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How to Stay Focused When Working From Home

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

I believe that I am lucky in having the opportunity to occasionally work from home.

On days that nobody else is coming into the Defacto office or if, for personal reasons, I require to work from home, I am given that opportunity to do so. Although, it may seem like the dream to work in entirely your own space, working from home is a lot harder than you may think.

working from home

It’s not for everyone; I imagine some people find the office environment more stimulating and productive. Some may enjoy the lack of time constraints from being able to work from home. I consider myself pretty versatile in this aspect. I enjoy both!

However, whether you’re a student studying from home or running your own business or anywhere in-between, I would like to offer you some tips! So, without further ado here are my tops tips on how to stay focused when working from home.

Create a workstation.

working from home

You don’t need to have your own office desk. Although, that may be a good idea! Create a space in your home where you can work. It can be easy to fall into the trap of working in your bed or on your comfy sofa. Don’t! You brain should associate these places with rest and relaxation and that’s not what you want on a productive work from home day. Create a space that your brain knows is for business. I currently share a desk with my boyfriend in our spare room, it allows me to be in a totally different space to work and I find that incredibly helpful in staying focused.

working from home

Set times for yourself.

If your working day is 9am – 5pm, stick to it. Or do a close variation. This should stop you from straying from what you’re meant to be doing. Sticking as close to my regular hours as possible is something I find ideal when I work from home. It means I finish up when I usually would and stops me from working into the night when I could have finished it earlier. Your commute is cut out too so you get a little longer in bed…

Eat and drink like you would in an office.

working from home

Usually in workplaces there are set hours for lunch and maybe even breaks. If you have those, stick roughly to those too! Breaks when you’re working are important. It gives your brain time to refresh. I take my breaks when I usually would to keep me in my routine. My body is used to having lunch around 1pm so I don’t like to disappoint.

Avoid distraction.

So you’re at home. You know there’s a bunch of housework sitting there, or a pet to play with or a TV show to catch up on. Don’t give in to yourself. It’s so tempting to pull up Netflix and see what’s on or do that washing that really needs done. However, it’ll be three hours later and you’ll wonder where the day went. I always find it hard not to do some general tidying up when I’m at home. But, it’s going to be there when you’re finished for the day and you’ll enjoy it more when you’ve finished your work!

working from home

Get up and get dressed.

Much like working from bed, working in your PJs is a recipe for laziness. Im not saying you need to get up and apply a full face of make-up and do your hair. But, it’s always good to get up, have a quick shower to wake you up and put on some clothes you’ll be comfortable in for the rest of the day. Staying in my pyjamas for any amount of time when I’m working from home keeps me in that groggy, post wake-up stage. Rip the plaster off and get up and ready for the day!

Do you have any tips on working from home? How do you stay focused, let me know!

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