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Winter Hair Care for Men

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

You’re all wrapped up. You’ve got your tacky Christmas jumpers out (we hope!) and you’re all set for the winter period. But, is your hair ready? It’s time for some tips on winter hair care for men!

winter hair care for men

While the cold does have a part to play in the state of your hair during the winter months, it’s not the main player. Your lifestyle mistakes and sins come to the surface when it’s cold. So if you’re finding your hair hard to manage during the most wonderful time of the year, it’s probably due to things well within your limits to change. So, if you’re ready to change your ways, here are our top tips on winter hair care for men.

Try not to stress.

winter hair care for men

It’s common knowledge that we’re more prone to feel stressed out during colder, darker months when you can’t even remember what sun on your skin feels like. But freak out about the freeze and you’ll trigger a whole host of hair-raising problems, including dandruff, scalp itchiness and greasiness. Try managing your stress levels with activities such as yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness or light exercise

Changes in temperature.

Tip on winter hair care for men number two is… calm down with the heat! Whether you’re a straightener, a blow-dryer or you enjoy a steamy shower, you need to do it within reason. Hair is more likely to frizz in the winter due to movement between different temperatures, like walking from heated buildings into the chilly outdoors. Avoid straightening your hair as this will only expose it to more frizz-causing extreme temperatures. Resist the temptation to stew yourself in the shower. Going from one extreme to the other is only going to dry out your hair and you want to lock in moisture.

winter hair care for men

Try to avoid hats.

We know your beanie looks cool and it keeps your head cosy but it’s a no no for winter hair. Wearing them too much can make your hair greasy and your scalp sweaty and itchy. If you insist on wearing one, you can spray a little dry shampoo through the roots to reinvigorate your hat hair.

Eat balanced.

We’re not going to sit here and pretend that we don’t indulge over the Christmas period. But, seasonal changes to diet can pose problems. During winter, you’re more likely to have worse eating habits than in the summer – if you’re anything like us, your winter diet is more carb-rich but light on fresh fruit and veg, you’re much more partial to a takeaway and, with party season in full swing, you find it hard to say no to a pint. Your hair could suffer if you are not getting nutrient-rich foods on a regular basis. Make sure you get as many of your five-a-day as possible. The selection box will still be there tomorrow.

winter hair care for men

We hope your barnet doesn’t suffer too much this winter. However, if things start getting a bit hairy, head back here and revise our tips on winter hair care for men!

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How to Wake Up on Cold Winter Mornings

Friday, October 7th, 2016

Waking up in the morning during those cold winter months can be torture. However, we think it can be made easier…

how to wake up on cold winter mornings

We know it’s gotten a lot colder in the UK in the past couple of weeks. It’s gotten a lot darker in the mornings too. This can make the whole getting out of bed experience pretty difficult. The dark rooms and the cold climate can fool you into feeling like it’s still time to be asleep. Sadly it’s not the case. So, how can we all wake up easier on winter mornings?

Cold glass of water.

As soon as you wake up, have a drink. Cold water will help make you feel more awake and will stimulate your body. It’s also a great way to kickstart your metabolism for the day! If you’re more of a coffee person, you can do that too. A programmable coffee machine might be a good investment for you. This means you can set a time for your coffee to start brewing. Ensuring you really do wake up and smell the coffee.

No reasoning.

how to wake up on cold winter mornings

One of the worst things you can do is reason with yourself. Don’t allow yourself to argue why you deserve another half an hour, or how you can skip this or that to have more time in bed. You will end up feeling worse for skipping a part of your morning routine rather than feeling better for having a little bit longer in bed. Get up and make yourself busy and you’ll be awake before you know it.

Give yourself a reason to get up.

We all have our motivations. For some, we like to spend a little more time of our appearance, or we like to have a great breakfast. Find a reason to get you up and out of bed. Try a new hairstyle that day or have a warm breakfast instead of cereal or toast. Find something that you’ll look forward to when you wake up. That way it’ll feel like less of a chore to wake up and get out of bed.

Don’t fall back asleep.

how to wake up on cold winter mornings

We know the feeling, you wake up, check your clock and you’ve got 10 minutes left. you’re annoyed that you’ve woken up just 10 minutes before your alarm but you go back to sleep anyway. Don’t! The fact that you have woken up just before your alarm means you’re in a routine and your body clock is telling you that you’ve had enough sleep. Get up and spend that 10 minutes doing something. If you go back to sleep you’re more likely to feel more drowsy when you wake up again.

A morning shower.

A morning shower does absolute wonders for people. It’s a sure way to wake you up and make you feel better about the day ahead. The water and change in temperature will promote circulation in the body, therefore, battling the cold climate. A rousing mint or tea tree body wash might help with that as well!

Think about what you have to do that day.

Hopefully this tip doesn’t cause premature stress for the day ahead. But, focusing on what you need to do that day will get you into the right mindset. Less focus on how much you want to be in bed and more focus on what you want to get done that day. That way you will accomplish more during the day and be raring to go.

how to wake up on cold winter mornings

Exercise each morning.

We all do want to keep fit but we don’t always have the drive to. Scheduling time to exercise in the morning should help with that. If you choose to wake up early and exercise your body will become accustomed to it. Exercise will also stimulate your mind and we guarantee your working day will benefit from some morning exercise. Also, just think, if its over with in the morning you don’t have to do it when you get home!

We suppose if all of this fails you can just leave your phone at the other end of the room so you have to get up and out of bed for your alarm in the morning… Do you have any tips on how to wake up in the morning? If you do, let us know!

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