industry.

Since Kylie Jenner’s love for lip fillers began, everyone wants the perfect pout. After the celebrity sensation revealed her use of fillers on Instagram, former Apprentice star Leah Totton of Dr Leah Clinics noted that at her clinics, there was a 70% increase in enquiries for lip fillers in 24 hours alone!

Plump and youthful skin, fuller lips and teeth whitening were some of the most wanted aesthetic treatments that people wanted in 2016. Some beauty salons do offer whitening treatments but this is illegal. Beauty Salons are not allowed to provide teeth whitening services to clients.


Botched Beauty Whitening

Only dentists are allowed to carry out safe and legal teeth whitening treatments in the UK.

Only dentists have the proper know-how and access to whitening solutions and equipment that will provide patients with lasting results.

Unfortunately, some beauty salon owners proceed to provide teeth whitening to trusting clients. Why? Unsuspecting salon owners in the beauty industry are sold expensive tooth-whitening courses and equipment by immoral traders. The traders convince the salon owners that they are legally allowed to provide tooth whitening treatment.

While some beauticians don’t know that it’s illegal, some beauticians are aware of this law and continue to break it by offering teeth whitening in secret.


Botched Beauty Whitening

Increasing numbers of beauty salons in the UK have been exposed for providing  whitening treatments to clients.

Tooth Whitening is one of the most highly sought after cosmetic dental treatments. It can have devastating consequences if done incorrectly. Before whitening, dentists will fully examine the mouth to ensure whitening is safe. Beauticians will not know how to do this and could seriously damage the client’s oral health.


If teeth whitening is something that you are considering, please avoid visiting unqualified beauty salons or aesthetics clinics. Head to www.defactodentists.com where you will find hundreds of brilliant dentists fully qualified in providing teeth whitening treatment to patients. Simply search your location, select teeth whitening from the treatment list and browse your options. Finding your perfect dentist has never been easier.

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